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Downtown SavageThis Donut shop was located across the street from the Dan Patch Lounge and next to the former bank, then the library. It was operated by Rod Hopp one time mayor of Savage.
The route of the Dan Patch LineThe cover page of the Dan Patch Electric Railroad informational brochure 1908 showing the route with stops in Savage, Orchard Gardens and Lakeville...
Savage Library - Heritage Artwork Within the Savage Library is the Heritage Room established as a joint partnership between the library system, the City of Savage and the Dan Patch Historical Society in 1997. Throughout the building you will find art depicting Dan Patch, Savage and Scott County History. Shown is a wooden recreation of Credit River.
Credit River flows through SavageCredit River is located in the southwestern metropolitan area. It begins in New Market Township and flows through lakes and wetlands, and Murphy-Hanrehan Regional Park before entering into the Minnesota River near the city of Savage.
Bridge over the River Credit 1992July 14, 1992 This Week News reports on the ribboning cutting of the new Credit River Bridge just west of Burnsville linking Hanrehan Lake Blvd and Ottawa Avenue.
Credit River 1898The platt map for Credit River 1898 which borders Burnsville and Savage, then named Hamilton.
How Credit River ( and the township) got its nameThe Savage Review editor Del Stelling, in September 1989, re-tells the legend of how Credit River and the township received its name from a priest.

Also in this issue he reports that the Review starts sixth year of publication." As noted in the first issue, the purpose of this publication is to provide greater news coverage of the more important events of the community and we believe this has been accomplished." The Review was published monthly in a newsletter format.
Mary McCann with living childrenIrish Immigrant Mary McAndrews married John McCann and lived the majority of her life at the McCann farm in Glendale/Savage. On her birthday she is with children: Margaret Dempsey, Rose Kennelly, Dennis, Bridget Connelly, John, Mary Regan and Ann Gallagher. Those who had died were: Patrick and Catherine Brennan. Daughters Rose, Bridget and Ann married and lived in Burnsville.
Plat Map Savage1970s Plat map of Savage.
Assembling ties at Savage 1908.In the photo, one building remains in 2020 - the Razors Edge Barbershop, then the Garvey Store (originally owned by John Berrisford). Also shown is the steeple of the 1902 St. John the Baptist Church.

Source: Dan Patch Electric Railroad informational booklet - 1908.

Assembling ties at Savage, Minnesota. Back of this scene is the town of Savage; named after President Savage. The picture shown here shows that we have begun to put the finishing touches on the first section. The picture shows that we are assembling ties along the route preparatory to the laying of the rails.
Double track Steel Draw Bridge - Savage Minnesota 1908The $50,000.00 double track steel draw bridge on the Dan Patch Electric Railroad crossing the Minnesota River at Savage. This photo was taken shortly after the bridge was completed and during the highest stage of the recent waters of the Minnesota River. The bridge has been in operation for steamboats for several months. Source: Dan Patch Electric Railroad informational brochure 1908.
Dan Patch Electric Line bridgeJanuary 30, 1910 Minneapolis Tribune - The double track, steel, swing bridge over the Minnesota River...
The curious town of Savage 1911June 5, 1911 Minneapolis Star Tribune featues the towns of Savage and Shakopee...
Lynnhurst Dairy Farm - later Bohn Farm SavageLynnhurst Dairy farm, Savage had its start at the O'Regan farm in Burnsville.
Dances in the new hall in Hamilton 1898January 6, 1898 Shakopee Argus

John Marshal is out with posters announcing a dance Friday evening, January 21, in the New Hall at Hamilton...
Dan Patch Line arrives at Antlers ParkThe Dan Patch line had a stop at Antler's Park, Lakeville .Antlers Park was a 40 acre amusement park located on Lake Marion in Lakeville, Minnesota. Colonel Marion Savage built Antlers Park to attract passengers to the Dan Patch Railroad.

In order to attract a multitude of passengers [to his Dan Patch Railroad, Marion] Savage put Antler’s Park on the map [named in allusion to the former abundance of deer in this region]. It was located on the southeast shore of Prairie Lake [renamed Lake Marion in honor of Savage], and contained summer homes and facilities for picnics, boating, swimming, fishing, hunting and dancing. The excursion trains to Antler’s Park were always very crowded. Those who remember riding these crowded trains remember the good times both on the ride and in the park.
Dan Patch Days shirtVarious clothing items were available for sale during Dan Patch Days.
Dan Patch Bowl - SavageLocated directly across from Razors Edge in Savage.
Dan Patch Bowling alley today 2017This grassed area of Downtown Savage was the site of the Dan Patch bowling alley.
Dan Patch Days 1950s
Dan Patch Days 1950sAn early photo of Dan Patch Days, downtown Savage. Estimated date 1956.
Dan Patch Lounge and Liquor StoreTo the left of the photo you can view the former Savage Bank, then the Savage Library
Exterior sign for Dan Patch Lounge
Dan Patch DisplayWithin the Savage Library is the "Heritage Room" featuring the history of Dan Patch and Hamilton/Savage.
In the entry to the building is this display.
Brick memorial to Savage's Dan Patch2017 photo shows an artistic rendering of the Story of Dan Patch, whose owner was Marion Savage. The original name of the town was Hamilton, then changed to honor Savage and Dan Patch.
Dan Patch Lines begins service to SavageJuly 6, 1910 - Hastings Gazette:

The Dan Patch Road began operations from Minneapolis to Savage on Monday. Cars are to be run every two hours, the distance being 12 miles.
Dan Patch LoungeExterior Dan Patch Liquor Store and Bar, 1960.
Dan Patch with Harry HerseyRace Horse Dan Patch with trainer Harry Hersey, compliments of the Dan Patch Historical Society.
Downtown SavageBanners featuring Dan Patch appear throughout the "old" downtown of Savage, 2017.
Ad for the Dan Patch Lounge and Liquor Store 1980sThe monthly Savage Review newspaper (Newsletter) edited by Del Stelling including this ad.
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