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Berean Baptist Church 2018Side view of the entry to Berean Baptist's new addition.55555
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Skateville signThis Skateville sign is visible from Highway 13, photo 2019.55555
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Marion Savage and Dan Patch sculpture 2018The Statue of Marion Savage and Dan Patch unveiled at the Savage Library June 24, 2018.55555
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Ludvick Visnovec farmLocated on County Road 11 near today's Super America. A smaller white house, also on the property was owned by his brother John. Circa 1980.55555
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William Byrne School This rendering of the William Byrne School was likely used at its dedication.55555
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Burnsville Teacher Patti Hatch to have huge role in husbands campaign 2006Burnsville Thisweek News - July 15, 2006 reports: Patti Hatch is wife of Michael Hatch MInnesota Attorney General, who is the DFL party's endorsed candidate for governor. Patti has been teaching in the School District since 1973, the last 20 years at Sioux Trail. The couple live in Burnsville. 55555
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Jim Scott's store to be burnt downThe March 19, 1964 Dakota County Tribune reports on the "burning of the old Jim Scott Store", as part of a training session for the newly formed Eagan Fire Department. Scott opened the store in 1907 and has been empty for years.55555
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Wally Day remembers when 1977The July 25, 1977 Burnsville Current interviews Wally Day -who at the age of 21 came to Burnsville with his parents when they rented a farm on Co. Rd. 5. They would then buy the farm and it would remain Wally's home. In 1964 he built a new home "across the road", sold some of the property, but retained the farm house and buildings renting them to Hot Sam's Antiques. The farm would be sold and torn down in 1986.55555
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Burnsville Women around haystackChristine Gerdesmeirer, Maye Fahey, Edna O'Brian, Margaret Hayes,Helen Kelleher and Clara Kearney. Burnsville Farm during WWII.

haystack wwII
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John McAndrews around 1915John McAndrews on the family farm - today the site of the Fairview Ridges Hospital.55555
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Del and Addie Benjamin Burnsville BowlOwners of the Burnsville Bowl in 1979. *Third person not identified.55555
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Destiny Church 2017Established over 20 years ago and located at 12119 16th Avenue South. Destiny is a non-denominational faith-based church with a passion for people 55555
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William Byrne School 1979Principal Marilyn Kjolien with students.55555
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Mimi Nachman and Danielle (Dannie) Tkach Aman 1979Co-chairs of the Burnsville Bicentennial Garden project of 1976 - shown three years later.55555
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El Dorado adAlthough many long time residents always called it Herbie's ... after Herbie Pilger sold the building the new owner renamed it the
El Dorado.
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West shop ends reign of the rein (Eaton's Ranch to close) 1982"By the end of the year, the new Cedar Avenue freeway will drill through the heart of Apple Valley's most famous landmark Eaton's Ranch. It opened in the 1930's and was the site of sleighrides, hayrides, trailrides and private partieis. It was the closet many ever got to the old west. Owner was Arthur Eaton Jr, whose parents opened the ranch.55555
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A Burnsville Home in the 1970sInterior photo of a Burnsville home, location not provided.55555
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William Byrne School Class photo 1967 - 1968 does not identify students but the teacher is Mrs. Owen and they are in the third grade.55555
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2010 Dan Patch Days Button design for the annual event honoring Dan Patch and owner Marion Savage.55555
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Burnsville Center opening day 1977Burnsville Center is located in Burnsville, Minnesota. It is one of the larger enclosed malls in Minnesota with over 153 stores on 3 floors and approximately 1,100,000 square feet. The mall opened in 1977 after Hannah Rimnac sold farmland to Homart Development; however, the mall is now owned by CBL & Associates, a company which owns and operates over 32 malls throughout the United States.55555
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Joe Kennelly in Republican Governor's officeSome may be surprised to find Joe Kennelly sitting in the chair of Republican Governor Harold LeVander during a visit to the capitol.

In the 1940s, many of the Burnsville farmers on Highway 13 including his father Walter and brother John and sister Rosella and her husband Jim Ryan enlisted then attorney Harold LeVander from the firm LeVander, Gillen and Miller in South St. Paul when the state accessed farm land for the creation of Highway 13.
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Herbie Pilger dies at 58 yrs of age - 1968January 26, 1968 Herbie Pilger dies. Born in Germany, he came to America when he was 19 years old. He lived in Minneapolis and Oxboro (Bloomington) before moving to the Savage (Burnsville) area. On June 30, 1936 he married Violet Dostal. In 1932 he came to Burnsville, through ownership of various restaurants and meeting places he became known to residents as a friend...55555
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close up of students, teacher and trustees at Black Dog SchoolIt's interesting to note that the newspaper clipping of this photo differs slightly, so it seems more than one version was shot on that day.55555
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Line drawing - 1988 A Creek in BurnsvilleArtist Barb Starner created a series of Burnsville historic sites for the 1988 Cornerstone Copy calendar.55555
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Early stages of North River HillsVarious designs of homes were made available within North and South River Hills.55555
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Patrick McAndrewsPatrick McAndrews was born in 1853, the son of Sarah and Bartly. He married Mary/Maria Jordan on May 31, 1898, in Burnsville, Minnesota. They had six children in 16 years. He died on March 21, 1925, in Burnsville, Minnesota, at the age of 72.55555
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Pemtom Plat Document55555
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Pemtom Materials in colorRiver Hills Development

Why the Tax Picture • • • Present and Future ... is Bright in River Hills
Taxes are, and should be, a major concern to every home buyer. They make up a substantial portion of your monthly payments, and usually reflect the fiscal condition of the locale in which you live-for the present and the future.

At the present time, Burnsville residents living within Minnesota School District 191 enjoy the greatest tax advantage in the Greater Twin City area. Roughly speaking, 65% to 75% of your total property tax is school tax, and the balance is paid to the municipality, the County and State. Therefore, the school tax base has the greatest effect on your property taxes.

Minnesota School District 191, including River Hills, encompasses all the industry in the Minnesota River Basin from Cedar Avenue to Savage: This area includes Northern States Power's Black Dog electric plant, Port Cargill, Producers Can Corporation , Lehigh Portland Cement Company, and Northwestern States Cement Company located near Interstate Highway 35W.

Each of these companies has a tax valuation in the millions. In total they contribute yearly to the school system and municipality sums enjoyed by no other area in the Twin Cities suburban area. Future development of industrially zoned ground in the river basin is both likely and desirable.

What doe s this mean to you , as a home buyer? Does it mean that taxes will not increase? No, but it means that while taxes will increase everywhere, you should enjoy a very favorable difference in tax payment~ -in River Hills as opposed to other areas outside this school district. It basically means that you as a buyer can afford more home for the same monthly payment you would pay in other areas. (Actually, up to $4,000 more !) It means , also, that the municipality can afford more services at less cost to the homeowner.

This brings us to our next most frequently mentioned subject because it is closely related to the matter of taxes.


At this time Burnsville school District 191 HAS 5 new schools. They are: Cedar elementary, River Hills elementary, Vista view elementary, Savage elementary, and the Burnsville junior-senior high school. The services available to all grades except where schools are within close walking distance.

This modern school system is well-established. The methods of education and quality of teaching personnel are among the most highly regarded in the state of Minnesota.

The school physical plants – uncrowded and well staffed – Have not been an abnormal tax burden to homeowners service by the system. Again, the reasons relate back to the industrial tax structure.

Undoubtedly, more schools will be required in future years, as will be true with any area– even those areas presently considered as fully developed. However, the tax advantages will remain with River hills homeowners.Then continue to benefit in future years.


Herein lies a very important consideration to every prospective home buyer. Seemingly good values have become expensive burdens to homeowners who had not investigated the questions of utilities and streets. You may know people who have purchased new homes only to find that their street and lawn must be torn up for another utility coming into the area. Each time the street is resurfaced it means assessments against the homeowner, plus hook-up charges into sewer or water mains.

This will not be the case in River Hills. A municipally owned and operated sanitary sewer, storm sewer and water system is in operation when you occupy a new home in River Hills. All these items are in and paid for by Pemtom, leaving only use charges to be paid by the homeowner. (And charges are the most reasonable to be found in any nearby areas.)
In addition to utilities, all homes front on finished black to p streets with concrete curbs and gutters. Concrete driveways run from the garage apron all the way to the curb, in the 4th Addition and all future Additions.

In summary, we urge you to compare the home values presented in River Hills. Examine the quality materials and workmanship in every home. The advantages Pemtom can pass on to you, the home buyer, through volume purchasing plus control of the product from raw land' to the final sale, mean more dollar value- high resale- and a thoroughly sound investment.
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Pemtom River Hills Assn Bylaws1
River Hills Association
Membership and Dues
Article 2
Board of Directors, its tenure and duties.
Section A Section B
Section C
Section D
Annual dues shall be two dollars (*2.00) ner family ner calendar vear.
Any fee owner and snouse who is in residence in River Hills Addition, Burnsville village, is qualified for membership.
The membership of anyone who no longer qual­ ifies under Article 1, Section B shall be automatically terminated without formal oro- ceedings. Said person thereby forfeits all rights and interests in the corooration.
Until current annual dues are paid anv member loses all rights and privileges of membershin including the right to attend meetings. Cal­ endar year dues are pavable bv March 1 of each calendar vear.
Section A Section B
The Board of Directors shall consist of fif­ teen (15) members.
The term of a member of the Board of Directors shall be three (3) vears. Five (5) Directors
are to be selected each vear at the annual meeting. Any vacancies occurring in the Board of Directors shall be filled bv aonointment
by The Board.
Section C. At least sixty (60) davs before the annual meeting, a nominating committee of five (5)
Section D
Section E Section F
members shall be anpointed bv the Board of Directors to submit a slate of at least five
(5) and not more than ten (10) candidates for the Board of Directors. The nominating com­ mittee shall not be chosen from the Board of Directors. The nominating committee must obtain the consent of candidates for nomina­ tion before placing their names before the annual meeting.
At least thirtv (30) davs before the annual meeting written notice shall be given the mem­ bership that anv member named on a petition signed by at least six (6) other members shall also be a candidate for the Board of Directors. Petitions must be in the hands of the Presi­ dent at least five (5) days before the annual meeting. Nominations shall not be made from
the floor.
Directors may not succeed themselves. Directors shall be elected bv the membershin in attendance at the annual meeting. Each nominee must receive a majority of the votes
•ast, excluding blanks, to be elected to the Board of Directors. Balloting shall continue untilthereisanelection. Tellersshallbe appointed by The Board of Directors.

3 Officers, Section
their terms and duties.
A Within ten (10) days following the annual
meeting the Board of Directors sha 11 meet to elect a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Parliamentarian. The term of each officer shall be for one "ear. Each nominee must receive a majority of the votes cast, excluding blanks, to be an elected of-
4 Meetings Section
be the administrative
.ne sha 11 Preside at all
Section B
Section C
Secti on D
A notice for the annual meeting of the memb8r- ship shall be sent to the members at lAast ten
°(,10) days before the meeting. Notice of
special rreetings will be given in the Minneso- ta Valley Review.
The Board of Directors shall me8t at 10.ast six (6) times a year and their meetings shall be open to the general membership. Notice of
sue h rreeting of th e Board of Dire ct ors r1rill be
given in the Minnesota Vallev RP.view. The President shall have the authoritv to call a snecial or emergency rreeting of the Board of Directars V,ITHOUT such notice being gj ven in the official ueper designated in the Bv-Laws. All such rrEetings called will be reported by the Board of Directors at the next regularlv 9cJ1edul 0 d rreeting.

Section Section Section Section
Procedure Section A
Committees Section A
7 Amendments Sectj on A
Section B
E The m?.mbers and/or Board Members present at any meeting of which proper notice has b~en given shall constitute a quorum, except as
sp e cified in Article 3 Section A.
F Proxies for any purposP are prohibited. G There shall be no cumulative voting.
'1'he By-Laws may be
special meeting of
thirds vote of the
not ic e of th e nronos e d a mendments have been given in writing to th e membershin thirtv (3n) davs prior to said meeting .
amended at a nv a nnua 1 or the membersh:ip bv a twoO members nresent, provided
A proposed aMe'1dment to the By Laws may be submitted bv the Board of Direc tors or bv Petition signed bv five (5) per cent of the membershin. Proc edure for action on amend-
rre.nts shail follow Section A.
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Various Pemtom River Hills House plans and pricesScroll through this PDF to view many of the homes offered by Pemton for their River Hills addition.

4- bedroom COLONIAL
Model Plan 1653 sq.ft. $21,950
Optional plan 1917 sq.ft.$1,800
Double garage $550
Brick Front $350
Fireplace single $650
Fireplace double $200
MAX PRICE $25,500

3- bedroom RAMBLER
1140 sq.ft.

3- bedroom SPLIT-ENTRY
1435 sq.ft.$20,350

4- bedroom L RAMBLER
1742 sq.ft.

3- or 4- bedroom RAMBLER
1300 sq.ft. or 1564 sq.ft.

5- bedroom COLONIAL
2240 sq.ft.

3- bedroom SPLIT-LEVEL $20,600
1544 sq.ft. or optional 1648 sq.ft.

3- bedroom SPLIT-ENTRY $20,200
1337 sq.ft. or 1300 sq.ft.

3- bedroom L SPLIT-ENTRY
1408 sq.ft. or 1460 sq.ft.

3-bedroom L-RAMBLER $20,950
1400 sq.ft.

3-bedroom L RAMBLER
1560 sq.ft.

3-bedroom RAMBLER
1200 sq.ft.
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