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Last additions - Savage(formerly Hamilton), Lakeville and Shakopee Minnesota
Kearney's Supermarket September 3, 1954 Dakota County Tribune - Grand opening of Kearney's store owned by Gene and Mary Kearney.Jan 21, 2021
Buffalo Tap and GrillLocated at 4990 W 123rd Street, it has operated for many years. Once known as Earl and Dorothy's. Jan 19, 2021
Buffalo Tap and Grill Located at 4990 W 123rd Street, it has operated for many years. Once known as Earl and Dorothy's. Jan 19, 2021
Horses stolen in HamiltonMay 2, 1896 - St. Paul Globe

Hamilton Station - A team of horses were stolen from a farmer's stable about five miles south of here last night...
Jan 16, 2021
Savage bridge approach to be rebuilt 1968June 13, 1968 Dakota County Tribune:

Plans are now being designed for a new south approach to the Savage Bridge across the Minnesota River...
Dec 30, 2020
Downtown LakevilleDowntown Lakeville, 1916.Dec 28, 2020
Sea Girt InnThen and Now the Sea Girt Inn at Orchard Lake, Lakeville on the border of Burnsville. - Photo from Lakeville Historical Society.Dec 28, 2020
Dan Patch BowlThe Dan Patch Bowling alley photo used for a Then and Now by the City in 2020.Dec 21, 2020
Egan's Lodge 1950sEgan's Lodge at the Egan's Picnic Grounds, now Hidden Valley Park, circa 1950. Photo compliments of the McCoy family.Dec 20, 2020
How Hamilton Became SavageA celebration on the anniversary of Hamilton becoming Savage Minnesota.Dec 19, 2020
Hamilton is now SavageApril 22, 1904 Minneapolis Journal references Hamilton now being Savage.Dec 18, 2020
Sidewalks in Savage 1904Burnsville news from the Dakota County Tribune - June 3, 1904 includes:

Cement sidewalks being put on municipal streets in Savage.
Tom Foley visits
Veronica Brennan dies....
Dec 18, 2020
Dan Patch Bridge 1911December, 1911 Dakota County Tribune:

Work is taking place remodeling the overhead wagon bridge of the Dan Patch....
Dec 18, 2020
Savage DepotA view of the Savage Depot.Dec 15, 2020
City of Savage City Connection - December 2020.City of Savage City Connection - December 2020.

A city publication mailed to residents and businesses of Savage. In the This is Savage Sharing our History, the Savage Fen is presented.
Dec 10, 2020
Savage Post OfficeThe Savage Post Office once stood on this site.Dec 06, 2020
Downtown SavageOnce the Savage postoffice.Nov 28, 2020
Burnsville Pointe Apartments 2020Burnsville Pointe apartments on the border of Burnsville and Savage. 3809 Sibley Street.Nov 27, 2020
Known MInnesota River Valley Historic Sites in Bloomington 2012 click to open.Document references the Marion Savage Mansion, Bloomington and the Dan Patch Swing Bridge between Savage and Bloomington.Nov 26, 2020
Savage City Hall winter viewWinter 2019 Savage City Hall.Nov 24, 2020
City of Savage Connection November 2020The November 2020 issue of the Savage Connection -

Nov 08, 2020
McCann ParkMcCann Park, Savage signage.Nov 04, 2020
Savage Fire DepartmentSavage Fire Station and trucks 2019.Nov 01, 2020
Savage's first library siteUndated clipping - Burnsville Sun showing the Savage Library. This building was originally the Savage Bank.Oct 23, 2020
Dan Patch LanesThe Dan Patch Lanes have closed, its sign in storage.Oct 22, 2020
Ottawa Avenue in SavageRazors Edge at 12385 is the oldest standing building in Savage, moved from Burnsville around 1902, when it was the Berrisford Store.
Similar photos of this Street from earlier years.
Oct 19, 2020
Welcome to SavagePhotographed 2020 shows the population as 25,485.Oct 18, 2020
Savage Firehall 1973Savage Firehall when downtown, 1973.Oct 18, 2020
Dan Patch American Legion 2020Dan Patch American Legion downtown Savage 2020. Oct 17, 2020
Then Dan Patch Liquors - Now 2020 Glowing Hearth and HomeBuilt as Dan Patch Liquors, West 123rd Street, in 2020 it is Glowing Hearth and Home. Oct 17, 2020
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