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Historical Society display at Burnhaven library 2014Thanks to Godan Nambuduripad for a new History Display at Burnhaven Library in 2014. It's all about Packards. For those of you too young to know, Packards were automobiles.
Burnsville Historical Society 2015 exhibitPreparations for the Historical Society's 2015 exhibit at the Ames Center.
Burnsville Historical Society 2015 exhibitThe Historical Society recreates a farm house kitchen as part of our 2015 exhibit at the Ames Center.
Burnsville Historical Society 2015 exhibitInvitation to the opening of the Historical Society exhibit September 24... Again this year we peek into Burnsville's attic to share the treasures and surprises: Recognition of the Burnsville's Police Department from its beginning 50 years ago with Chief Ed Farrell.

An hands-on antique telephone system.

A photo survey of "chores" kids used to do in the past..
Historical Society exhibit 2015Exploring a typewriter at the Burnsville Historical Society's exhibit at the Ames Center September, 2015.
2014 Historical Society Exhibit
2015 Historical Society ExhibitAdvertisement for the 2015 Exhibit at the Ames Center.
2015 Historical Society ExhibitThe changes in the telephone was featured at the 2015 exhibit.
Burnsville Historical Society 2015 exhibitTwo of our members, John DeShaw and Eldon Kohls, viewing the Model T displayed at the Ames Center exhibit.
Historical Society exhibit 2015A History of the Burnsville Police Department was also featured at the Burnsville Historical Society's 2015 exhibit at the Ames Center.
2015 Historical Society ExhibitStudents discover old style telephones at the 2015 exhibit.
Historical Society exhibit 2015A scene from the Burnsville Historical Society's September 2015 exhibit at the Ames Center.
Historical Society exhibit 2015Exploring the telephone display at the Burnsville Historical Society's 2015 exhibit at the Ames Center.
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