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Billboard advertisingWhile not specifically in Burnsville, this Twin Cities based advertisement for milk could have been found on the 35W freeway at some point.Jan 20, 2022
1939 Telephone book listingTelephone listing for Walter Kennelly farm, Burnsville.Jan 14, 2022
Pay Television 1950June 21, 1950 Minneapolis Star Tribune includes Klotz Electric, Savage as a vendor.Dec 25, 2021
Dakota County Map 1879The following were likely sponsors of the 1879 Dakota County map.Dec 25, 2021
Santa returns 2021After a year away in lockdown, Santa will return to the Burnsville Center 2021 for visits with kids. Dec 25, 2021
Santa returns 2021After a year away in lockdown, Santa will return to the Burnsville Center 2021 for visits with kids.Dec 25, 2021
Burnsvile News 1941September 19, 1941 Dakota County Tribune Burnsville column includes:

The Burnsville Baseball team,
Mary Ann Doebel
The Visnovec's
Rooting for the home team at West Concord
A new baby for the Christensen's
Joe Casey and Dorothy Doebel visit Farmington and Rosemount
Dec 22, 2021
Milk DeliveryOne of the options for buying milk was home delivery from the Farmington Dairy.
Shown is a driver from Prior Lake. 1948.
Dec 14, 2021
A downtown Burnsville, there might have beenMay 25, 1980 - Burnsville Sun -

Did Burnsville ever have a downtown? Del Stelling looks at where it might have been located...
Dec 08, 2021
Data show lost learning in District 191 - 2021November 26, 2021 - Burnsville Eagan Sun/Thisweek News

A report on last years' academic performance in School District 191 tells a very very difficult data story about learning interrupted by the COVID 19 pandemic...
Dec 04, 2021
COVID 19 surge sends District 191 students back home 2021November 26, 2021 Burnsville Eagan Sun/Thisweek News

School District 191 announced Monday it would switch to distance learning for most students from November 24 - December 3...
Dec 04, 2021
Graduation music is virtual 2020Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District 191 will host modified graduation ceremonies this spring to honor the 2020 graduates. The celebrations were designed to follow the guidelines established by the Minnesota Department of Health to avoid spreading coronavirus in the community.

Students will receive their diplomas at one of four schools.
Nov 29, 2021
Photocopying mahcine installed at library 1972June 1, 1972 Burnsville Sun

A new photocopy machine is now available for public use at the Burnsville Community Library...
Nov 26, 2021
May 1897 newsThe foundation of our city hall in Hamilton is almost completed under the skillful hand of R. L. Eckert of Shakopee. When completed it will be the best foundation in our village and will be a good advertisement for Mr. Ekert...

Also the death of Mrs. Richard Murphy.

May 27, 1897 Shakopee Argus.
Nov 25, 2021
Glendale - Hamilton Station News 1897September 16, 1897 -Shakopee Argus

Mrs. McDonnell received this week in consignment of new furniture for her hotel, which is just coming to the front as the leading hotel in our village (Hamilton)....
Nov 25, 2021
Distance Learning2020 sign at William Byrne School in South River Hills.Nov 24, 2021
Old Newspapers reveal changes in community 1984February 22, 1984 Burnsville Sun - editor Del Stelling looks back at the Minnesota Valley Review in 1962...Nov 20, 2021
How times have changed in Burnsville 1981October 13, 1981 Burnsville Sun - Del Stelling column looks back twenty years when talking with Carol Anderson, who moved to Burnsville in 1958...Nov 18, 2021
School bus - pandemic ridersOctober 2021 - Masks are required on the bus and at schools as pandemic rules continue. Photo compliments of School District 191.Nov 10, 2021
District 191 virtual academy enrollment swells 2021November 5, 2021 Burnsville Eagan Sun/Thisweek News

A last minute rush of students into School District 191's new Virtual Academy has the district scrambling to properly staff the program in the secondary grades...
Nov 07, 2021
Del Stlling looks back to 1962Published July 4, 1979 Burnsville Sun

Columnist and editor Del Stelling looks back at 4th of July celebrations and news from 1962.
Nov 05, 2021
District 191 said to be coping well with COVID 19October 22, 2021 - Burnsville Eagan Sun/Thisweek News

School District 191 is faring comparatively well in the new school year despite the COVID 19 virus...
Oct 29, 2021
Savage Minnesota signPopulation sign for the City of Savage.Oct 24, 2021
Burnsville City LimitsPopulation sign for Burnsville.Oct 24, 2021
School District 191Pandemic student photo, compliments of School District 191. October 2021.Oct 21, 2021
Burnsville High School during pandemicScenes from Burnsville High School during pandemic October 2021.Oct 21, 2021
Burnsville population estimated at 10,703January 14, 1965 Dakota County Tribune

The population of Burnsville may be 10,703 as of December 8, 1964...
Oct 20, 2021
Crystal View Inn to be destroyedJune 2, 1981 - Burnsville Sun

The burning of the Crystal View Inn will take place in June...
Oct 20, 2021
New County Library nearing completion 1974January 3, 1974 Burnsville Sun -

The Dakota County Library being constructed in Burnsville on County Road 42 west of 35W is nearing completion...
Oct 13, 2021
New County Library opens in Burnsville 1974March 7, 1974 Burnsville Sun -

The new Dakota County Library in Burnsville officially opened for business Monday...
Oct 13, 2021
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