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Rose Kearney Rose Kearney was the wife of John Kearney - early settler in Hamilton/Savage and later lived in St. Paul. She is the great-grandmother to Gene (owner of the grocery store in Savage) and Joe Kearney. Her son Peter, was the father of George, who was the father of Gene and Joe. She died in St. Paul and is buried at Calvary Cemetery.
Peter and Andrew Kearney 1870Peter Kearney (1839 - 1928) established the Kearney family who still reside in Savage.

Andrew Kearney moved to Stillwater in 1869, at the age of 19, walking from St. Paul, where he used the proceeds of his father’s estate to establish himself as a blacksmith.
Eli Kearney 1899Eli Kearney (1877 - 1951) was the son of Peter and Catherine Kearney, brother to George and Sarah (Sadie) McCoy. He married Clara Fahey.
Catherine Kearney around 1904Catherine (1844 - 1925) was married to Peter Kearney and mother to George, Elias and Sadie McCoy.
Peter and Catherine Kearney around 1906Burnsville pioneers, parents of George Kearney, Grandparents of Gene and Joe Kearney.
Clara Fahey Kearney 1908Clara (1894 - 1981) married Elias Kearney (1877 - 1951). Their children were John (1925-1943) and Patrick (1934 - 1976). They farmed in Burnsville.
Sadie Kearney (McCoy) valentineA photo valentine from Sadie Kearney 1909.
Wedding of Anastasia McNamara and George KearneyJune, 1911 Dakota County Tribune reports on the wedding of Anastasia McNamara and George Kearney.
Peter and Catherine Kearney, Mary Welsh and Andrew KearneyThis 1914 photo shows Peter and Catherine, parents of George, Elias and Sadie McCoy, Mary Kearney Welsh and Andrew Kearney.
Wedding of Clara Fahey and Elias Kearney 1919Elias was son of Peter Kearney. Clara a Fahey.
Wedding party of Clara and Eli Kearney 1919Sadie Kearney (McCoy) Cal Sparrow, Clara and Eli Kearney
Sadie Kearney (McCoy)"Sarah" Sadie before her marriage to Luke McCoy. Her parents were Peter and Katherine Kearney. She was the sister of George and Elias.
Catherine and Peter Kearney (seated) Sadie and Luke McCoy (standing) 1923Catherine, Peter, their daughter and her husband pose for a family picture.
Catherine Kearney 1923Catherine (1844 - 1925) was married to Peter Kearney and mother to George, Elias and Sadie McCoy.
1929 Cows at the George Kearney farmPhoto shows one of the cows at the George Kearney farm on what is now Upton Avenue. George and his wife Stasia McNamara Kearney were parents to Joe and Gene.
Horse at the George Kearney farm 1933A horse owned by the Kearney's who farmed near today's Neil School.
Eli Kearney farm scene 1936Photo shot at Eli Kearney farm with wagon and horse.
Frank and Gene Kearney 1941Cousins Frank and Gene Kearney hunting.
Clara Fahey and Eli Kearney (1943)Clara (1894 - 1981) and Eli (1877 - 1951) Lived in Burnsville. Their sons were John (1925-1943) and Patrick (1934-1976).
Brothers Joe and Gene Kearney 1944Brothers Joe and Gene Kearney at Gene's wedding to Mary Pat Suel.
Stasia McNamara Kearney, grandson Terry Kearney, husband George Kearney 1946Stasia and George shown with grandson Terry Kearney who is the son of Gene and Mary Kearney, who operated Kearney's store in Savage.
George Kearney 1946George Kearney (1875- 1954) stands near the barn on his farm near today's Neil School.
April 14, 1947 - Theresa Egan, their daughter Alice Egan Kearney and James Egan on the day of her wedding to Joseph Kearney at St. John the Baptist, Savage.
The Wedding of Alice Egan and Joseph Kearney April 19, 1947 at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Savage. This is one of the few photos to show the statues on the wall.
Wedding of Joe Kearney and Alice Egan 1947DEE EGAN, JOE & ALICE KEARNEY & MARY KELLEHER wedding at St. John the Baptist
Catholic Church, Savage.
Kearney's Store Savage 1952A busy day at the Kearney Store.
Winter at the Joe Kearney farm 1952A snowy winter scene from 1952 at the Kearney farm located near what is now Neil Park.
The Joe and Alice Kearney (formerly George and Stasia Kearney) farm located at the present site of Neil Park, Upton Avenue.
Clara and Patrick Kearney 1954Clara and son Patrick, who served in the Navy.
1954 Jim KearneyA third generation of farmers - his grandfather George and father Joe farmed the same property near today's Neil School.
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