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Southdale Mall Edina opens 1956Southdale, the first enclosed mall opens 1956 in Edina.
95th and Lyndale in BloomingtonThis photo shows Lyndale Avenue around 1960.
Bloomington 1900s.Between Portland and Nicollet showing Assumption Church.
Metropolitan StadiumThe Beatles at the Metropolitan Stadium August, 1965.
Metropolitan StadiumThe Beatles at the Metropolitan Stadium, August, 1965.
Metropolitan StadiumLocated on Cedar Avenue, now the Mall of America, the Metropolitan Stadium was the home of the Twins and Vikings.
Bloomington High SchoolBurnsville did not have a high school until 1956 so some teens attended the high school in Bloomington.
Scott's Ford Dealership, BloomingtonThere were no car dealerships in Burnsville in the 1950's. Options often included Shakopee, Farmington or this Ford dealership, just past the Cedar Avenue Bridge in Bloomington. Circa- 1960.
Bloomington Historical Society BrochureThe Bloomington Historical Society was formed in 1964 and is located at 2215 West Old Shakopee Road, in the restored Town Hall.
Bloomington Historical Society MuseumThe Bloomington Historical Society was formed in 1964 and is located at 2215 West Old Shakopee Road, in the restored Town Hall.
Oxboro Theatre 1950s also known as the Studio 97The theatre was located near the intersection of 98th Street and Lynadale in Bloomington. In the past this area was the unincorporated town of Oxboro, dating from the 1850s. The Oxborough family from Canada built a trading post called Oxboro Heath on what is now Clover Center. Meanwhile Bloomington was a stagecoach stop at Nine Mile Creek, and there was another settlement at Old Shakopee Road and Old Cedar. These all eventually got absorbed into the city of Bloomington. For some in Burnsville, during the 1950's Oxboro offered a drug store, dentist, the Walsh's Grocery store and this movie theatre.
Bloomington by air 1970sBefore the Mall of America...There was Met Stadium, Met Center, and The Carlton Celebrity Room, minutes from Burnsville.
Queen Anne Kiddieland - the Valley Fair of the 50's.Popular children's tv show host Casey Jones appears at Quenn Anne Kiddieland.
Clover Shopping Center 1960sLocated at 98th and Lyndale, the opening of this shopping center provided a shopping outlet for Burnsville residents before the opening of Jet Plaza on Co. Rd. 5.
Clover Shopping Center BloomingtonAn early photo of the Clover Shopping Center at 35 W and 98th Street in Bloomington.
Southdale 1950sWith the opening of Southdale in 1956, major downtown stores came closer to Burnsville at the first enclosed mall.
Metropolitan stadiumThe Vikings play at the Metropolitan Stadium when in Bloormington on Cedar Avenue (now site of the Mall of America).
Metropolitan StadiumOnce Metropolitan Stadium for the Twins and Vikings, now the Mall of America.
Masonic Home BloomingtonAfter purchasing the Marion Savage Summer Estate in Bloomington, the original home was used for their facility and then replaced by this building.
Metropolitan StadiumThe score board area remains as the Met is to be torn down. It will become the Mall of America.
Metropolitan StadiumShortly the Met will be torn down and then become the Mall of America.
Metropolitan StadiumAn aerial of the Metropolitan Stadium and Bloomington.
Minnesota Twins/Vikings in BloomingtonProfessional baseball and football was minutes away at the Metropolitan stadium on Cedar Avenue in Bloomington.
The Met is a hit at least with fans 2018The April 22, 2018 Star Tribune remembers the Metropolitan Stadium which opened in Bloomington in 1956.
Metropolitan StadiumOpening Day 1963 Coming soon at the Met... on Cedar Avenue, now the site of the Mall of America.
Minnesota Twins/Vikings in BloomingtonMInutes from Burnsville - professional baseball and football.
Minnesota gets malled 2018October 7, 2018 the MInneapolis Star Tribune looks back at Southdale, the first fully enclosed shopping mall which opened October 8, 1956.
Masonic Home MuseumThe Masonic Home, Bloomington is the site of two museums - their own and the Minnesota Masonic Heritage Center. Shown is the Masonic Home Museum.
Neal's TV Bloomington 1950sJohn and Margaret Kennelly purchased their first television from Neal's TV in Oxboro/Bloomington. Neal also made
house calls to make repairs.
Southdale circa 2000With the opening of Southdale in 1956, major downtown stores came closer to Burnsville at the first enclosed mall. Throughout the years it has expanded.
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