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City of Burnsville campusThe City campus is located on Nicollet Avenue and Civic Center Drive.
City of Burnsville Community BuildersCity of Burnsville Community Builders Awards presented November 4, 2019.
Burnsville City HallBurnsville City Council chambers prior to its November 2019 meeting.
Burnsville City Hall 2019Use of computer screens at each council or committee member's station at City Hall.
Burnsville City Hall 2019Another view of seating in the Burnsville City Council chambers.
Burnsville City Hall 2019Seating in the Burnsville City Council chambers.
Burnsville City Hall 20192019 City Hall Chambers.
Burnsville City Hall 2019Burnsville City Hall Council chambers prior to a 2019 meeting.
Burnsville City Hall 2019Fall, 2019 entering City Hall.
Burnsville City Hall 2019Fall 2019 at the Burnsville City Hall.
Burnsville City Hall 2019Fall 2019 view of the City Hall and Police Department.
Burnsville City HallEvening view, October 2019 of City Hall.
Burnsville City HallBurnsville City Hall entry, night 2019.
Burnsville Police and JailEntry to Burnsville's jail and police department, evening 2019.
Burnsville Ice CenterA winter side view of the Burnsville Ice Center, 2019.
Burnsville Water towerA view of one of Burnsville's water towers from McAndrews Road in the winter 2019.
Burnsville Police Department 2018 - 2019Winter view of the entry into the police department, following the 2018 expansion.
Burnsville City Hall 2019Winter view of the City Hall following its 2018 expansion.
Burnsville City Hall and Police DepartmentWinter 2019 City Hall and Police Station.
Officer Roy Gutzman named officer of the year 2019Officer beat cancer, named Burnsville’s top cop of 2019 - December 27, 2019 Sun/Thisweek News

Officer Roy Gutzman has been named the Burnsville Police Deparrtment’s 2019 Officer of the Year. Gutzman has been with the department for 14 years, the last four as a resource officer at Burnsville High School.

“When a police officer receives his or her badge, they take an oath to serve, and to never betray their integrity, their character or the public trust,” said Police Chief Tanya Schwartz. “Officer Roy Gutzman exemplifies this commitment by building trust with our community, treating people with dignity and respect, listening to what people have to say, and making fair decisions.”

Throughout his career in Burnsville Gutzman has been known for his teamwork and positive attitude.

His work as a school resource officer has been praised by school administrators. Gutzman continued to do his job while fighting cancer.

“Officer Gutzman was diagnosed with cancer in December 2018, and has been a champion survivor since his diagnosis,” said Sgt. Dan Anderson, Gutzman’s supervisor. “He has never complained and continued to do his job at 110 percent. He leads by example and sets the tone on every shift he is present. He is someone the younger officers look up to.”

Through several surgeries and treatments, Gutzman continued his work at the school — building lasting relationships with students and staff — and took calls, helped with investigations and did licensing and administrative work while on light duty.

“While facing life-threatening personal challenges, he remained loyal to his commitment, and demonstrated his incredible character with courage, grit and resiliency,” Schwartz said.

Gutzman concluded his surgeries and treatments in November.
2010 profile of BurnsvilleFrom an online community guide featuring Burnsville.
2017 City Hall expansionRendering of the expanded City Hall and Police Station compliments of the City of Burnsville.
Cara Schulz for City Council 2016Cara Schulz campaigns for the Burnsville City Council, 2016.
Cara Schulz for City CouncilCara Schulz begins her 2016 Campaign for the City Council.
Cara SchulzBurnsville City Council Member Cara Schulz, 2017 photo.
Burnsville Center Village Redevelopment 2019The City embarks on this study in order to identify redevelopment opportunities and create a plan with the overall goal to meet the market and community objectives...
Burnsville Council Chambers 2017During much of the day the Council chambers remain empty at the City Hall.
Charlie CrichtonApril 27, 2011 Minneapolis Star Tribune:
Long time council member dies at age 83 while serving.
Chief Eric GiesekeEric Gieseke will lead Burnsville Police Department
Published November 8, 2012 at 1:42 pm
As a fresh-faced Burnsville police cadet from 1989 to 1991, Eric Gieseke did whatever was asked of him, from working the front desk to dressing up as McGruff the Crime Dog.
“It was a great experience being a police cadet. Now they’re called community service officers,” Gieseke said. “It was a great opportunity to learn about the organization from the bottom up.”
He learned well. Gieseke, now one of the Police Department’s two captains, will succeed Bob Hawkins as Burnsville’s sixth chief of police. Hawkins is retiring on Nov. 30.
Gieseke, 46, was one of two likely candidates to follow Hawkins, who announced his retirement earlier this year. Gieseke’s fellow captain for several years, Eric Wemer, was hired in August as Rosemount’s police chief.
Burnsville got 15 to 20 applications for the chiefsjob, “literally from coast to coast,” said City Manager Craig Ebeling, who made the final selection. “Eric (Gieseke) was a very formidable candidate and was able to prevail.”

Capt. Werner’s replacement is Tanya Schwartz, who was promoted from sergeant in September. Burnsville’s first female police captain, she started as a community service officer in 1995

Burnsville Council Chambers 2017The Burnsville Council chambers, located at the City Hall.
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