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Hayes home - Burnsville ParkwayRecords show this home being built in 1923 on what is today Burnsville Parkway. The Hayes family were early owners of this home.
Casey homeOriginally the Casey home, the second on the property, was built in 1930. Other owners were John and Margaret Kennelly and Herb and Alice Driscoll before being sold. Location HIghway 13 and Cliff Road.
Erwin Connelly House - County Road 11Records show main portion of this home built in 1870 by the Erwin Family, then owned by William and Bridget Connelly, Bill and Margaret Connelly and Michael and Kathy Connelly and their families before being sold. Location - County Road 11 and Highway 13.
Historic Home Judicial RoadPortions of this home was built in 1880. Actual prior owners unknown.
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