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Burnsville Celebrates women - 100th anniversary of Women Suffrage - canceled. Canceled due to the Pandemic: March 19, 2020

Celebrate Women and honor the 100th Anniversary Of Women Suffrage. Everyone is invited. We have created a rich environment for women’s stories to be heard, opportunities to be made and open doors are possible.
Mar 27, 2020
Town and Country Square 2006November 22, 2006 - Once Sioux Trail shopping center, now Town and Country Square Mall at Cliff Road and Highway 13, an auction center opens.Mar 27, 2020
Minneapolis Star Tribune opens office in Burnsville 2006November 22, 2006 Minneapolis Star Tribune: Star Tribune South opens office in Burnsville.Mar 27, 2020
Success has been rerouted around CedarvaleApril 18, 1991 - MInneapolis Star Tribune reports that in the empty storefronts of Cedarvale Mall and buildings down the street, worried city and business leaders of Eagan see harbingers of blight and decline...Mar 27, 2020
Fairview Ridges HospitalFeb. 8, 1990 MInneapolis Star Tribune ad for the Ridges Hospital.Mar 27, 2020
Valley Ridge Shopping CenterFeb 8, 1990 MInneapolis Star Tribune - map in ad directs you to Valley Ridge Shopping Center.Mar 27, 2020
Valley Ridge Shopping CenterFebruary 8, 1990 Minneapolis Star Tribune - full page ad for Valley Ridge Shopping Center.Mar 27, 2020
Cedarvale 19701970 - Have you been to Cedarvale? Eagan's first major shopping mall.Mar 27, 2020
Suburban Builders 1963January 13, 1963 MInneapolis Star Tribune ad for Suburban builders.Mar 27, 2020
1963 ad for River HillsText portion of January 13, 1963 MInneapolis Star Tribune ad for Pemtom's River Hills. Mar 27, 2020
1963 ad for River HillsJanuary 13, 1963 MInneapolis Star Tribune ad for Pemtom's River Hills.Mar 27, 2020
Class of 1970Class of 1970 posted as they plan their 50th reunion.Mar 27, 2020
Bob Pates, Burnsville High School 1970Bob Pates, Burnsville High School instructor and coach 1970.Mar 27, 2020
Class of 1970Posted by the Class of 1970 as they plan their 50th reunion.Mar 27, 2020
Class of 1969 reunionClass of 1969 has its 50th reunion.Mar 27, 2020
Class of 1969 reunionBurnsville Class of 1969 has 50th reunion.Mar 27, 2020
Rosemount school bus crash 1938Before Burnsville had a high school, a portion of the high school aged students attended Rosemount, others Lakeville and even Shakopee High Schools. This photo shows a bus accident 1938 involving a Rosemount school bus.Mar 26, 2020
Leo LannonLeo Lannon with at racoon pelt at the Lannon farm near Cliff Road and River Hills Drive.Mar 26, 2020
Marie Fox McAndrewsMarie Fox McAndrewsMar 26, 2020
Minnesota Valley Humane Society - Pet visitation 1998February 1, 1998 - Thisweek News - features the Minnesota Valley Humane Society's visits to Senior Living centers such as the Apple Valley Health Care Center. Mar 26, 2020
Telephone rates increaseMay 6, 1930 St. Cloud Times reports telephone rates to go up in Savage Minnesota (which is also Burnsville). Actual article cutoff in paper.Mar 25, 2020
Cooking at Burnsville High SchoolBurnsville High School 2020.Mar 24, 2020
Irish should consider MinnesotaOctober 1, 1864 the Irish People - Efforts to have Irish come to Minnesota.Mar 24, 2020
March 2020 - Coronavirus: PandemicA tree at the entrance to our City Hall campus is lit to be a beacon of HOPE and UNITY. When we see these Symbols of HOPE, it reminds us that we are in this crisis together and we will come out of it STRONGER TOGETHER, more innovative, and full with the capacity for KINDNESS, LOVE, COMPASSION and CARING. Mar 24, 2020
Bartley McAndrews Draft registration 1941World War II draft registration card for Bartley McAndrews.Mar 23, 2020
Joseph Cahill draft registration card 1941The 1941 draft registration card for Joseph Cahill.Mar 23, 2020
Eugene Timothy Kearney 1941Draft registration card for Gene Kearney. Note the mixing of Burnsville and Savage.Mar 23, 2020
Seniors musical troupe organized 1989February 23, 1989 MInneapolis Star Tribune:
Members of the Valley Troubadors played their customized kazoos. The group is based at the Sioux Trail Senior Center.
Shown - Marilyn Sisier, Evelyn Nordley and Eleanor Plepho.
Mar 22, 2020
Holden's for the home Sioux Trail Shopping CenterSeptember 21, 1978 MInneapolis Star Tribune ad for Holden's for the Home.Mar 22, 2020
JR Maximillian's RestaurantLocated at the Burnsville Royale Hotel, February 23, 1989 Minneapolis Star Tribune ad.Mar 22, 2020
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