1976 Bicentennial History

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Reprint from Burnsville 1976.

Editor's Note: Those who care about Burnsville history owe a huge debt of gratitude to those who came before and worked hard to preserve the past. Three contributions stand out: First, the efforts of the Bicentennial Committee whose effort resulted in the publication of Burnsville '76: A Community History. Second, the sequel published in 2000, Burnsville 2000': A Community History', which brrought ba k many of the same volunteers and added involved many to carry the amazing effort forward. Third, the tireless preservation work of Evelyn Kjos, City Clerk, whose nose for the historical resulted in 21 boxes of items which helped provide a remarkable foundation for the efforts we carry on today. This article is a reprint of the dedicatory portions of the original 1976 publication.


Burnsville 76: A Community History

The concept…
of doing the history of Burnsville, or parts of it, had been in the minds of several local citizens for a long time. Handwritten materials, pictures, newspaper clippings, and oral history tapes have been accumulated over the years… waiting.
The catalyst…
Bring movies several people together into a committee was the Bicentennial. On Thursday, September 18, 1975 the first heritage committee meeting was held at the library. From a rag tag group of citizens, most of whom did not know one another, came the commitment to produce this book.
The completion…
is the result of thousands of hours of work given dedication fraught with frustration. The group met every Thursday morning from the date formation until June 19, 1976 the day of final layout.
The challenge…
the committee leaves, is twofold. First, for the citizens of Burnsville to accept this book for what it is; and attempt to bring together, for better or worse, something about Burnsville's rich history.Second, for others - Richard Brooks

We, the members of the Bicentennial Heritage Committee are solely responsible for the contents of this book. Every effort has been made to be fair, accurate, and factual. We have taken freely from many sources of information, from oral history tapes of local citizens to formal written records.

Throughout the development of this book we have continually consulted with "old timers" of the community to help us document material. With pride we present to you, BURNSVILLE '76; A Community History. Within its pages lies a challenge to future committees and writers. . . a challenge to research and to document the rich history of our community.

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To those who…

For this book have written articles loan pictures, maps and artifacts, located people and places, given an encouragement, advice and counsel, type copy, and helped in many other ways, we thank…

Lee Stanke, Barb Puch, Evelyn Kjos, Sarah Daly, Bill Dolan, Wally Day, John Welckle, Wayne Alfveby, the Connelly, Kelleher, Kennelly, Raleigh, Kearney, Gallagher, Lannon, Nicholson, Williams, McColl and Casperson families, Glenn Northrup, Martin Otto, Marlene Roth, K. Loff, Bonnie McLellan, Jo Lockwood, Bonnie Boberg, Agnes Scott, Patricia Ann Brooks, Connie Morrison, Del Stelling, Mary Zeigenhagen, Evelyn Skalman, Georgia Terwilliger, Christina Streefland, Father Jenniges, Robert Belongie, Audrey Berg; and especially to…
  • Robert Tonra, photographer and advisor
  • Nini Kindem, editor and layout
  • Karen Dolan, final copy typing
  • The Dakota County Tribune for donating covers
  • The staff and resources of the Dakota County Library System
  • The City Council of Burnsville for financial help
  • The Minnesota Bicentennial Commission for a grant of $1,000 to help defray publication expenses


The Heritage Committee

July 4, 1976