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Savage donut shopDowntown Savage, not certain if the donut shop is coming or going.
Combined business and housing Downtown Savage 2017Older buildings and homes were removed for business and apartments in the downtown of Savage.
Downtown Savage summerDowntown Savage's original Main Street in 2018. Today this is West 123rd Street.
Downtown Savage 2016This photo recreates the location of a 1905 photo showing Alan and Edith Rutherford in downtown Savage.
Dan Patch Historical Society NewsletterAn example of one of many newsletters published by the Dan Patch Historical Society, Savage. This issue marks the 95th anniversary of the death of both Dan Patch and owner Marion Savage with a feature article.
Marion Savage Summer Home - BloomingtonAn interior photo of the summer home of Marion Savage in Bloomington, overlooking his stables in Hamilton (Savage) Minnesota.
Dr. Eugue Kuz, Savage PhysicianPhoto - 1970s.

Dr. Eugene L. Kuz, age 92, of Savage, passed away Sept. 30, 2015, at Mala Strana Rehabilitation Center in New Prague. Eugene was born on Sept. 10, 1923, in Lviv, Ukraine, to Basil and Anna Kuz, the youngest of the couple’s four sons. He attended medical school from 1941 to 1943 before joining the ranks of the independent Ukrainian army, which sought to establish the nation’s sovereignty free from the Soviet Union’s oppression and invading German forces. His unit surrendered to British troops in spring 1945, and after stints in prisoner-of-war camps in Austria and Italy, he was sent to England following the war, eventually receiving his release and full civilian status. He went on to earn a scholarship that the Catholic churches of Ukraine and Ireland created for Ukrainian students to continue their education, enabling him to resume his medical studies. He enrolled at the National University of Ireland, and after finishing his internship at the University College Hospital in Galway and graduating at the top of his class in 1954, he returned to England to practice medicine in Liverpool. A year later, he obtained a visa to travel to the United States, where he had an aunt living in St. Paul, and soon began his 60-year adventure in America.

Following his arrival, Eugene completed two years of internship and residency in general medicine at various St. Paul hospitals before earning his medical license in 1958 and entering private practice. Two years later, he moved to Savage and opened a family medical clinic, working six to seven days a week while tending to upward of 40 patients a day. On Aug. 12, 1961, he married his wife, Ingrid (Eckermann), a German emigrant with whom he had three children. As his practice flourished, he built a larger clinic at 4029 W. 125th St. in 1963, and joined the surgical staff of St. Francis Hospital in Shakopee. He continued his practice for the next quarter century, treating the young and old, the ill and injured, and rushing off to emergency calls without pause — even on Christmas, much to his young children’s dismay. During his career, whether delivering babies or performing major surgeries, he treated patients with a level of compassion seldom found in today’s world of assembly-line care. As the years passed, he ministered to the children and grandchildren of his earliest patients, and it was his manner as much as his skill that endeared him to generations of area residents.

Eugene’s devotion to his family, meanwhile, provided his children with a chance to engage in a wide range of academic and athletic pursuits that enriched their youth and propelled them into adulthood with a sense of possibility. He and Ingrid nurtured in them a curiosity about the world and a desire to explore it, and any success they have attained later in life can be traced to the opportunities that abounded in their childhood. His love of languages — he spoke seven fluently, including Latin — was matched by his bottomless knowledge of geography, history, mathematics, medicine, theology, art, literature — and soccer. An insatiable reader and astute observer of politics and world affairs, he remained above all an ardent champion of Ukraine. He was forever eager to enlighten family, friends and strangers alike about his native country, sharing stories about its history, people and culture, and correcting anyone who referred to it as “the Ukraine.” (“We don’t say ‘the America,’ do we?”) When at long last his homeland achieved independence in 1991 after the fall of the Soviet Union, he yearned to make a return visit to the place where he had not set foot in nearly half a century. His health prevented him from attempting the long journey, but to the end, his passion for Ukraine and his hopes for its future were undiminished. A survivor of war as a young man, he thrived in his adopted country as a husband, father and physician, realizing the American dream while still dreaming of Ukraine.

Eugene is survived by his loving and unfailingly supportive wife of 54 years, Ingrid; his children, Annette (longtime partner Ken); Julian (Cheryl); and Martin; and grandchildren, Annika, Conrad and Kirsten. He was preceded in death by his parents, Basil and Anna; and brothers, Anthony, Julian and Robert. A Mass of Christian Burial will take place Monday, Oct. 5, 2015 at 11 a.m. at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, 4625 W. 125th St., Savage, Minn. Visitation will be held one hour prior to the service at the church. Interment at St. John's Cemetery.
Dr. Eugene KuzGrave marker for Dr. Eugene Kuz, Savage's first doctor buried St. John the Baptist, Burnsville.
Dr. Yee (Dentist) 24 years in SavageThe Savage Review, December, 1984 - Del Stelling interviews Savage dentist Ronald Yee. a part of the community for 24 years.
Dr. Yee, Savage's first dentistThe 1960s brought a dentist office to downtown Savage.
Dan Patch Memorial Whiskey BottleDan Patch Memorial Whiskey bottle, available at the Dan Patch Liquor Store in Savage.
Egan's picnic grounds - Hidden ValleyJune 9, 1940 ad for Frank Egan's picnic grounds, now known as Hidden Valley Park.
All Saints LakevilleAn early All Saints Catholic Church in Lakeville serving some Burnsville Catholics living near Orchard Gardens.
Early Savage Baseball teamEarly Savage Baseball team: (based on article in the Savage Review, October, 1987). The baseball team that represented the town of Savage during the early decades of this century included: George Coakley (standing second from the right in the back row.) Other team members (not in order) were Fred Coakley, Tom Duffy, Tom Fahey, Mark McDonald, George Allen, Ernie Sanderson and Mike Zeller, plus a couple unidentified players. George Coakley was born April 24, 1892 in Savage.
Earl and Dorothy's SavageWith it's log cabin look, the bar in downtown Savage is now known as the Buffalo Tap.
Downtown Savage 1914This photo was found on e-bay labeled as Savage Minnesota, and as a postcard mailed by a Hayes. The one building looks very much like other photos of the former Berrisford Store, which is now the Razors Edge Barbershop.

Ed Allen dies 1986 Life long Savage resident died at the age of 63. He and his brothers owned and operated Allen's Garage and Ambulance Service.
Ed Garvey store interiorOnce the Berrisford Store in Burnsville, after being moved to Savage it was owned by Ed Garvey. From left to right - George Allen Sr., Ed Garvey and Jim Heinz. Today the store is the Razors Edge Barbershop.
Dan Patch deadJuly 12, 1916 Minneapolis Star Tribune: Dan Patch dead.
Nathan KlineThe father of Hamilton/Savage and Burnsville's early mail carrier Charles Kline.
Catherine KlineThe mother of Hamilton/Savage/Burnsville's early mail carrier Charles Kline.
Edward Allen dies Feb 1, 1976Ed Allen, entered business with his father, who operated the George Allen Garage in Savage, one of the oldest Dodge dealerships in the State. He retired from business in 1973.
Edward O'Brien tax receiptThe Edward and Elizabeth O'Brien family farmed in Glendale/Savage. Helen Lannon was their daughter.
This is a tax receipt for payment in Scott County 1894.
Ed Allen dies 1976Edward Allen prominent Savage businessman until his retirement in 1973 died February, 1976. He as the son of Mr. and Mrs. George Allen. After completing school he entered business with his father, who operated George Allen Garage in Savage... He and his brothers operated the Ambulance service...
Hidden Valley Picnic GroundsPerhaps Savage's first "organized" park, still available in 2017. It is located at 5000 W 132nd St; Savage.
The site of the Mark Egan gas station, now El LoroThe El Loro stands on the site of the Mark Egan Gas Station in Savage. El Loro - Mexican grill turning out classic dishes along with sizable margaritas in an upbeat, casual setting. Address: 4749 E Hwy 13.
El Loro Mexican food 2017The El Loro stands on the site of the Mark Egan Gas Station in Savage.
Downtown SavageThis street is now Ottawa Avenue in Downtown Savage.
Full view of the Savage City Hall and Police Station 2017In addition to city offices and the police station, the Chamber of Commerce is housed in this building.
Dan Patch Electric Line profile and Savage BridgeMay 18, 1913 Minneapolis Star Tribune - Complete article on the Dan Patch Electric Line including a profile of the Savage Bridge.
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