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Orchard Manor HomesOrchard Manor homes, Orchard Gardens 1962.Nov 27, 2019
Orchard Garden's Golf CourseApril 2, 1972 MInneapolis Star Tribune ad - Orchard Gardens Golf course is open for the 1972 season.Nov 25, 2019
Orchard Garden's Golf CourseMay 26, 1973 photo at Orchard Gardens Golf course showing Dorothy Guidarelli of EaganNov 25, 2019
Orchard Gardens HomesJune 16, 1968 Minneapolis Star Tribune ad for Orchard Gardens Homes in Burnsville.Nov 25, 2019
Orchard Garden's Golf CourseMay 26, 1973 Minneapolis Star Tribune - Features Orchard Gardens Golf course, now in its 5th year.Nov 25, 2019
Orchard Garden's Golf Course May 26, 1973 Minneapolis Star Tribune - photo of Orchard Garden's Golf course.Nov 25, 2019
Orchard Gardens Station pen drawing.A pen drawing by Bill Wolston, Dakota County Historical Society for the Burnsville Historic Map.Nov 19, 2019
Orchard Gardens StationLimited seating inside the Orchard Gardens Rail station on County Road 5.Aug 04, 2019
Winter Orchard Garden Station 2019National Register (Dan Patch Line)
Orchard Gardens Railway Station

Location: County Road 5 and 155th Street
This small railroad station was built in 1910 on the new Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester and Dubuque Traction Railroad, better known as the “Dan Patch Line.” Running between Minneapolis and Northfield, the line stopped at this area called Orchard Gardens, a subdivision of five to ten-acre plots platted that year. The railroad constructed the track side shelter near the area’s main road for passenger and produce service to the Twin Cities. In 1918 the railroad was reorganized as the Minneapolis, Northfield and Southern.

Additional Information:
According to the National Register nomination, Orchard Gardens farmers concentrated on onion production until 1920 when disease damaged this crop. Eggs, milk, apples and flowers replaced onions on the station's dock. A new commuter crowd evolved in the 1920s and 30s after agricultural depression forced many local landowners to find employment in Minneapolis. In 1983, the Skyblazers 4-H club of the Burnsville-Lakeville area renovated the station as part of their annual community service program. No signage appears on the building to denote it as a historic site.
Mar 09, 2019
Orchard Garden StationA portion of the tracks remain at Orchard Garden Station on County Road 5.Oct 17, 2018
Orchard Garden StationInterior of the Orchard Garden Station.Oct 17, 2018
Orchard Garden StationA view of the Orchard Garden Station circa 2000.Oct 17, 2018
Orchard Garden StationPhoto following the re-painting of the historic landmark.Sep 21, 2017
Orchard Garden StationAnother view of the historic Orchard Garden Station depot.Aug 25, 2017
Orchard Garden StationAnother view of the historic Orchard Garden Station.Aug 25, 2017
Orchard Gardens Station 2017A full view of the station, once used tracks and signal from
Co. Rd. 5.
Apr 09, 2017
Rail tracks at Orchard Gardens 2017The once used tracks at Orchard Gardens are overgrown with brush.Apr 09, 2017
Orchard Gardens Railroad signal 2017Two "railroad signals" remain at the tracks, one without lights the other with. Both are rusted with age.Apr 09, 2017
Orchard Gardens Station railroad signal 2017A rusted unused railroad signal remains at the once used tracks at Orchard Gardens.Apr 09, 2017
Orchard Gardens Station 2017Earlier photos show a sign with the words ORCHARD GARDENS attached to the building. In 2017 that sign no longer appears.Apr 09, 2017
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