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Census entry Holman family1347 views
Burnsville's first gas station1307 viewsThis station was on Lyndale Avenue in Burnsville and Herbie's restaurant.
Military service just one Holman tradition1306 viewsThe Burnsville Current November 7, 1979 features Floyd and Lloyd Holman and their sister Betty Kamrud and the family military tradition dating back to the Civil War - Captain Judd of Burnsville.
Gas to be Used in Shopping Center1265 viewsDakota County Tribune
October 4, 1962

(Jet Plaza aka Valley Ridge Shopping Center)

An all gas shopping center un­der construction at county road 17 and S. 138th St., in Burnsville township will be the first of Its type in the midwest said Minne­sota Valley Natural Gas company. 8t. Louis Park.

The shopping center will de­rive both electricity and heat from natural gas.

George Grohoskl, Burnsville, developer of the shopping center said the electricity generated by a Caterpillar Tractor company system will cost but one-third of that produced by convention­al generation.

Coat of the power unit was $110,000 and consists of three gas driven Internal combustion en­gines each with a capacity of 17$ kilowatts of power.

The 13 stores. 84.000 square foot shopping center was begun September 1 and will cost approx­imately $400,000.
The heat will be used to warm the shopping center In winter and will aid in running alr-conditoning units In the summer.
Burnsville Center food court 1980s871 viewsA 1980s view of the food court, compliments of the Burnsville Center.
Indian Burial Ground once located in (North) River Hills 1981 805 views
Oscar Dally 1972685 viewsA series of photos by Del Stelling featuring Oscar Dally and Dolly's Store, April, 1972.
Family Funways563 viewsThis small golf course and amusement park was located at 2100 West Highway 13.
Burnsville Center 1978556 viewsBurnsville's largest shopping mall "all decked out for the holidays".
South River Hills Park534 viewsSouth River Hills Park, viewed from River Hills Drive 2021.
Burnsville Center 1977528 viewsInterior Burnsville Center, August 10, 1977 Burnsville Current.
Family Funways527 viewsThis small golf course and amusement park was located at 2100 West Highway 13.
Burnsville Center526 viewsAugust 9, 1978 Burnsville Current photo - First year anniversary of the Burnsville Center.
Burnsville by air 1975519 viewsHighway 13 and 12th Avenue area. The "red roof" is the Dairy Queen, to the right the City Hall and across the street the Pat and Mary Connelly farm. Left of 12th Avenue, the high school is visible. Note how undeveloped the Cliff Road area is.
Arson rocks BHS 1994504 viewsMay 1, 1994 Burnsville This Week reports on the $5 million dollar of damage to High school. Governor Arne Anderson and local legislators toured the damage seeking $1.2 million in emergency assistance.
Burnsville Center 1980s495 viewsInterior view of food court and various stores in the 1980's compliments of the Burnsville Center.
Interstate 35W and County 42 1970 488 viewsBurnsville Center is complete with Cobblestone Court being built.
Ranch House 478 viewsThe Ranch House on Lyndale Avenue had a western taste.
Family Funways470 viewsThis small golf course and amusement park was located at 2100 West Highway 13.
Burnsville Center 1977457 viewsSears parking lot upper level at the Burnsville Center.
Burnsville Center456 viewsDaytons was a lead store when the Burnsville Center opened. August 1, 1977 Burnsville Current.
BHS arson enters record books452 viewsThe Burnsville Sun/Current May 4, 1994 reports that the April 25 fire at the high school was the second most costly fire in the states history. The theme of the 1994 Year book was "The Fire Inside". Ironically, the theme was selected before the fire. The prior year the school teams changed from the Burnsville Braves to the Burnsville Blaze.
Burnsville Center 1977451 viewsAugust 3, 1977 photo of the interior of the Burnsville Center.
Burnsville Center August 1977445 viewsAn unidentified store "hiring" at the Burnsville Center.
Family Funways444 viewsThis small golf course and amusement park was located at 2100 West Highway 13.
River Hills, native American Burial grounds439 viewsIn 1963 The Science Museum of Minnesota excavated a burial site along the river bluffs across the river from the Black Dog power plant to the south of the Black Dog Village site. The location was the River Hills housing development—a development designed to contain at least 1,000 homes—in Burnsville, the next township south of Eagan along the Minnesota River. The first evidence of human remains was uncovered by a bulldozer operator who was grading the site. Over eleven days seven burial pits containing what were estimated at the time to be at least 56 human beings were excavated. Many of these were bundle burials dating to thousands of years ago. Later work by anthropologist Marcia Regan in a 1990 report estimated that the remains of 36 individuals were included in what was found at the River Hills site.
Splash down Beaver Moutain 1985436 viewsThe Burnsville Current 7/8/1985 reports on the once popular Beaver Mountain Waterslide then located north of Buck Hill.
Burnsville Center 1977428 viewsInterior photo including food court and 1977 stores, compliments of the Burnsville Center.
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