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Billy Goat Bridge173 viewsAnother view of Burnsville's classic Billy Goat Bridge.
Billy Goat Bridge164 viewsAnother view of the classic Billy Goat Bridge.
Billy Goat Bridge161 viewsAn early winter photo of Billy Goat Bridge.
Billy Goat Bridge 1979159 views
Billy Goat Bridge today158 views2017 - a vehicle drives over the location of Billy Goat Bridge near Judicial Road and Burnsville Parkway.
Billy Goat Bridge147 viewsBilly Goat Bridge.
Billy Goat Bridge146 viewsAnother view of Burnsville's classic Billy Goat Bridge.
Billy Goat Bridge142 viewsAnother view of Burnsville's classic historic bridge.
Billy Goat Bridge140 viewsA classic black and white photo of Burnsville's wooden bridge.
Billy Goat Bridge declared deficient 1976125 viewsJanuary 1, 1976 Dakota County Tribune reports: The possibility exists that Billy Goat Bridge, located in Western Burnsville, may be replaced. The highway department has certified it to be deficient, but indicated funding does not exist for replacement of deficient bridges...
# J - Historic Map of Burnsville - Buck Hill - Burnhaven Library113 viewsThis is one of the sites included on the historic map of Burnsville, created by the Dakota County Historical Society and displayed at the library - Billy Goat Bridge.
Billy Goat Bridge - Bridging the old and the new 1979 (4 pages)112 views(In 1987 Billy Goat Bridge would be removed) In 1979 the Burnsville Current tells the history of Burnsville's famous wooden bridge.
Billy Goat Bridge 2017112 viewsAugust, 2017 cars drive on the site of the former Billy Goat Bridge.
Billy Goat Bridge will be replaced 1976109 viewsAlthough in 1987 Billy Goat Bridge would be removed, in 1976 the Burnsville City Council began addressing the issue of the old historic bridge. In the December 23, 1976 Dakota County Tribune it is reported: A Burnsville request for $440,000 in state funds to replace Billy Goat Bridge is consistent with regional plans and goals the Metropolitan Council Physical Development Committee said December 16.

Burnsville has asked to replace the bridge with a structure that can handle the estimated 1985 traffic flow on Burnsville Crosstown of 10,000 vehicles per day.
Billy Goat Bridge99 viewsLooking up at Billy Goat Bridge.
Billy Goat Bridge to be demolished this summer 198795 viewsMinneapolis Star Tribune April 23, 1987 reports: Burnsville's mushrooming development will result in the demolition this summer of the Billy Goat Bridge, a 78 year old wooden bridge that has become a historical institution in the city... It 's old, it's structurally deficient, said Charles Siggerud, the city's public works director...
Billy Goat Bridge91 viewsAnother view of Billy Goat Bridge.
Billy Goat Bridge May be replaced 197689 viewsIn 1987 Billy Goat Bridge would be removed, but in 1976 the Dakota County Tribune reports on the Burnsville City Council's discussions about the "historic" wooden bridge.
Billy Goat Bridge87 viewsThe classic Billy Goat Bridge.
Billy Goat Bridge83 viewsWhat appears to be a photo copy of an unidentified photo, published in a newspaper, provides an accurate view of the old wooden Billy Goat Bridge.
Billy Goat Bridge82 viewsPhoto from the 1970s, the Bridge remains unchanged.
Billy Goat Bridge81 viewsBuilt around 1915 at junction of Judicial Road and Burnsville Parkway (modern name). Originally called McDermott's bridge. Later renamed for goats raised by Peter family who farm was in same location.
Billy Goat Bridge today78 views2017 - cars driving where Billy Goat Bridge was located, near Judicial Road and Burnsville Parkway.
McDermott's Billy Goat Bridge77 viewsDakota County Tribune
February 4, 1965
Picturesque Landmark

Remember the story about the "Three Billy Goals Gruff"?
Perhaps the McDermott Bridge, located on the Dan Patch Railway. 1 1/2 miles south of Savage, looks like an illustration for the fairy tale. If we revert to our childhood, maybe one can imagine the mean old troll hiding underneath.

To the older Burnsville residents, it's a landmark of where the John McDermott family once resided. To the newer ones, it's an old wooden bridge with a dangerously raised middle part which can be hazardous when it's icy. We can recall of at least one accident there In the past few months.

The bridge is located Just west of the Jet Plaza Shopping Centre. Bob McDermott of Farmington was once an engineer and fireman on the H & D railroad. He spent his boyhood in that area. Bob said he can't recall much about the bridge except that it was once flatter in the middle. In later years it was raised, no doubt to make more room underneath. Bob said the Dan Patch was formerly another company which featured a red steam engine which made a run from Minneapolis to Rochester.

According to Marty Gallagher, the bridge was built sometime during the construction of the Minneapolis. Northfield. and Southern railway built between 1907 and 1910. The railroad was completed in 1910.

The first name. Marty says, was "McDermott's Bridge," because the John McDermott family farm was right next to It. The name "Billy Goat" was evidently a fairly recent name, due to the fact someone near there raised goats and they grazed nearby.
There Is some disagreement as to the name of the road It connects. Marty says it should be called Crystal Lake Road because it is part of this road which once connected Shakopee and Lakevllle. going around Crystal Lake, and then straight south.

Although most people call it Judicial road or "cemetery" road, Marty says this road "Judicial" doesn't start until the lumber yard and then goes south on the west side of Orchard Lake, and runs along the Scott and Dakota county lines.
Judicial Road, incidentally, got its name, Marty says, be- cause two judges, one from Scott county and one from Dakota
county, mapped out the road.

Crystal Lake road, which goes over the bridge, was according to Marty, the only road to Lakeville before Highway 65 was built. The Crystal Lake Road was quite popular.

It may someday be well traveled again. If what Jim Kelleher of Burnsville says is true. A former member of the planning commission. Kelleher says that Scott County Road 76 which ends about a mile from the bridge, is shortly to be blacktopped, thus attracting much more traffic over it onto 136th street, and then to 35W. This would mean that cars from 76 would have to use the bridge to get to 136, 35W and the Jet Plaza.

Some think the bridge Is very dangerous and says that when It caught fire a few years ago, it wouldn't have been too much loss to burn. But meanwhile, the maintenance department does their best servicing the old landmark.

If any of the old timers have some historical pictures or data about the early days, we'd be pleased hearing from them.
Billy Goat Bridge, bridging the old and the new 197973 viewsSeptember 26, 1979 Burnsville Current tells the story of Burnsville's popular landmark - Billy Goat Bridge which was located at
Judicial Road and Burnsville Parkway.
Artist drawing of Billy Goat Bridge70 viewsArtist Barb Starner created a series of Burnsville historic sites for the 1988 Cornerstone Copy calendar.
City, railroad plan removes Billy Goat Bridge 198668 viewsFebruary 3, 1986 the Burnsville Current Reports: The creaking of cars creeping over Billy Goat Bridge will be reduced to a memory in the next few months. The 70 year old wooden bridge will be removed and replaced with an at grave crossing where Burnsville Parkway and Judicial Road meet the Soo Line railroad track.
Billy Goat Bridge 198666 viewsIn a letter from Kraus-Anderson Realty Company to Mayor Connie Morrision February 13, 1986.

Dear Connie:

I read with a great deal of interest the Billy Goat bridge article in today's Star and Tribune. I whole-heartedly agree with your approach to this
subject that we should attempt, whenever possible, to retain historical links with our heritage whenever possible....
Fire Truck on Billy Goat Bridge66 viewsPhoto from Linda Slipka, her late husband, Ken had this fire truck, she still has it. It was a picture taken on the Billy Goat Bridge in the early 80's.

Ken was part of the Fire Muster and long time collector of fire fighting items.
Original Billy Goat Bridge63 viewsLocated at Judicial Road and Burnsville Parkway.
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