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First signs for Ridges Complex1975 these signs appeared at what is now the intersection of Nicollet and McAndrews Road, announcing the Ridges.
Nicollet ClinicA 1979 view of the Nicollet Clinic near the Ridges campus.
Nicollet ClinicInterior photo of the Nicollet Clinic 1979.
Works begin on the area for the RidgesInitial work in the area that will house Fairview Ridges Hospital and other Ridges services.
Fairview Ridges 1984Opened in May of 1984 Fairview Ridges has grown to the premier hospital south of the river and hub around which the Burnsville Medical Alliance cluster was formed. Fairview Ridges has consistently expanded during its first 25 years evidenced by the opening of its new “cath lab” in January of 2009. Fairview Ridges currently employees over 1400 and continues to grow.
Fairview Ridges 1984Opened in May of 1984 Fairview Ridges has grown to the premier hospital south of the river and hub around which the Burnsville Medical Alliance cluster was formed. Fairview Ridges has consistently expanded during its first 25 years evidenced by the opening of its new “cath lab” in January of 2009. Fairview Ridges currently employees over 1400 and continues to grow.
Ridges Medical Center 1979One of the early medical buildings on the campus of the Ridges.
Fairview Ridges HospitalThe Burnsville Current captures the arrival of the first patient at the newly opened hospital.
Ridges Medical Center 1970sEarly photo of the Ridges Medical Center.
Ebenezer Ridges Care Center Troop 435 visits Ebenezer Ridges. November 29, 1978 Burnsville Current photo.
Fairview Ridges Hospital 1976Likely a staged photo of an ambulance at Fairview Ridges Hopsital. November 17, 1976 Burnsville Current.
Fairview Ridges Hospital 1976Kay Young, Medical Technician at the Fairview Ridges Hospital.
Fairview Ridges Hospital 1976Interior view of the Fairview Ridges Hospital photographed by the Burnsville Current.
Fairview Ridges Hospital 1976Published in the Burnsville Current featuring the Fairview Ridges Hopsital.
Fairview Ridges Hospital 1978John McGinnis and Judy Feldstine at Fairview Ridges Hospital 1978 in a Burnsville Current photo.
Ebenezer Ridges Care Center 1976The original building at what is now called the Ebenezer Ridges Care Center.
Ridges Medical Center 1970sA full view of the recently completed Ridges Medical Center.
Ridges Medical Center 1970sA view of the recently completed Ridges Medical Center.
Steve NeilsonSteve Neilson was director of the Ebenezer Ridges Care Center in 1977.
Ad for the RidgesThe long awaited Ridges project is moving steadily forward toward reality. The 140 acre site is ready for the first construction phase...
Ridges Phase 1 will include - Prince of Peace Church, Private medical/dental clinic and a nursing home facility, with final construction completed in the mid 80s.
Arbor Care Memory Care at Ridges 2017Since 1976, the Ebenezer Ridges Campus in Burnsville has offered care options for Burnsville and area seniors. They have grown from solely providing skilled nursing to becoming Burnsville's number one choice for assisted living and independent living. Also transitional care, end of life care, adult day and child care.
Fairview Ridges Hospital 2017Exterior sign at the Burnsville Hospital.
Fairview Ridges Hospital 2017Exterior of the Burnsville Hospital.
Cancer Care at Fairview Ridges 2017Cancer patients in the Minnesota River Valley have convenient access to specialized, coordinated cancer care provided by Fairview. The Ridges Hospital is designed to be a comfortable, caring place for the patient and family.
Ebenezer Ridges Campus 2017A Burnsville Chamber of Commerce ad for Ebenezer Ridges Campus including: Independent living, Assisted living, Memory care, Skilled nursing, Adult Day Care, Child Care, Transitional Care and End of Life Care.
Time capsule marks more than 40 years of senior care 2017The August 4, 2017 edition of the Burnsville Sun/Thisweek News reports on the creation of a time capsule by Ebenezer Ridges Center Center, which opened in 1973.
Exterior Fairview Ridges Hospital 2017According to their website: Fairview Ridges Hospital has been providing scare to residents of the Minnesota River Valley since 1984. As the southern metro area's largest hospital, our highly-trained specialists provide quality care and excellent service to patients.
Fairview Ridges Hospital 2017Another view of the Fairview Ridges Hospital.
Fairview Ridges - Another Foe 1982May 6, 1982 DCTribune

By GARY KUBAT Staff Writer
November, triumphant remarks filled the air as ground was broken for the new Fairview Ridges Hospital, following years of struggle to locate a hospital in Burnsville.
But the battle isn’t over. No longer tangling with the Metro­politan Health Board or the Met­ropolitan Council, Fairview Com­munity Hospitals has en­countered a new foe - the economy.
Construction of the 150-bed hospital, slated to open in January, 1984, has been delayed due to a depressed bond market. Bruce Haskin, administrator of
the future hospital, detailed a new proposal for financing the hospital to the Burnsville City Council at its meeting Monday, May 3.
During the certificate of need application process, Haskin told the council, the interest rate was about 11%. Since that time, the rate has gone as high as 14'2%, with the present rate at about 13%, he added.

By recycling space in the ex­isting Ridges Medical Center, the amount of money needed for the hospital was reduced to $33 million. The figure used during the certificate of need application process was $36 million while the council granted Fairview up to $38 million in tax-exempt financ­ing at its meeting Jan. 18.
The $33 million figure includes construction and capital equip­ment costs, architectural and other professional fees as well as financing costs, but not interest costs.
The concept of financing, Haskin explained to the council, is known as zero coupon or deep
discount and was recently used to finance Akron General Hospital in Akron, OH.
“It is a. bold new concept,” Haskin stated. Instead of issuing $33 million in bonds, $100 million in bonds would be issued under the proposal. The amount is sized to include both principal and 30 years worth of interest. The ac­ tual selling price would be just the principal amount, $33 million.
Under traditional financing methods, investors would have to clip coupons every six months to receive an interest payment. In order to receive “a true return,” they would then have to invest that money in a similar or better vehicle.
W’ith the proposed concept, in­vestors would receive all prin­ cipal with interest in one lump sum at the end of 30 years (or whatever amount of time they specify). Bonds would be issued in$5,000denominations.
By using this financing con­ cept, Haskin commented, both the hospital and investors would benefit. Fairview would benefit because the interest rate would be up to one-and-a-half points lower. That would result in an
estimated savings ot $495,000 per year every year, lower patient care costs.
For investors, he continued, the concept is attractive because in­ terest can be deferred up to 30 years (most likely after retire* ment when one is in a lower tax bracket), the interest rate is guaranteed and interest com­ pounds. This financing concept also saves the investor from clip­ ping coupons and reinvesting, Haskin noted.
The council set Tuesday, May 25, at 6:30 p.m. as a public hear­ ing to consider the concept.
It was an “ 11th hour” proposal, Haskin admitted, and said more information would be available at the hearing. “The fact that it could result in significant saving? to the patient prompted us to seek your consideration.” he said.
If the council does not approve the new financing concept, the hospital will be financed in a con­ ventional manner, Haskin stated.
Because of the delays, the opening of Fairview Ridges Hospital is expected to be postponed until the spring of 1
Fairview Ridges information 2012The Sun This Week News published a Burnsville Guide in 2012 including information on the Fairview Ridges Hospital.
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