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Berrisford store robbed 1879February 26, 1879 St. Paul Globe reports on robbery from John Berrisford at Hamilton Station... Apr 15, 2021
Cedarvale Barber Shop 1968Ad appearing in the Burnsville Telephone Directory.Apr 15, 2021
New Street Lamps in HamiltonMay 25, 1899 - Shakopee Argus

Our new street lamps are a grand invention...
Apr 15, 2021
Burnsville News 1934West St. Paul Booster September 28,1934 contains a Burnsville column.Apr 15, 2021
M. O'Brien 1899M. O' Brien (believed to be Michael).. is again restocking his large apartments. A prolonged description might be given of what is to be seen and what is being done at this up to date establishment, but a personal visit to this place is advised as this will best convey a realizing sense of the completeness and perfectness of the system pursued and the advantages accruing to patrons. It is a remarkable place, well worthy of inspection and wide patronage. November 2, 1899 Shakopee Argus

* We believe this to be a reference to the grocery store.
Apr 15, 2021
O'Brien 1900 censusThe 1900 census shows Michael and Helen O'Brien, along with Edward and Mary Condon (nephew/niece) and James McDonald (clerk).Apr 15, 2021
M. O'BrienJuly 27, 1899 Shakopee Argus

This article indicates the John Berrisford Store, later known as Campbell's Hall seems to be owned by M. O'Brien.

M. O'Brien is speedily executing his plans for the erection of a structure in the form of an annex to the Byrnesville store...
Apr 15, 2021
M. O'Brien's store 1899July 27, 1899 Shakopee Argus

This article indicates the John Berrisford Store, later known as Campbell's Hall seems to be owned by M. O'Brien.

M. O'Brien is speedily executing his plans for the erection of a structure in the form of an annex to the Byrnesville store...
Apr 15, 2021
City Hall lit for holidays and Officer Kearney 1899November 16, 1899 - Shakopee Argus

The City Hall was brilliantly illuminated on Monday night and well filled with pleasure-seekers...

Officer John Kearney's and deputy Peter LaLonde...
Apr 15, 2021
Rose Kearney 1899January 19, 1899 Shakopee Argus

A number of our young people from Glendale and Burnsville were delightfully entertained on Monday evening last by Miss Rose Kearney...
Apr 15, 2021
School Board results Hamilton 1897July 29, 1897 - Shakopee Argus

The school board meeting Saturday evening (Hamilton) was the most spirited contest ever held in our village at a school meeting.
The contest was over the election of one of the board, the contestants being M. J. Brennan and M. Allen. Mr. Brennan winning by a vote of 29 to 21. The ladies turned out well on both sides.
Apr 14, 2021
St. John the Baptist 1899June 15, 1899 Shakopee Argus

People of St. John's Church are feeling very comfortable over the fact that the structure is undergoing such changes as will add materially to both its interior and exterior appearance.
Apr 14, 2021
Peter Lalonde - constable 1899May 25, 1899 Shakopee Argus

Peter Lalonde, our village constable for three years, deemed it necessary to quit active service owing to a severe pain in his back.
Apr 14, 2021
Savage Lions seek to locate bank there 1955April 15, 1955 Dakota County Tribune

Members of the Savage Lions Club are seeking to have a bank located in Savage. There has been no bank since the First State Bank of Savage closed in 1932.
Apr 14, 2021
Area's first polio shots begin next weekApril 15, 1955 Dakota County TribuneApr 14, 2021
Metcalf is District 15 superintendent 1955April 8, 1955 Dakota County Tribune

John Metcalf is selected a the District's first superintendent.
Apr 14, 2021
District 15 to vote on new school site 1955April 22, 1955 Dakota County Tribune

At a special meeting May 2, voters of the new independent school district 15, northwestern Dakota County, will hold a special meeting relative to acquiring a site for school construction...
Apr 14, 2021
Update on Hamilton Town Hall 1897June 10, 1897 Shakopee Argus

Our town hall is an assured fact as the brick and lumber are all brought and arriving daily...
Apr 14, 2021
Work resumes on town hall 1897July 29, 1897 Shakopee Argus

Work has resumed on the Hamilton town hall. Mike Flood came down from Shakopee, Tuesday, to attend the masons and there is no doubt now but what they will be flooded with mud...
Apr 14, 2021
L. B. Kline teacher at Hamilton 1899L. B. Kline, our Hamilton teacher, accompanied by his two sisters Julia and Louisa, were among the ones from here in Shakopee on Memorial Day.Apr 14, 2021
William Carr 1899June 1, 1899 Shakopee Argus

Wm. Carr, one of our Hamilton apothecary dealers, has purchased a billiard table...
Apr 14, 2021
Rev. James Benson new pastor 1899October 5, 1899 Shakopee Argus

Rev. James Benson is the new pastor at Glendale....
Apr 14, 2021
Glendale ChurchSeptember 14, 1899 - Shakopee Argus

Rev. J. A. McClelland will present his farewell discourse on Sunday evening to his Glendale charge...
Apr 14, 2021
Fostin Beaudette dies 1955April 22, 1955 Dakota County Tribune

Fostin Beaudette died August 11, 1953. He was born January 12, 1890 in Mendota Township.
Apr 14, 2021
Expansion is indicated in Savage 1955Dakota County Tribune March 29, 1955

The City of Savage has been feeling the current south Twin Cities expansion...
Apr 14, 2021
M. L. McLaughlin Candidate for Village president 1899March 2, 1899 - M. L. McLaughlin's statement for running for Village President of Hamilton.Apr 14, 2021
Edmond Hanrehan dies 1899Obituary of Edmond Hanrehan of Hamilton.Apr 14, 2021
Construction starts on Sears storeNovember 20, 1975 Dakota County Tribune

Construction began last week on the Sears Store at the Burnsville Center...
Apr 14, 2021
Cam Ranh BayVIETNAMESE CUISINE: 1006 West County Road 42, photo 2021.Apr 13, 2021
Hallmark at Burnsville CenterApril, 2021 Hallmark at Burnsville Center will be closing.Apr 13, 2021
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