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Last additions - Savage(formerly Hamilton), Lakeville and Shakopee Minnesota
New Street Lamps in HamiltonMay 25, 1899 - Shakopee Argus

Our new street lamps are a grand invention...
Apr 15, 2021
City Hall lit for holidays and Officer Kearney 1899November 16, 1899 - Shakopee Argus

The City Hall was brilliantly illuminated on Monday night and well filled with pleasure-seekers...

Officer John Kearney's and deputy Peter LaLonde...
Apr 15, 2021
Peter Lalonde - constable 1899May 25, 1899 Shakopee Argus

Peter Lalonde, our village constable for three years, deemed it necessary to quit active service owing to a severe pain in his back.
Apr 14, 2021
Savage Lions seek to locate bank there 1955April 15, 1955 Dakota County Tribune

Members of the Savage Lions Club are seeking to have a bank located in Savage. There has been no bank since the First State Bank of Savage closed in 1932.
Apr 14, 2021
Update on Hamilton Town Hall 1897June 10, 1897 Shakopee Argus

Our town hall is an assured fact as the brick and lumber are all brought and arriving daily...
Apr 14, 2021
Work resumes on town hall 1897July 29, 1897 Shakopee Argus

Work has resumed on the Hamilton town hall. Mike Flood came down from Shakopee, Tuesday, to attend the masons and there is no doubt now but what they will be flooded with mud...
Apr 14, 2021
William Carr 1899June 1, 1899 Shakopee Argus

Wm. Carr, one of our Hamilton apothecary dealers, has purchased a billiard table...
Apr 14, 2021
Rev. James Benson new pastor 1899October 5, 1899 Shakopee Argus

Rev. James Benson is the new pastor at Glendale....
Apr 14, 2021
Glendale ChurchSeptember 14, 1899 - Shakopee Argus

Rev. J. A. McClelland will present his farewell discourse on Sunday evening to his Glendale charge...
Apr 14, 2021
Expansion is indicated in Savage 1955Dakota County Tribune March 29, 1955

The City of Savage has been feeling the current south Twin Cities expansion...
Apr 14, 2021
M. L. McLaughlin Candidate for Village president 1899March 2, 1899 - M. L. McLaughlin's statement for running for Village President of Hamilton.Apr 14, 2021
Bob's IGAWhen Gene and Mary Kearney sold their grocery store, it became Bob's IGA in Savage. 1967 Burnsville Telephone Directory ad.Apr 13, 2021
Dan Patch Bowl ad 1967Burnsville Telephone Directory 1967 - ad for Dan Patch Lanes.Apr 13, 2021
Jim Brady DrugAd appearing in the Burnsville Telephone Directory 1967 for Jim Brady Drug located in Savage.Apr 13, 2021
Legal fight looms over Glendale township 1969March 11, 1969 - Minneapolis Star

The legal battle over the future of Glendale Township is shaping in Scott County.

Legally, the township is now only two square miles on the shores of northern Prior Lake. The remainder of the township was merged with the village of Savage last month...
Apr 12, 2021
Dan Patch Savage Bridge 1973The Savage Bridge between Savage and Bloomington 1973.Apr 10, 2021
Special election Glendale - Hamilton 1896September 24, 1896 and October 1, 1896 Shakopee Argus

A vote to separate the township from the village.
Apr 10, 2021
April 6, 1896 Village of Hamilton MinutesFor some reason the minutes from this council meeting appeared in the Shakopee Argus...Apr 09, 2021
1896 special election HamiltonResults of a special election in Hamilton 1896.Apr 09, 2021
Hamilton not progressive enough? 1896August 6, 1896 Shakopee Argus

The council meeting Monday night was well attended as our new councilman north of the track, who thinks our village is not progressing as fast as he is, had been promising some great reforms at this meeting.

But the others of the council thought it was best to leave well enough alone...
Apr 09, 2021
Village Council news 1896JUne 14, 1896 Shakopee Argus

The village council met in regular session Monday night. Peter Kearney was appointed pound master, and the village marshal was instructed to round up all horses and cattle found running at large on our streets.

Wm.Carr got the contract for furnishing oil, wicks and matches to the village for one year. The bond of Peter Lalonde was accepted and Peter is now a full fledged officer.
Apr 09, 2021
Elm tree in Savage designated historic 1973July 9, 1973 Dakota County Tribune

The Varey family sand beneath the elm tree in their front yard which was recently made a historic elm.
Apr 09, 2021
Explosion rock polution control firm at Savage 1973July 5, 1973 Dakota County Tribune.

Flames shot into the air during explosions and smoke column was seen for 50 miles at Pollution Controls Company fire Savage.
Apr 09, 2021
Legislative Committee inspects Savage Bridge 1973July 19, 1973 Dakota County Tribune

A group of legislators visits the Savage Bridge...
Apr 09, 2021
Savage City Councl 2020Janet Williams Mayor
Brad Larson City Administrator

Gene Abbott
Bob Coughlen
Matt Johnson
Christine Kelly
Apr 08, 2021
Hamilton town hall update 1897March 4, 1897 Shakopee Argus

The council accepted the plans and specifications for the new town hall...
Apr 08, 2021
Catsup bottle injury to Mrs. L.B. FishSeptember 24, 1895 St. Paul globe reports on an injury to Mrs. Fish of Hamilton.
Apr 08, 2021
L. B. Fish wants banjo 1889March 17, 1889 - St. Paul Globe - Mr. Fish from Hamilton places ad for banjo.Apr 08, 2021
l.B. Fish makes his place the head of a novel navigation scheme 1896St. Paul Globe - June 14, 1896-

L.B. Fish, a young and exceedingly enterprising farmer at Hamilton Station, about 20 miles from St. Paul arrived to the city yesterday. Mr. Fish came via the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers on a craft he had built himself...
Apr 08, 2021
M. Allen resigns as mayor 1896March 12, 1896 - Shakopee Argus

M. Allen, who has been mayor of Hamilton ever since the village was incorporated, resigned and L. B. Fish was elected to that position.
Apr 08, 2021
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