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Savage Water Tower2016 photo showing the city logo of "Dan Patch" the race horse and the town name of Savage.
Minnesota River is rapidely risingApril 4, 1897 - St. Paul Globe - Minnesota River is rising...
Downtown Water Tower removedMarch 2, 1996 Savage Pacer:

Taking down the 300,000 gallon tank will cost $14,500 - about 16 times less than removing its lead based paint and repainting it.
Wegner's barbershop 1960sOn the Main street, next to Allen's Garage was Wegner's barbershop. Jens Bohn would go on to open his own shop Razors Edge in Savage.
Welcome to Savage 2017The City logo representing Dan Patch welcomes people to Savage.
Lakeville Welcome to Lakeville. A neighboring town to Burnsville. It offered the stores and bars that Burnsville did not have, along with a railroad depot. Also, some of the Burnsville "students" living in the Orchard Gardens area attended Lakeville High School, since Burnsville had no schooling beyond 8th grade.
Winter view of SavageWelcome to Savage - photo compliments of the City of Savage.
Welcome to Savage 2020Driving down Highway 13 leaving Burnsville and entering Savage.
Neisen's Bar SavageDecember 2019 the Interior of Neisen's at 4851 West 123rd Street, Savage and established in 1999.
What's new in Savage 2019 - 2020The 2019 - 2020 Community Guide updates residents on changes in Savage.
What's in a name... Savage? VideoA new video explains the history of Savage and Marion Savage.
Who owns the square in Savage?April 21, 1959 follow-up article on who owns the square in Savage.
Cargill, SavageEntry into Cargill 2020.
Savage, Minnesota - Wikipedia 2 pages.The following information on the History of Savage (first Hamilton) appears in the 2017 Wikipedia.
Windmill CafeJuly 27, 1972 Dakota County Tribune ad for the Windmill Cafe.
Windmill Cafe Savage 2018The windmill at the Savage Cafe,

The Windmill Cafe, a small family-run diner right off Highway 13 in Savage, MN. We're open seven days a week and offer daily breakfast & lunch specials. Can't stay? Call for take out.
Savage water tower 2018A view of one of Savage's water towers in the winter of 2018.
February 2019 Savage winterFebruary 2019 offered a record breaking amount of snow. Here is one of the snow days at the Savage City Hall. Photo compliments of the City of Savage.
Winter in SavageVisible is the Savage Water Tower and Loftus farm near County Road 42.
Savage DepotWinter at the Savage depot. 2018.
January 25, 1912 News from SavageDakota County Tribune reports:

The village of Savage is all stirred up over the near approach of the wrestling match to be pulled off next Saturday...

The masque ball was held at the hall Friday night....

Michael Egan dies....
Cargill, Savage2020 Cargill, Savage.
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