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Telephone 1950's - 1960sAlmost every home in Burnsville utilized this classic style phone. Phone prefixes over the years changed but included: LA (LaSalle) GL (Glenview) TX (Tuxedo) before going to all digits.
Transportation in the 1950sJoe and Alice Kearney's car 1954.
Winter fun 1955Jim Kearney, son of Joe and Alice (Egan) Kearney enjoys Minnesota winters.
Burnsville and Eagan meet 1959The January 7, 1959 MInnesota Valley Review reports a quiet new year for Eagan (Egan) and Burnsville townships. In Eagan, the board did little besides pay the bills, according to chairman Art Rahn. the board composed of Rahn, Louis Trapp, and Edward Schwanz with Louis Fischer as clerk will meet again January 19.

Things weren't much more active in Burnsville township, clerk Pat Connelly reported. The board paid its bills too, and also issued seven cigaratte licenses. Attending the meeting were chairman Wally Day, supervisors Ed Dobel and Charles Fischer, treasurer James Connelly and attorney Leonard Bentson.

Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month, with the next meeting scheduled for Feb 2. Special hearings may be held in the meantime, however.
Dining and Dancing 1950sAn undated page from the Dakota County Historical Society newsletter features popular Friday night locations throughout the area, including Burnsville and Eagan. Included are: The Meadows in Eagan, the Coffee Cup Cafe, West St. Paul, the Coates Pavilion, the Seagirt Inn at Orchard Lake, the Castle Pavilion in Farmington and Shields in Mendota,
The first TV 1950'sThe Dakota County Historical Society displays one of the 1950's television owned by a Dakota County resident.
Farm Scene 1958 at the Joe Kennelly farmJoe Kennelly on wagon with nieces Kathy, Mary and Pat Ryan and Kathi Kline, at the farm on Highway 13, Burnsville.
Winter fun - ice skating on a pond at the farmThe Slater's and Kline's, along with their Uncle Joe Kennelly spend a winter day at the farm of their grandparents Walter and Rose Kennelly.
Home Delivery of MilkWith no grocery stores in Burnsville some residents in the 1950s had milk and bread delivered to their homes.
Ohleen Dairy from Minneapolis brought milk products.
Photo including Herbie Pilger and Jens Casperson 1950sVi and Herbie Pilger. Betty and Bill Busch. Maude Klingelhut Jens and Elenor Casperson and Frank Klingelhut
Jack Kennelly using telephone 1953In the 1950s the telephone exchange for Burnsville was GL - Glenview, later changed to TX - Tuxedo ....it was also a party line.
Store okayed by town board 1959December, 1959 the Burnsville Town Board grants a permit to Francis Poephn of Rosemount to build a 55 x 60 foot dairy store and tavern cafe combination to be located on Highway 65 (Lyndale) and then County Road 11. (Near today's Burnsville Center).
Sodomka kids at playChildren of Jim and Betty Mae Lannon Sodomka, showing the popular back yard "swing" of the 1950s.
VISTA VIEW HousingOne of the first housing developments was VISTA VIEW located on land surrounded by Highway 13 and County Road 5. This ad appeared in one of the Dan Patch Days booklets around 1957.
Washing in the 50sIdentical to the washing machine owned and used by Margaret Kennelly in the old farm house on Highway 13 - 1948 - 1959.
Winter fun - a sleigh ride through the fields of the family farmEach winter the grandchildren of Walter and Rose Kennelly would enjoy the annual sleigh ride driven by their uncle Joe Kennelly.
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