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B J McAndrews glad house to stay 1979Oct. 24, 1979 the Burnsville Current reports: B.J.McAndres was born in 1899 on what is now the Ridges campus, across the street from where he now lives. The Cobblestone Corner, also stands on property that was once his...
McAndrews glad to stayBVC October 24, 1979

by Jim Bayer
B. J. McAndrews was born in 1899 on what is now the Ridges campus, just across the street from where he now lives, at 109 W. 138th St.
About 15 years ago. he and his wife, Katherine, moved their home from Nicollet Avenue and County Road 42 to make way for progress. The new Cobblestone Corner now stands on the property that was once his.
McAndrews, now alone— his wife died last year—was coming perilously close to making way for more progress.
McAndrews' house sits right in the path of what might have become the extension of 138th Street connecting Nicollet Avenue and Interstate 35W, However, based on the attitudes of three Burnsville City Council members at a workshop last week, McAndrews and his house may be safe.

" I’m glad they aren’t taking the house,” he said. " I don't want to move much just yet.”
Of the three alternatives researched by a Minneapolis engineering firm, two would have required that his house be destroyed or moved. As it turns out, a third alternative, Or variations of it, which would not require the land on which the house sits, may be the preferred one.
Unlike some of his neighbors who have been fighting hard lo keep the street away from the trees and ponds just to the south and west of his home, McAndrews is not very excited about the possibility of a park being there.
“ I ’d just as soon see it slay as it is,” he said. " I don't cure much for a park here.”
McAndrews, however, is a realist.
” 1won't be around forever,” he said, “ I just told them I'd never sell while I was alive.”
After living near the stand of trees for as long as he has, he does have a certain affection for them.
“ It would be a shame to destroy all of the those trees and everything,” he said. " I’ve always been against that.”

McAndrews said he has watched deer drinking from the pond visible from the rear of his house. He says there are many other forms of wildlife in the woods.
Understanding that an official decision has not been made, McAndrews could only guess what he would do if the city’s decision went against him. .
“ Well, 1 don’t know,” he said thoughtfully; “ There’s not much you could do I suppose.
“ I guess I’d demand more money for the house,” he said, smiling. “ But like they say, money isn’t everything.
“ I guess I could move to a home somewhere. But it’s not like having vour own home.”
John and Marie McAndrewsThe McAndrews at the Burnsville farm around 1941. The farm was located at today's Fairview Ridges Hospital property.
John McAndrews around 1915John McAndrews on the family farm - today the site of the Fairview Ridges Hospital.
Marie Fox McAndrews dies at 101 in 2011Marie Fox McAndrews married into one of Burnsville's original Irish families. She was a pioneer, a school teacher and a mother with a Martha Stewart like knack for creative homemaking... She died July 9, 2011 age 101. Born Marie Fox in Watertown, S.D. she began teaching in a one room schoolhouse near her home. She came to Minnesota during the great depression and was hired to teach in District 94 - a one room country school near the current intersection of Co. Rd. 42 and 11 in Burnsville.

She lived with the Kohls family, who introduced her to the McAndrews family. She and John McAndrews were married in June, 1941 in Watertown. They had five children - one of whom John Michael lived only a year.

John McAndrews was a son of Patrick McAndrews, who came to the United States from County Mayo in the late 1860s. In the 1880s Patrick bought a farm on land that now includes Fairview Ridges Hospital. His son Bartley took over the farm, while John and Marie settled on 80 acres on adjacent farmland. Their old farmhouse stood where the vacant Circuit City store stands now.

Plans for Interstate 35W claimed the rocky farmland in the early 1950s and they purchased a farm in Rosemount...Her husband John died in 1999 at the age of 89...
Mary Jordan McAndrewsMary/Maria Jordan was born on November 4, 1870, her father, Martin, was 28, and her mother, Bridget, was 24. She married Patrick McAndrews on May 31, 1898, in Burnsville, Minnesota. They had six children in 16 years. She died on May 31, 1946, in Burnsville, Minnesota, at the age of 75
Margaret and Mary (Fox?) McAndrews
McAndrews crossing signLocated on McAndrews Road, this business area is named to recognize Burnsville's pioneer family the McAndrews.
The McAndrews FarmThe McAndrews farm located near the present hospital.
Aerial of McAndrews Farm with notesMcAndrews farm near County 42 on Nicollet
Burnsville, Savage, Rosemount - a history of developmentAn interview with Marie and John McAndrews and Margaret McAndrews Eustice on May 29, 1994.
Patrick McAndrewsPatrick McAndrews was born in 1853, the son of Sarah and Bartly. He married Mary/Maria Jordan on May 31, 1898, in Burnsville, Minnesota. They had six children in 16 years. He died on March 21, 1925, in Burnsville, Minnesota, at the age of 72.
Road could be unsettling to farmer Bartley McAndrews 1983Minneapolis Star Tribune June 16, 1983 features an interview with Bartley McAndrews.... "Just before he was married in the early 1960's Bartley McAndrews built a house not far from the farmhouse where he grew up near what is now the corner of County Road 42 and Nicollet Avenue.

In 1964, it turned out that his new house was smack-dab where Nicollet Avenue was to be built. So, it was moved to a nice spot a mile away on a hill overlooking a pond. Now, 19 years late, that nice spot is right where a new east west road is proposed - an extension of 138th Street from Fairview Drive across interstate Highway 35 W and County Road 5...

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Funeral program for Marie McAndrews
Funeral program for Marie McAndrews
Funeral program for Marie McAndrews
Funeral program for Marie McAndrews
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