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Dan Patch Liquor Store to close 2016195 viewsThe Savage Pacer May 14, 2016 reports on the decision to close the long running Dan Patch Liquor Store in downtown Savage and enter into an agreement with Hy-Vee to lease the space in their store to operate the municipal liquor business. (4 pages)
The Savage bridge 1960s173 viewsThis bridge was between Savage and Bloomington.
Downtown Savage - now 2017170 viewsThe Bank, Allen's Garage were found within the area shown in this photo of Downtown Savage.
Downtown Shakopee 1900s168 viewsHamilton later Savage Minnesota is in Scott County, it's county seat Shakopee. For those in Burnsville living near Judical Road and the Hamilton, Glendale, Savage residents, Shakopee provided the "big" city opportunities.
Oster's job with the railroad lasted nearly a half a century161 viewsThe Minnesota Valley Review (later Burnsville Sun) shares the story of Charles Oster who lived to the ripe old age of 82 and nearly
50 years of that lifespan working for the railroad. About 1952 he became depot agent in Savage and remained in that capacity until 1970 when he retired.
International Stock Farm and a view of Savage 1908153 viewsThe International Stock Food Farm and Savage Minnesota in the distance. This great farm of over 700 acres is the home of Dan Patch and many others among world champion horses. This farm is owned by M.W. Savage, president of Dan Patch Electric Railroad Company and is the most noted harness horse breeding farm in the world. The only way to quickly and conveniently visit this great farm from Minneapolis and St. Paul will be on the Dan Patch Electric Railroad. As thousands visit this farm every year it will be a source of great revenue to the Road. Source of photo - the Dan Patch Electric Railroad informational brochure 1908.
Savage Village Hall139 viewsThe original Village Hall for Savage photo 1920s.
Summer homes at Orchard Lake 1926137 viewsAlthough in Lakeville, Orchard Lake is minutes away from the Orchard Garden's area of Burnsville. June 19, 1926 Minneapolis Star Tribune.
Buffalo Tap and Grill 137 viewsLocated at 4990 W 123rd Street, it has operated for many years. Once known as Earl and Dorothy's.
Guns and Ammo in the original Savage State Bank 2018133 viewsGuns and Ammo is located in the original Savage State Bank.
Downtown Savage late fall126 viewsNow, 2019 West 123rd Street, Downtown Savage. This was location of the first bank, later becoming the library and Allen's Dodge.
Original bank building in Savage125 viewsOne of the oldest original buildings in Savage, first the bank, then the Glendale Village Hall, later the first Savage library, then a bank, a bike shop and now a gun business. Location - 4815 W 123rd St, Savage.
Kearney Grocery, Savage with new exterior118 viewsKearney Grocery Store, downtown Savage, owned by Gene and Mary Kearney, as it looked in 1954.
George Allen House built 1888113 viewsThe house was built by George Allen in 1888 who died of pneumonia during the building process. The home remained in the Allen family until 1908, when it was purchased by the McColl family, who owned it until 1984.
Marion Savage Summer Home 1916112 viewsLocated in Bloomington, it overlooked Marion Savage's stables in"Savage". Shown are Rose, Henry, Rosella, Mary and Esther Sheridan.
Flooded Savage early 1900s109 viewsThe Minnesota River over its banks at the Savage bridge...the Taj Mahal in the background...which was the site of the Dan Patch stables. The whole valley is covered in water.
George and Joe Kearney at Savage depot 1915107 viewsGeorge holding his son "George Joseph" Kearney at the Savage Depot. This station has been moved twice from its original location. In 1973 it was moved to Murphy's Landing in Shakopee and then it was moved back to Savage in 2006. The book "The Chicago And Northwestern In Minnesota" (Luecke, 1990) claims this station was built in 1883.
Interior of the Kearney Grocery, Savage Minnesota105 views1954 - Interior of the Kearney Grocery store, Savage Minnesota.
1909 and 1910 Savage Pacers Baseball Team103 viewsLeft to right first row - Fred Coakley, Tom Duffy, Andy Studer, Norm Dahlberg and Tom Fahey. Second row - Mark McDonald, George
Allen Sr., Ernie Sanderson, George Coakley and Mike Zeller.
Exterior of the Kearney Store Savage 102 viewsA slightly different angle showing the Kearney Grocery Store, Savage.
100 viewsPicture postcard for Savage Minnesota including: St John the Baptist Catholic Church, Dan Patch and the Dan Patch stables.
Shopping at Kearney's in Savage98 viewsInterior photo of Kearney's Grocery in Savage, Mn. Owned and operated by Gene and Mary Kearney.
Gene and Mary Pat Kearney at their store in Savage98 viewsKearney Grocery Store owners Gene and Mary in Savage 1954.
Eli Kearney home96 viewsLocated in downtown Savage near the present St. John the Baptist school.
Exterior of the Kearney Grocery Store, Savage, MN.94 views1950 - The Kearney Grocery Store owned and operated by Gene and Mary Kearney in downtown Savage.
Christmas decorations 194594 viewsExterior Christmas tree at the Gene and Mary Kearney home Christmas 1945.
Kearney's V Store93 viewsOwned by Gene and Mary Kearney, located in Downtown Savage. Next to the Variety Store was their grocery store. - 1960s.
Antler's Park Lakeville93 viewsThe Dan Patch depot .In order to attract a multitude of passengers [to his Dan Patch Railroad, Marion] Savage put Antler’s Park on the map [named in allusion to the former abundance of deer in this region]. It was located on the southeast shore of Prairie Lake [renamed Lake Marion in honor of Savage], and contained summer homes and facilities for picnics, boating, swimming, fishing, hunting and dancing. The excursion trains to Antler’s Park were always very crowded. Those who remember riding these crowded trains remember the good times both on the ride and in the park.
Dan Patch Days 195493 viewsThe Kiddie parade during the 1954 Dan Patch Days.
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