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Peter FaheyBorn 1825 in Ireland, married Bridget Finnerty in 1855 and shown in Burnsville. He died January 6, 1908 and buried at St. John the Baptist. Marriage to Bridget Finnerty/Finerty: Both came from Galway and met in Illinois. The homesteaded in Rosemount, Minnesota on the prairie. However, they moved to Burnsville Township onto a farm of 220 acres where they raised grain. The prairie land in Rosemount was too windy and they needed more water.

Children were: John, Thomas, Catherine, Margaret, Bridget, Michael, Mary and Peter.
Fahey Family 1907They lived on County Road 5, property is now Day Park.
John (the father) children, Annie, Clara, Tom and Mary. Their mother, still living, not in photo.
Catherine Fahey
Anna Fahey 1939Dakota County Tribune April 18, 1939 reports: Miss Anna B. Fahey of 1625 Selby Avenue, St Paul died suddenly April 3, 1939 at St. Joseph Hospital. She was born September 13, 1867 in Burnsville and came to St. Paul in her teens. She returned to Burnsville after the death of her mother in 1900 remaining there until after her fathers death in 1908. She then returned to St. Paul...
Gallagher and Fahey'sAnnie Gallagher, Grandpa James Fahey, Clara Fahey Kearney, Marie Gallagher McDonald.
Tom and Julia Fahey weddingThe wedding record in Latin for Thomas Fahey and Julia Gallagher from St. John the Baptist, Savage.
Mary, Ann, Thomas and Clara FaheyThe children of John and Ellen Corrigan Fahey, Burnsville pioneer family.
John Fahey 1890October 23, 1890 Dakota County Tribune

John F. Fahey, the Alliance candidate for county treasurer, is a prominent young farmer in Burnsvlle...
Fahey homestead in IrelandMountross, outside of Headford near Galway City. Shown Tara Fahey, her brothers and nephew at the original Fahey home in Ireland.
Tom Fahey photosThomas Fahey donated photos to the Dan Patch Historical Society pertaining to Burnsville and Glendale and Savage families.
Joseph Fahey's cause of death in questionNovember 28, 1904 . Mpls Star Tribune - more information on the death of Joseph Fahey, was it a murder?
John FaheySon of Peter and Bridget Finnerty Fahey born 1859 Burnsville died 1908. Wife Ellen Corrigan.
John FaheyLikely the first communion photo John Fahey, born 1918 Burnsville. He was the son of Tom Fahey and Julia Gallagher.
Joseph Fahey 1904Dakota County Tribune December 1904 reports: On Sunday November 28, one of the most heart rendering tragedies ever known in this vicinity visited the home of Peter Fahey in the death of his son Joseph...found dead in St. Paul...
Joseph Fahey 1904Hastings Gazette December 3, 1904 reports on the death of Joseph Fahey, found dead at the foot of the bluff in St. Paul from presumedly accidental causes, having fallen 60 feet, striking his head. He was aged 29, unmarried and lived with his father on a farm. His body was sent home for interment.
Julia Gallagher Fahey 1975Mrs. Thomas (Julia) Fahey died February 11, 1975. She was the daughter of Patrick and Ann McCann Gallagher and widow of Thomas H Fahey...
Peter FaheyPeter Fahey was born on April 3, 1825, in Galway, Ireland, the son of Margaret and John. He married Bridget Finnerty in 1855 in Burnsville, Minnesota. They had eight children in 15 years. He died on January 6, 1908, in Dakota, Minnesota, having lived a long life of 82 years, and was buried in Burnsville, Minnesota.
Michael Fahey death 1905July 21, 1905 Shakopee Tribune

The death of Michael Fahey July 14, 1905 of old age. He was 83 born in Mount Ross, County Galway, Ireland and came to America when quite young. Having never married, he made his home with his nieces here, Miss B. Fahey and Mrs. Kate Gallagher. Funeral St. John's Church, burial St. John's cemetery.
Death of Joseph Fahey may be murder 1904November 28, 1904 St. Paul Globe: Burnsville's Joseph Fahey found dead in St. Paul being investigated.
James FaheyDeath of pioneer James Fahey September 21, 1902. For nine years he delivered mail.
Thomas FaheyBorn October 30, 1889 son of John and Ellen Fahey. He married Julia Gallagher and he died December 9, 1962.
Thomas Fahey 1887Dakota County Tribune June 2, 1887 reports: At the home of his parents in Burnsville Thursday morning May 26, Thomas Fahey in the 26th year of his age...It is with pain that we make the above announcement...
Thomas Fahey 1892The Dakota County Tribune April 28, 1892 reports: Thomas Fahey aged 75 died at the home of his brother, James, in Hamilton (Savage) on the 13th after a lingering illness of about three months. He spent the last 25 years of his life with his brothers here and was always honored and respected by old and young for his sober, industrious and exemplary Christian life. His remains were accompanied to their last resting place by a large procession of friends and mourners, notwithstanding, the buy times...
Thomas Fahey 1892Obituary for Thomas Fahey published April 29, 1892 in the Northwestern Chronicle. Although it lists Hamilton (now Savage) he lived in Byrnesville/Burnsville.... He was born in County Galway, Ireland in 1817. He came to America and settled here about 25 or 26 years ago with his brothers James and Peter. He was a single man and died as he lived, true to the principles of the Catholic Religion, ever faithful to her teachings, fortified and consoled in his last moments by her holy sacraments....
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