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Cliff Road and 12th Avenue pre Pepsi 1965178 viewsThis photo shows Cliff Road, Highway 13, County Road 11 and 12th Avenue. Farms which can be viewed in the photo (although small) are...
On Highway 13 - Joe Kennelly, Joe Connelly, between Co. Rd. 11 and 12th Avenue, Pat Connelly farm (right side of photo) Bill Lannon farm (left side of photo.
WK-2H-136177 views
WN-9-766175 viewsHighway 13 and Lyndale at lower center
$20 million Burnsville Center plans 1973175 viewsAugust, 1973: The much discussed Burnsville Shopping Center at the intersection of County Road 42 and 35 W was in the news again when the Burnsville Village Council approved a special grading permit so site work could begin.
35 W and Burnsville Parkway175 viewsThree similar photos of this area of Burnsville were printed.
Burnsville Center 1977174 viewsMerry Go Round was one of the original businesses when the Burnsville Center opened. August 3, 1977 Burnsville Current photo.
Nicollet Junior High School and 134th Street off Nicollet.174 viewsA view of Burnsville by air.
WK-6-404173 viewsDan Patch line in lower left
Burnsville Center173 viewsExterior photo of Burnsville Center August 10, 1977 Burnsville Current.
Highway 13 and County Road 5173 viewsHighway 13 and County Road 5 looking west.
Burnsville Center Grand Opening Poster172 viewsPat Paulsen was the celebrity employed to promote Burnsville Center during its launch and first year.
NSP Flood of 1965172 viewsSpecial issue of NSP News documenting the 1965 flood in NSP districts, including the Burnsville Black Dog Power Plant
Burnsville Women around haystack172 viewsChristine Gerdesmeirer, Maye Fahey, Edna O'Brian, Margaret Hayes,Helen Kelleher and Clara Kearney. Burnsville Farm during WWII.

haystack wwII
Burnsville Center 1977170 viewsSchaak Electronics, one of the original stores at the Burnsville Center. August 3, 1977 Burnsville Current photo.
Burnsville Center 1977168 viewsAugust 10, 1977 Burnsville Current photo shows the interior of the Burnsville Center.
Burnsville Center 1980s168 viewsInterior view of food court and various stores in the 1980's compliments of the Burnsville Center.
Burnsville Center 1977164 viewsThe Swiss Colony - one of the original stores at the Burnsville Center. August 3, 1977 Burnsville Current photo.
Burnsville Center 164 viewsMitch Miller at Burnsville Center. August 24, 1977 Burnsville Current.

"Mitch" Miller (July 4, 1911 – July 31, 2010) was an American oboist, conductor, recording producer and recording industry executive. He was involved in almost all aspects of the industry, particularly as a conductor, and artist and repertoire (A&R) man. Miller was one of the most influential people in American popular music during the 1950s and early 1960s, both as the head of A&R at Columbia Records and as a best-selling recording artist with an NBC television series, Sing Along with Mitch.
Burnsville Parkway between 35 W and County Road 5164 viewsBurnsville by air.
wk-6-487-0162 viewsCentral Burnsville western border to Nicollet, Dan Patch line in lower left
Crystal Lake 1970s162 viewsA view of Crystal Lake from Buck Hill.
Cliff Road looking East162 viewsArnold Drube of Burnsville is shown as the photographer.
Nicollet Avenue area162 viewsNicollet Junior High School under construction.
Nicollet Avenue 1970s161 viewsThe original maintenance garage, Nicollet Junior high and the site of Sky Oaks School are shown in this air photo.
HIghway 13 and Cliff Road around 1970161 viewsThe intersection of Highway 13 and Cliff Road. The farm is Joe Kennelly's and Denny's restaurant is visible.
Lyndale from River to Bluff 1937159 viewsWN-9-767 shows 1920 bridge and windmill house
WN-9-798159 viewsHighway 13 and Lyndale at lower center, Good view of Savage in 1937, Dan Patch line Minneapolis and Northfield RR
Riverwoods Industrial Park Cliff Road photo 2159 viewsPhoto 1 and 2 are only slightly different based on the location of the plane. Shown is Pepsi, the Burnsville Bowl along with Connelly Estates on County Road 11.
Burnsville Center 1978157 viewsArthur Murray dancers at a Back to the 50's event at the Burnsville Center outside of Daytons. September 11, 1978 Burnsville Current.
Mary Mother of the Church157 viewsThis photo provides a view of Mary Mother of the Church and Cliff Road. There have been expansions to the buildings since this photo.
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