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Alimagnet at center1964-7-4-WK-2EE-187
Burnsville Parkway West of Billy Goat Bridge circa 1970A view of Burnsville by air.
Highway 13 and Cliff Road around 1965Shown is Cliff Road, Highway 13 and County Road 11. Visible - Joe Kennelly farm, across the road the Joe and Janette Connelly farm. Note Sioux Trail Shopping Center has yet to be built and see the original Lake on Kennelly Road.
Cliff Road and 12th Avenue pre Pepsi 1965This photo shows Cliff Road, Highway 13, County Road 11 and 12th Avenue. Farms which can be viewed in the photo (although small) are...
On Highway 13 - Joe Kennelly, Joe Connelly, between Co. Rd. 11 and 12th Avenue, Pat Connelly farm (right side of photo) Bill Lannon farm (left side of photo.
Civic Center campusPhoto of the area which would be home of the City Hall/Police Station and Ice Center, estimated date 1969.
Mary Mother of the ChurchThis photo provides a view of Mary Mother of the Church and Cliff Road. There have been expansions to the buildings since this photo.
Overlooking Kraemer Quarry
Vista View Continuing to Grow Iversen's Vista view project in Burnsville Township will continue to grow this year, with addition of 15 new homes according to Miles Iversen, President of Iversen development company, and Gerald Iversen, president of the Iversen's Incorporated. The project was started about four years ago, and it is located near the intersection of Highway 13 and 65.Highway 13 is presently being rerouted along the northern portion of this view but the new road will not interfere with the role of homes at right. Tribune air photo, taken from plane piloted by Orval Brede of Lead-Aire at Southport, looks toward the south west at the project which numbers about 150 homes. The houses are from the $16,900 to the $28,000 class.

Circa 1962
(see same view in diagram: search Vista View)
(earliest homes in Vista View 1954 according to Dakota County Tax records, latest home in photo 1962, from same source.)
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