A Discovery

For Burnsville residents of a certain age, mentioning the Lucky Twin Drive-In Theater inevitably brings smiles, and sometimes even blushing. (I've never discovered why.)

In these few paragraphs we address where it was, not what went on there. More information is in hand and will go to our Burnsville History Wiki at some future date. Meanwhile you can place friendly bets on the debut films to play there, and when.

The two photos for your comparison are from 1960 and the present day (courtesy of Google.)

Broadly speaking you are looking down at the northeast quadrant of today's Interstate 35W and Highway 13 in north Burnsville. Notice that the future freeway was under construction in 1960 but Lyndale Avenue still carried traffic. The dual arcs of parking spaces are visible just right of center, as are shadows from each of the two screens.


Where exactly was the Lucky Twin Drive-In Theater?

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