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Explosion of Whisky 1899August 16, 1899 St. Paul Globe reports on a explosion at M. Allen's Saloon in Hamilton Station (now Savage).
The First Dan Patch Days 1953 rememberedA newspaper article in the Savage Pacer by Jim Ross recalls the First Dan Patch Days celebration. Published date Aug. 22, 2013.
Charlie Kline first rural mail carrier for Hamilton/Savage/ByrnesvilleThe first rural free delivery service was inaugurated with Charles Kline as the mail carrier in September, 1905. Charles L. Kline was born September 20, 1873 in Eagle Creek Township and in 1894 he moved to Savage, which was still known as Hamilton.

He was a member of the village council when the council officially changed the name of the village to Savage in 1904. When he joined the postal service he earned $60 a month. He used a horse and mail cart to deliver the mail and in the winter, a horse and cutter were used on his rural route that was 27 miles long. Regardless of the weather, the day started early and could take until 8:00 or 9:00 pm at night to complete the mail delivery to the many farm families on the rural route. Photo in front of Riley General Store in Hamilton
Dr. J. W. Wetherbee, dentist 1898Dr. J. W. Wetherbee, dentist, will be in Hamilton July 6th. He likely travels to Hamilton, not having a permanent office.
Elbow to Elbow fishing in SavageMay 1, 1947 MInneapolis Star Tribune:

Elbow to Elbow, 400 fishermen jammed a quarter mile stretch of Eagle Creek near Savage today for the opening of Minnesota's statewide trout season. Despite a downpour of rain, many caught limits of hatchery trout recently planted in the stream. This photo shows a sample of the crowd fishing at he Highway 1010 bridge over Eagle Creek.
Then Dan Patch Liquors - Now 2020 Glowing Hearth and HomeBuilt as Dan Patch Liquors, West 123rd Street, in 2020 it is Glowing Hearth and Home.
Bob's IGAWhen Gene and Mary Kearney sold their grocery store, it became Bob's IGA in Savage. 1967 Burnsville Telephone Directory ad.
Ed GarveyOnce a teacher in Burnsville 1885 - 1904 at District 15, later a postmaster and storekeeper in Savage.
Former Savage State Bank 2017The former Savage State Bank, one of the original buildings remaining in town, is now F1 Bicycle Garage, owned by James Buddenbaum.
Former Savage State Bank 2017The former Savage State Bank, one of the original buildings remaining in town, is now F1 Bicycle Garage, owned by James Buddenbaum.
Frank Egan's barUndated photo only identified as Frank Egan's bar, Savage.
Frank Gallagher at Dan Patch LiquorsFrank Gallagher born and raised in Burnsville was the manager of the Dan Patch Liquors in Savage. He is shown with the Dan Patch Whisky bottle.
Frank Gallagher retires, Savage Liquor StoreFrom the 1972 Scrapbooks of Marian Bohn, Frank Gallagher, 20 year manager of Savage Liquor retires. He was born in Burnsville, son of Patrick Gallagher, brother of Enos.
Fun at Hidden Valley 1940sFrom Mary Pat Kelleher: We spent many hours at Hidden Valley as kids for church or other picnics. Apparently it was a fun place for our parents too. There wasn't all that much there except a picnic lodge, picnic tables and grills, trails and Credit River runs thru it with a couple of bridges The hill in this photo was used for skiing and sledding.. See photo - Jim Kelleher, Joe Kearney & wife Alice Kearney, Helen Kelleher Loftus and Helen Kelleher (Jim's wife)

In 2019: This 45-acre community park is unique because of its natural aesthetics and ornamental qualities. The Credit River runs through the park and offers excellent opportunities for gatherings, walking, and picnicking. Park hours are 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Dogs must be on a leash. It is unlawful to bring beer into a park in glass, kegs, barrels or other bulk tap quantities
Hamilton is now SavageNovember 26, 1903 Minneapolis Journal ad references Hamilton now being Savage Minnesota.
Antlers Park and Lake MarionMarch 17, 1912 Minneapolis Tribune ad for Antlers Park and Lake Marion.
Profile of SavageAugust 21, 1993 Minneapolis Star Tribune profile of Savage Minnesota.
Razors Edge Barbershop once Berrisford storeFor over 50 years Jens Bohn who died in 2018 proudly defined himself as a Real Barber, at the shop which was once the Berrisford Store in Burnsville.
Downtown Savage late fallNow, 2019 West 123rd Street, Downtown Savage. This was location of the first bank, later becoming the library and Allen's Dodge. Where the Depot now stands was the Dan Patch Liquor Store and Lounge.
The Buffalo TapFull view of the Buffalo Tap, downtown Savage.
Fund drive begins for new Savage library 1977April 6, 1977 Burnsville Sun -

Preliminary solicitation of funds has commenced for the proposed Savage Community Library and Museum...At the time of the plan the library was to have been located on a piece of city-owned property on the banks of the Credit River adjacent to Warren Butler Memorial Park...
Ed GarveyOnce a teacher in Burnsville 1885 - 1904 at District 15, later a postmaster and storekeeper in Savage.
Rita Garvey HammerMarch 2020, one of the remaining members of the Garvey family, which ran the general store in Savage dies.
Garvey's Store 1942Unknown children at steps of the Garvey Store in Savage. This was originally the Berrisford Store, moved from Burnsvile
and in 2017 is the Razors Edge Barbershop.
Death of Tom Garvey age 3 - year 1897February 18, 1897 Shakopee Argus reports on the death of three year old Thomas Garvey, son of James and Ellen Garvey, grandson
of Mr. and Mrs. James Fahey.
Profile of the Savage Post Office in the Garvey store, formerly Berrisford Store, now Razors Edge BarbershopIn 1872 John Berrisford who was originally from Uttoxeter, England erected his mercantile store, 20x82 feet, with a wing 24x24 feet, at the crossroads of Judicial Road and the old St. Paul-Shakopee Road, now County Road 34 in Burnsville, MN. He kept a general stock of goods, and also dealt largely in cattle so during the summer months he supplied the surrounding country with fresh meats.

The Berrisford store was located near where St. John the Baptist Catholic Church was located. The frame structure church burned to the ground on April 13, 1883 and a new frame structure was built and dedicated in 1885 by Archbishop John Ireland. In 1902 on Candlemas (the Christian Festival of Lights or mass of the candles on February 2nd), a wood burning stove caused a fire in this church and for the second time, the church was burned to the ground within a period of 20 years. At this time, the Archbishop decreed that the new church should be built in Hamilton, a town that was beginning to experience new growth and among its amenities; the town boasted an organized fire department.

Because the church had moved to Hamilton (now known as Savage), the store began to suffer from the loss of business. John Berrisford decided it was futile to continue his mercantile business and sold the store to Mr. Ed Garvey, a local school teacher who moved the building to Hamilton to the corner of what is now 124th Street and Ottawa Avenue South in Savage, MN. For several years it housed Garvey’s Store, which also included a post office for a time. In April 1908, Edward A. Garvey was appointed Postmaster of Savage.

In subsequent years, this building housed an antique shop, upholstery shop, Western tack shop, a donut shop, Family Carpets, the Lavendar Lady Beauty Salon, and for a time served the drafting department of Continental Machines. In September 1967 it became the Razor’s Edge Barber shop. In March 1980 the Razor’s Edge Beauty Salon was added as an adjunct to the barber shop. It is now the Razor’s Edge Barber Shop and Hair Salon. This is the oldest commercial building in the community of Savage.
Frank's Red Crown GarageBurnsville residents in the Orchard Garden's area likely utilized this garage. This 1920's photo shows Frank's Red Crown Garage on Old Lyndale (now County Road 5) between Orchard Gardens and Lakeville. Today this is the site of Benjamin Sign Company. Photo compliments of the Lakeville Historical Society.
George Allen Ford DealershipOriginally a Ford Dealership and later a Dodge Dealership the Allen family sold and serviced vehicles for over 50 years in Savage. In 1973 the dealership, which opened in 1915 was sold. Today this is the site of McHale Auto Body
George Allen Sr dies 1965George Allen, Sr., age 75 a life long resident of Savage died February 24, 1965 of a heart attack. Well known as the founder in 1917 of the George Allen Garage, he was also prominent in civic affairs in the Savage area...He was the son of Michael and Susan Allen born September 6, 1889 at Savage (then Hamilton). In 1910 he married Margaret Egan, who died September 5, 1945. In 1949 he married Marjorie King Horn, who survives him. Five of his seven children - Edward, George Jr, Peter, Mary (Mrs. A Pivec) and Jane (Mrs. Ralph Braun) live in Savage. Two sons Joseph and Gerald died.... Burial St. John the Baptist Cemetery.
George Allen Dodge adThis ad appeared in one of the Dan Patch Days booklets. Today this is McHale Auto Body.
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