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Burnsville Senior High School - A 50th Anniversary Oral History Project 1957-2006May 31, 2006 - This book was created by three American History Classes as a project. A lot of time, thought and heart flowed through us into this publication. About 100 students interviewed 50 alumni from the year 1958 to the present....

Written by Suzy, Juul, Class of 2007 and the American History Classes of Mrs. Aars.
This section includes a note from the teacher - Kristina Jorgenson Aars, Acknowledgements and an index showing the student interviewers and the alumni interviewed...
Burnsville students learn history by documenting it 2006May 17, 2006 Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that in order to preserve 50 years of history, some juniors at Burnsville High School are interviewing alumni from every graduating class including: Will Williams, Janet Bohn Williams and Nancy Allen.
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