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The Village of RiverwoodsAugust 26, 1973 Minneapolis Star Tribune ad for the Villages of Riverwoods.May 28, 2020
Bohn Farm, Lynnhurst Dairy.Most recently the Bohn home originally known as Lynnhurst Dairy Farm, Savage. 2020.May 27, 2020
Savage Glendale merger advocated 1964April 7, 1964 MInneapolis Star Tribune:

The Village of Savage is just ideal now says its mayor Merrill Madsen, and if it were combined with adjacent Glendqale Township, it could be a model community...
May 27, 2020
Patick McGimmis new post in Burnsville 1965May 5, 1965 Minneapolis Star Tribune:

The Burnsville Village Council has named Patrick J. McGinnis as the first Village administrator. He will take over the $10,000 a year job June 1...
Until last July, Burnsville was governed by a town board. In the first village election Roger Richardson was elected mayor...
May 27, 2020
Merger talk slated by Savage and Glendale 1964February 20, 1964 Minneapolis Star Tribune:

A public meeting to discuss possible consolidation of the village of Savage and Glendale Township...
May 27, 2020
Burnsville okay's community planSeptember 16, 1965 Minneapolis Star Tribune: Plans for a multi-million dollar planned community were approved approved by the Burnsville Village Council and Planning Commission. The group The Ridges Inc plans a hospital, nursing home, a home for the elderly....May 27, 2020
Patrick McGinnisBurnsville's first village administrator. Photo appeared May 5, 1965 Minneapolis Star Tribune.May 27, 2020
Burnsville is IrishOctober 1965, Proud of his Irish roots, Joe Kennelly adds a shamrock sign at his drive-way.May 27, 2020
Savage Minnesota built tankers are still in serviceSeptember 29, 1963 Minneapolis Star Tribune: The Navy is still getting good use out of ocean-going tankers built some 20 years ago on the Minnesota River at Savage... May 27, 2020
Savage Minnesota built tankers are still in serviceSeptember 29, 1963 Minneapolis Star Tribune: The Navy is still getting good use out of ocean-going tankers built some 20 years ago on the Minnesota River at Savage...May 27, 2020
Fishing in SavageMay 2, 1946 fishing near Savage.May 27, 2020
Race Track at SavageThe covered race track at Savage Minnesota. Uncertain if horse in photo is Dan Patch.May 27, 2020
Grading on the Dan Patch LineGrading on the Dan Patch Line, Savage. No date.May 27, 2020
Jens' Embassy.A free book of matches from Jens' Embassy. Although in Burnsville, it has the mailing address Savage.May 27, 2020
Dan Patch Days buttonsDan Patch Days 1974.May 27, 2020
Dan Patch Days buttonsExamples of various Dan Patch Days buttons.May 27, 2020
Dan Patch Days programsDan Patch Days programs 1961, 1963, 1967, 1974, 1975 and 1976.May 27, 2020
1970s U S Postal vehicleU S Postal vehicle 1970s.May 27, 2020
Savage BridgeAugust 8, 1955 Minneapolis Star Tribune photo of the Savage Bridge at the MInnesota River.May 26, 2020
Dan Patch needs canoeJuly 11, 1905 Dan Patch needs a canoe due to all the rain.May 26, 2020
Strong arguments made for another bridge over the Minnesota River at Hamilton SavageMarch 24, 1903 Minneapolis Journal: Efforts to have a bridge at Hamilton.May 26, 2020
Bridge to span Minnesota River near Hamilton FerryJanuary 5, 1908 Minneapolis Star Tribune:

After years of waiting and of effort the people of Hennepin and Scott Counties are to be rewarded by having a first class bridge over the Minnesota River...
May 26, 2020
There should be a Cedar Avenue Bridge.February 9, 1889 Irish Standard: There should be a Cedar Avenue Bridge.May 26, 2020
Bluff Carpet EaganOctober, 1969 - Bluff Carpet, located in what was once Harolds and the Milk Depot in Eagan.May 26, 2020
Barbecue scheduled on banks of the Minnesota River to boost Cedar Aveune.July 20, 1929 Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Plans are underway for a barbecue at John Pahl's farm on the Minnesota River near Cedar Avenue.
May 26, 2020
Leo and Wayne PahlLeo and Wayne Pahl inspecting damaged corn at their farm Cedar Avenue and the Minnesota River. August 4, 1949 Minneapolis Star Tribune.May 26, 2020
Mr. and Mrs. Leo PahlMr. and Mrs. Leo Pahl inspect their corn in the field near Cedar Aveune and the Minnesota River. August 4, 1949 Minneapolis Star Tribune photo.May 26, 2020
Pahl family Burnsvile and EaganAugust 4, 1949 MInneapolis Star Tribune - Borers attack field of wheel chaired farmer Leo Pahl at the Minnesota River and Cedar Avenue.May 26, 2020
Finding boxes full of history in BurnsvilleFebruary 22, 2012 Minneapolis Star Tribune: The new Burnsville Historical Society found some noteworthy tidbits in boxes of old documents...May 25, 2020
Mary Ziegenhagen March 19, 1984 photo of Mary Ziegenhagen.May 25, 2020
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