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First day of school 2019Photo compliments of School District 191 - the first day of kindergarten (school not identified in photo).
First graders use computers 1971February 4, 1971 Dakota County Tribune reports: First and second grade students at Neill Elementary School are learning to use a computer in the solving of simple arithmetic problems...
Marion Savage SchoolFirst grade teachers, 2019 are ready to welcome students to school. Photo compliments of School District 191.
Sioux Trail first grade self portraits 1967Mpls Star Tribune March 19, 1967 photo feature: Sioux Trail School Burnsville students are given the chance to take their own photos -today known as selfies....
Cedar School.Cedar Grove 4th grade, 1970 - 1971 compliments of Mitch McLaughlin.
Dedication of Wlliam Byrne School 1967Minnesota Valley Review reports on upcoming dedication of the newest school, named in honor of William Byrne.
Gideon PondOne of Independent School District 191's schools is named in honor of Rev. Gideon Pond.
Gideon Pond School 2017Located at 613 E 130th Street and is named after a Minnesota pioneer educator.
Gideon Pond School 2017Located at 613 E 130th Street, it is named after a Minnesota pioneer educator.
Gideon Pond school2015 - 50th anniversary photo of Gideon Pond School. Photo compliments of School District 191.
Gideon Pond SchoolSolo photo of Gideon Pond.
Gideon Pond schoolGideon Pond Library, 2017. Photo compliments of School District 191.
Becca Buck, Gideon Pond Elementary 2020April 10, 2020 - Gideon Pond Elementary school music specialist Becca Buck sings and plays as she sends video lessons to students in the six classes she works each day. Human interaction has gone digital... photo appeared in the Burnsville Eagan Sun/Thisweek News as part of the pandemic story on distance learning.
Gideon Pond schoolSign outside of Gideon Pond School. Photo compliments of School District 191.
Gideon Pond School 2017The school is located at 613 E 130th Street and is named after Minnesota pioneer educator Gideon Pond.
Marion Savage schoolSavage Elementary - 2nd Grade - 1960/1961
Top row - Larry Martens, Pam Miller, Steve Jason, Kathy Turnquist, Vern Greybill, Elizabeth Manhoney, Larry Falnes, Robin Cooley

2nd row - Pat Schidler, Mike Hynes, Gary Richardson - Nancy Galley, Steve Hopkins

3rd row - Roger Christopherson, Judy Ross, Mark Nechkash, Mary Leitchman, Pat McKinney, Pam Schroeder, Peter Cameron, ?

4th row - Nancy Rome, Dan Mott, Coleen Gatslaff- Scott Terwilliger, Patty Schunk , John Kruger, Linda Paterness, Dave Anderson
Marion Savage schoolSavage Elementary Grade 3 1961/1962
Top row - Shirley Shelton - Marc Williams - Pam Miller - Dan Mott - Larry Maertens - Mary Leitchman - Steve Hopkins - Cynthia Gibe

2nd row - Kathy Turnquist - Bob Mastous - Mark Larson - Duane Hentz - Kathy Anderson - Donovan Scholta

3rd row - Linda Paterness - Lamont Rolfshus - Steve Broden - Nancy Rome - Mark Nechkash - Ronnie Rude - Coleen Gatslaff

4th row - Larry Falness - Debbie Drake - Margie Ryberg - Pam Schroeder - Robin Cooley - Judy Ross - Lee Fiinch
Sioux Trail Elementary SchoolThe 2020 pandemic closed all schools which hit the students Sioux Trail school even harder, this being its last year in existence. The district's school is being closed along with Marion W. Savage and Metcalf. Photo compliments of School District 191.
Hidden Valley SchoolA District 191 School located at 13875 Glendale Road, Savage, MN 55378. Photo compliments of Independent School District 191.
Marion W Savage logoM. W. Savage Elementary School - undated logo or button for Marion W. Savage school.
Bonnie Nyman and Dale Tornell 1993Two teachers at William Byrne, 1993 involved with its 25th anniversary.
Evelyn Skalman, retiringRetiring Burnsville first grade teacher Evelyn Skalman, shown with students at Gideon Pond. She started in Burnsville, District 16 in 1948.
Teresa Meyer retiresTeresa Meyer retires after 28 years with School District 191.
Teresa Meyer retiresNovember 12, 1984 profile of retiring teacher Teresa Meyer, hired by John Metcalf in 1956.
Cedar School - EaganBesides being an elementary School, it is the Burnsville Alternative High School at 2140 Diffley Road. Eagan. The Burnsville Alternative High School is an educational option designed to help students who have dropped out of their previous school setting and who are in the 10th grade and older.
MW Savage television production 1995January 21, 1995 Savage Pacer - Teams of six graders handle the technical responsibilities of the daily broadcasts while fifth graders take care of the on air duties at the MW Savage Elementary School.
Margaret Doren1958 Burnsville Elementary School first principal.
School District 196 bus 2020Portions of Burnsville receives schooling through School District 196.
Inga Voekler will retire 1999April 21, 1999 - Burnsville Sun

After 28 years Inga Voelker will retire from Edward Neill Elementary School...
Neill Elementary SchoolInterior of Neill Elementary School, 2015.
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