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Cedar Avenue BridgeFall view, undated, Cedar Avenue Bridge.
Cedar Avenue BridgeNew Cedar Avenue Bridge nearing completion.
Meadow InnHere is a pic of the flooded Meadow Inn ...it was just over the old Cedar Bridge on the left side of the road....it later was The Eagles Club....
Old Cedar Avenue BridgePhoto by Greg Utecht. Cedar Avenue bridge crossing the Minnesota River before the current bridge opened in 1980. Photo shot from the new bridge before they tore the original down.

To cross the river from Bloomington, one went over the 5-trestle bridge on Long Meadow Lake, then this one. It could pivot open to let tall river traffic through. It was narrower than the other bridge which has been restored
Cedar Avenue BridgeCedar Avenue Bridge is featured as a cover photo in this 1972 MInnesota AAA publication.
Cedar Avenue Bridge1898 view of Cedar Avenue Bridge between Eagan and Bloomington.
New bridge to Mill City open by Thanksgiving 1920November 8, 1920 - South St. Paul

Cedar Avenue span, longest in the state will link up Dakota County...
Cedar Avenue Bridge1952 - Cedar Avenue Bridge.
Cedar Avenue BridgeCedar Avenue bridge being built 1978 linking Eagan and Bloomington.
Cedar Avenue Bridge1980 photo of the Cedar Avenue Bridge.
Cedar Avenue BridgeCedar Avenue Bridge entering Eagan, undated.
MN 77 Minnesota River Aerial ImageThese images are courtesy of the National Agriculture Imagery Program, a program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and were taken in 2005.

This view, at 9-feet-per-pixel resolution, shows the current MN 77/Cedar Ave crossing of the Minnesota River. MN 77 runs north-south, with Old Cedar Ave paralleling it (on opposite sides on either side of the river). The black line along the river represents the Hennepin/Dakota County line. The white line running south from the river is the Burnsville/Eagan city line.

This crossing was completed in 1980, and is the longest bridge wholly within the state of Minnesota. It is a 6-lane crossing with a wide right shoulder for bus use. It is almost impossible to tell on here, but the new bridge has a steel overhead truss on each side in the part that crosses the river proper.

You can also see where old Cedar Ave traveled through here. At the time known as MN 36, Old Cedar Ave crossed the river on a swing bridge that was built in 1890. This crossing became a considerable bottleneck, which led to the current bridge being built. You can see the path of the old route, and the location where the swing bridge used to be. One remnant of this old crossing is the bridge that crosses the backwaters on the northwest side of the river, across Long Meadow Lake. This bridge has steel overhead truss, and even has a wooden deck! Vehicle traffic was prohibited from the Long Meadow Lake bridge ca. 1993, but bicycles and pedestrians were still allowed (to access the Minnesota River crossing underneath the new Cedar Ave bridge). However, by 2002 the bridge condition deteriorated to the point where even bicycles and pedestrians were prohibited from the bridge. The city of Bloomington is working with regional partners to secure funding to renovate the old bridge so that bikes and peds can once again use it. The latest cost estimate as of early 2008 was in the neighborhood of $6 million.
Cedar Avenue and Long Meadow BridgesAround 2018 photo showing the "new" Cedar Avenue Bridge and what is now named the Long Meadow Bridge (formerly part of the old Cedar Avenue Bridge).
Remaining old Cedar Avenue BridgeThe remaining portion of the old Cedar Avenue Bridge 2022.
Old Cedar Avenue Bridge 1977The old Cedar Avenue Bridge in 1977 To cross the river from Bloomington, one went over the 5-trestle bridge on Long Meadow Lake, then this one. It could pivot open to let tall river traffic through. It was narrower than the other bridge which has been restored
Cedar Avenue Bridge circa 1978Construction of the "new" Cedar Avenue Bridge.
Cedar Avenue Bridge 1980Another view of the Cedar Avenue Bridge.
Cedar Avenue Bridge 1980The "new" Cedar Avenue Bridge.
Cedar Avenue Bridge undatedAn early photo of the Cedar Avenue Bridge connecting Eagan/Burnsville with Bloomington area through Nicols.
Cedar Avenue Bridge 1980Another view of the Cedar Avenue bridge.
Old Cedar Bridge replacementPortions of the Cedar Avenue Bridge are removed for the new bridge.

The original Old Cedar Avenue Bridge was built in 1890. The bridge that stands now was built in 1920 and carried automobile traffic into the 1990s. The narrow span continued operation as a bicycle trail until 2002 when it was deemed too unsafe. In 2008, $2 million in state funding was approved to reopen the bridge to bicyclists and pedestrians. Back when the old structure was the main crossing, heavy traffic delays would occur because of the bridge's small size and the need to operate the swing segment to let boat traffic pass. The modern bridge has three lanes in each direction, in addition to a shoulder which is often used by buses to get past traffic slowdowns.
Cedar Avenue Bridge 1935An early photo of the Cedar Avenue Bridge in Eagan.
Cedar Avenue Bridge 1980A Dakota County Tribune newspaper clipping shows a photo of the progress of the new Cedar Avenue Bridge.
Cedar Avenue BridgeThe old Cedar Avenue Bridge between Eagan and Bloomington closed. It would later reopen for walkers and bikers.
Cedar Avenue Bridge 1910Minnesota River Mendota Ferry at Cedar Avenue Bridge.
Proposed new Cedar Avenue Bridge 1973An artist's conception of the Cedar Avenue Bridge when it is completed in 1980. The old bridge, just west of the new crossing, will be torn down when the new bridge is completed. The new bridge is depicted with separated southbound and northbound lanes.

Dakota County Tribune August 30, 1973
A bridge to Dakota County 2009January 21, 2009 Minneapolis Star Tribune reports: Longtime residents remember the nostalgia associated with the old Cedar Avenue Bridge...
A new way to get to the other side 2008August 20, 2008 Pioneer Press reports:
The 2002 closure of the old Cedar Avenue Bridge eliminated a vital nonvehicular crossing over the Minnesota River and restricted access to a scenic wildlife refuge. But with the help from the state and other sources, a new span could open by 2010...
Cedar Avenue Bridge is unsafe 1923February 9, 1923 - Dakota County Tribune -

The Minnesota Daily Star this past week carried photos of the unsafe condition of the Cedar Avenue Bridge over the MInnesota, one end of which is in this county...
Cedar Avenue BridgeCedar Avenue Bridge swings open to let barge through 1953.
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