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Maybe your connections to Burnsville date to the 1800s. Maybe you moved here last week! Either way history has something for you! Our mission is to gather, preserve and present the stories of our community. It's fair to say we are also dedicated to having fun while learning about our neighbors, old and new!

We concentrate on being a digital historical society. Using this website, Facebook and Youtube, we strive to present ALL our materials and resources online and without charge.



People often want to visit our museum.  We wish we had one! On the plus side, being a "virtual" organization means that we can operate efficiently with a very small budget. Also, some of our most interested users live "oceans away" from Minnesota.

Please use what we present here without charge! If you appreciate our efforts, we invite you to donate online, using RAZOO. We also LOVE volunteers! You need no technical skills, only historical curiosity.


Some materials are geared toward fun and casual interest. But you'll find others rich in information for serious research. Enjoy, and give us your feedback!

Burnsville Historical Society is an independent non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Contact us at:

Highlights from Burnsville History

Created by Jack Kennelly in about 2005. It is still a great "first look" at this community's history!

Photo Galleries

Some of the thousands of photos we have gathered, in album form.

We would love to copy your family or business family photos for the archives!


Nearly all lovers of history are also mad
for maps!

We've put together a
fine collection.

The Burnsville Wiki

Burnsville has its own History Wiki!

Here you will find articles based on many of the
documents available
here on the website.

Do You Have Items To Share
On This Website?

Photos, videos, news clippings,
letters... we can copy them.
Contact us to share your Burnsville history with others!

Time Travel

We've superimposed aerial views from the present over the past,
and given you control over time. Sort of.



With our quizzes. there really isn't a wrong answer.

But learning something new is still possible!

Who Are We?

We are volunteers who
hold our community in
high esteem!

We believe that history brings people in a community closer together.

Click to discover more about who we are and please consider joining us!

Historical Archive

Thousands of photos and documents from Burnsville and its nearest neighbors — a powerful research tool.

Newspaper Archive

A powerful and searchable resource! The scanning and conversion of editions going back to 1975 has been one of our biggest ongoing projects. Still is.

Thank You for Your Support!

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Volunteer Opportunities!

Even more vital than financial help — is your time!

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Odds n' Ends from other places.

Clippings, ads, photos and observations.

They illuminate social and cultural shifts
through the years and are often fun!

They can give us a more genuine feeling
for daily life in the past.