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Judd and Holman property at Crystal Lake 1964A 1964 view of Crystal Lake showing the homes of the various Holman family members. Their property was originally owned by their ancestor Captain Lewis Judd, who operated Burnsville's first hotel at the lake.
LeRoy Holman 1978LeRoy Holman lived at Crystal Lake. Born: May 2. 1937 Burnsville, Death: April 13, 2013 Menahga, Wadena, Minnesota.
Augusta HolmanMany of the Holman family which lived at Crystal Lake in Burnsville are buried at Lebanon Cemetery in Apple Valley. The Holman's are direct descendents of Burnsville pioneer Captain Louis Judd.
Augusta Holman 1931Augusta Hagemeister Holman died September 27, 1931 at her Crystal Lake Home. She as born in Lipadipmore Germany October 20, 1858. She came to American October 15, 1882 and married Louis Holman June 18, 1880.

They had nine children - Herman, Louis, Henry, Aodlph, Simon, Jeana, Mrs. Carl Bloomgren, Mrs. Henry Boughner and Caroline, who died in childhood. She is buried in Lebanon Cemetery, Apple Valley.
Edna Holman Edna Holman 1907 - 1995 with grand nephew Jonathan Holman. This site has a photo of Edna as young girl with her brother Earl in their farm field near Crystal Lake.
Edna, LeRoy and Bret HolmanAunt Edna Holman with nephews LeRoy and Bret Holman.
Memorial Bench for Matthew Scott HolmanMatthew Scott Holman, age 27 of Burnsville, formerly of Lakeville passed away suddenly on January 23, 2015.

Matt graduated from Lakeville High School, was an Eagle Scout and serviced his country as a US Marine. He is preceded in death by his grandfather, LeRoy Holman. He is survived by his father Scott Holman (fiancé Maggie Dunn), his Mother Denise McMahon (husband Matt McMahon),Sisters Petricia Holman, Jessica Holman (fiancé Cory Moren),Nichole Holman (fiancé Dan Micke), and Paisley Holman; nieces and nephews, Devonte, Jennicka, Caitlin, Javon, Cassandra, Jackson, Rylee, Grandparents, Joanna Jones, and Leo and Lois Schmid. Interment at Fort Snelling National Cemetery.
Betty Holman Nelson 2015Death notice for Betty Nelson, age 73 of Apple Valley. She died June 27, 2015 retired from School District 196 as a teachers aid. Her parents were Earl and Florence Holman and brothers LeRoy and Floyd Holman. She like many in her family was buried at Lebanon Cemetery.
Brett HolmanBrett Holman service photo 1992 while assigned to the 1st Bn 7th Infantry Division in Aschaffenburg, Germany.
The Holman brothersBret, Duane and Scott Holman.
Brett HolmanMay 1984 basic training picture at Ft Jackson, S.C. Bret Holman.
Brett HolmanBrett Holman at their Crystal Lake home, once the Judd Hotel.
Bret HolmanBret Holman, grew up at Crystal Lake, 1967. One of his ancestors was Captain Lewis Judd who operated the Judd Hotel at Crystal Lake. The Holman's lived in that home.
Brett HolmanBrett Holman, 1960 in the family living room at Crystal Lake. Their home was the original Judd Hotel.
LeRoy, Ella and Edna HolmanLeRoy and his mother Ella with aunt Edna Holman of the Crystal Lake area of Burnsville.
Duane HolmanA member of the Crystal Lake Holman family who served in the United States Air Force from January 01, 1981 to June 11, 1992. He is a descendant of Captain Lewis Judd at Crystal Lake.
Edna and Earl HolmanEdna and Earl Holman grew up at Crystal Lake. Their ancestor of Lewis Judd who operated the first hotel. The Holman family lived in that home.
Earl and Florence HolmanThe Holman's are direct descendents of Burnsville pioneer Captain Louis Judd. Many of the Holman family which lived at Crystal Lake in Burnsville are buried at Lebanon Cemetery in Apple Valley.
Earl, Florence and LeRoy Holman.Earl and Florence Holman holding son LeRoy 1937. The Holman home shown, was known as the Judd Hotel when owned by their ancestor Lewis Judd.
Earl and Florence Holman and familyEarl (1907-1965) and Florence (1918 - 1984) with children LeRoy (1937 - 2013) Floyd and Lloyd (1940) and Betty (1942-2015), who lived at the Crystal Lake area of Burnsville. Photo mid 1940s.
Earl Holman obituaryEarl Holman, age 58 of Crystal Lake Burnsville died November 29,1965.
Edna and LeRoy Holman 1937Edna Holman holding LeRoy Holman (nephew) 1937. They lived at Crystal Lake.
Judd HotelEdna Holman in front of the Judd Hotel at Crystal Lake.

The first and only hotel called “Lakeside Hotel” was operated by Lewis Judd at Crystal Lake on the north shore on what was known as the Newell estate. His home, then opened to excursionists and travelers and became the home of his descendants the Holmans.

From a History of Dakota County - Burnsville Section.
The only hotel of which the town can boast is kept by Lewis Judd at Crystal lake, on the north shore of the lake, on what was known as the Newell estate. The estate was purchased by Mr. Judd in 1872, since which time he has improved it very much, making it, together, with its natural attractions, one of the finest points for a summer resort in the state. He was induced by parties from the south during the summer of 1880, to open his home to excursionists, which he did, and found the experiment a success. He is still making other improvements by the erection of cottages and additions to his house to accommodate those who are expecting to make a home with him during the coming heated term.
Ella Scott HolmanOctober 16, 1979 Burnsville Sun reports: Ella Holman, 96 died August 29, 1979 at her home...Internment in Lebanon Township Cemetery. She as born September 5, 1882 in Lebanon Township to Mr. and Mrs. William Scott who settled in Lebanon in 1856. Her maternal grandfather was Captain Lewis Judd, whose ancestery goes back to the 1632 settlers of Hartford Conn...

After his service as a captain during the Civil War, Judd moved to Hastings, and then homesteaded on Crystal Lake where he built the turn of the century Judd Hotel. Ella and Herman Holman were married in 1905 and continued to operate the business as Holman's resort..
Ella HolmanElla Holman, 90th birthday, lived at Crystal Lake. (1972)
Florence HolmanFlorence Holman, wife of Earl. She was born Florence Self. She was the step daughter to Earl and Lena Swanson and that makes her the step sister to Kevin Swanson.
Florence and LeRoy HolmanFlorence and LeRoy Holman, 1937 at their home Crystal Lake. Born: May 2. 1937 Burnsville, Death: April 13, 2013 Menahga, Wadena, Minnesota.
The Holman'sEdna, Scott, Lloyd and Floyd Holman.
Edna HolmanEdna Holman in her home at Crytal Lake. It was the original Judd Hotel.
Herman Holman and Ella Scott married Herman and Ella (Scott) Holman’s wedding picture from June 7, 1905. They lived at Crystal Lake in Burnsville. Their home had been owned by his ancestor Lewis Judd - the Judd Hotel.
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