We are an all-volunteer group dedicated to telling Burnsville's story in a way that engages folks of all ages. You are invited to help. Perhaps you have photos, scrapbooks, or stories. Maybe you have questions, such as "What was the name of that restaurant I used to love?"

The most frequent question we hear is "Where is the museum and what are your hours?" Presently we have no permanent display space. We are, however a creative ONLINE historical society and we aim to be the best there is. When we are able, we also put on Exhibitions at Burnsville's Ames Center.

It absolutely DELIGHTS us that people from all over the world with a connection to Burnsville are enjoying its history with us!

Learning about one's community is rewarding, humbling, and very enjoyable. Join us! Support us! Consider volunteering a couple of hours a week!

Why history?

At our first Ames Center Exhibition in 2013, we displayed a huge satellite map of Burnsville. Like many visitors, a man stood in front of it, his finger touching a spot. He said,

"This is where I live. I want to know who lived there before me, who farmed here. What crops did they grow; where did they come from? I want to know because I want my children to know. I want them to know that we're all connected."

By the way, the photograph at the top is of Allen and Edith Rutherford. It was taken in about 1902. We'll have the full picture on display in our online gallery as soon as possible.


From your Society...

Changes! Starting this month (August 2016) this website is offering more than it has for some time. It's also more or less under construction all the time.

As a small (tiny) organization of volunteers, we've occasionally found ourselves unable to meet our lofty goals to provide insightful, enjoyable material.

Having created Annual Exhibitions at the Ames Center in 2013, 2014, and 2015, as well as trying to have monthly public meetings, we realized we were overreaching a bit.

So what's new?

One of the new features we're adding is the "Slider." Here in miniature you see today's satellite image superimposed upon an aerial photo, in this case from 1945. You're looking at Lake Alimagnet.

The slider is interactive. On the page dedicated to this overlay you can click on the red button and move back and forth between the two images. It's mesmerizing!

What Else? Try the Quiz!

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From the Board of Directors...

Thank you! We have been surprised beyond words at the contributions already received! The first arrived within minutes of our starting this program! We also welcome your suggestions and requests. We'll do our best!

  • Jeff Jerde. President
  • Len Nachman, Vice-President
  • Kevin Swanson, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Godan Nambudiripad
  • Carrie Corson Webb
  • Julie Schmidt Suarez
  • Angela Slonecker
  • Mary Sherry
  • Mary Pat Kelleher