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1896 Burnsville Census CampbellCensus showing the Campbell family at Judicial and Williams Roads. He purchased the property and store from John Berrisford.
William Campbell building new store 1895November 14, 1895 Dakota County Tribune

William Campbell has raised the frame and is proceeding with long strides toward the erection of his new store on the site of the burned Berrisford Store.
William Campbell's dog 1987July 5, 1897 Shakopee Argus

We had a tempest in a teapot in our village last week over a dog bite. Wm. Campbell's dog bit young Martin Cooney. Mr. Cooney wanted the marshal to shoot the dog, but Mr. Campbell refused to have the dog shot, claiming it was the boys fault.
Campbell farm sells, store does not 1897September 16, 1897 Shakopee Argus

Mr. Wm Campbell's sale, Monday, was not so well attended as it would have been had the weather been more favorable...
Timothy Hayes of Burnsville was the successful bidder on the farm... Mr. Campbell says he will not try to sell the store at present...
Campbell to sell store and home 1897September 16, 1897 - Dakota County Tribune

William Campbell has extensively advertised an auction sale of his farm, business corner and live stock to occur September 13.
October 25, 1894 Reference to Campbell's HallThis October 25, 1894 Shakopee Argus column on Hamilton News references:

Ignatius Donnelly will be here on 30th and will speak at Campbell's Hall. After the speaking there will be a social hop in the hall.

Indications as of this posting (March 2021) this was the original Berrisford Store purchased by William Campbell, and still in Burnsville.
1896 Burnsville map showing Campbell landThis 1896 map shows William Campbell owning the original property of John Berrisford.
At the home of William Campbell 1898March 10, 1898 Shakopee Argus

The young people, also older members of society, admire the hospitality of our silver tongued orator as an entertainer, and will on Friday evening the 11th attend a missionary tea at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Campbell in Burnsville...
Campbell children in school in Minneapolis 1898January 6, 1898 Shakopee Argus

Misses Kate and Florence McCall entertained informally at their home Thursday evening the 30th for Misses Stella, Rebecca and Mr. Bert Campbell who are spending their holidays at home in Burnsville. Being not unlike other students who are gaining their education from the schools of Minneapolis, they enjoy a vacation in the country.
Campbell Store Complete 1895December 12, 1895 Dakota County Tribune -

William Campbell has finished his new store...
William Campbell to build new store 1895October 24, 1895 Shakopee Argus

William Campbell has just received a car load of lumber of which he is to build a new store on the old John Berrisford place in Burnsville Township.

This clipping may result in a change of Burnsville Savage history. It has always been said that the Razors Edge Barbershop is located in the original Berrisford Store, moved to Hamilton/Savage after St. John the Baptist burnt and was rebuilt in town. This could mean, it was the Campbell "Hall" store that was moved, from the original Berrisford land.
William Campbell wants to sell farm and storeHe purchased the Berrisford store and property and now the September 8, 1897, Shakopee Argus reports his sale commences next Monday as advertised. He is going to close out his entire business, store and fixtures and also 120 acres of land adjoining. Here is a good chance for some wide-awake merchant.
Campbell family census 1910In 1910 the Campbell family are living in Minneapolis, but the list provides the names of the family members who lived in Burnsville.
William Campbell death 1938William Campbell and family had owned what was known as the Berrisford Store, then called Campbell Hall at Judical and Williiams Roads.
By 1900 the family had left Burnsville.
Dance at Campbell HallMay 6, 1897 - Shakopee Argus

There is going to be a dance in Campbell's Hall Wednesday evening May 12, tickets 50 cents including dance and supper...A four year old colt will be given away.
Dance at Campbell Hall 1896The dance at Campbell's Hall Thursday night was well attended there being over 200 couples present. It proved a very enjoyable affair.
Campbell Hall 1896May 7, 1896 Shakopee Argus -

Hello Boys! Listen while I read this:

The first social leap year hop will be given by the young ladies of the Temperance Society at Campbell's Hall, Friday evening May 15, 1896. Music by the Pepin Band. Grand march at 8:30 p.m. Tickets fifty cents including supper. Ladies invite your gentlemen friends and come and have a good time...
At the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Campbell 1898March 31, 1898 - Shakopee Argus

At the home of Mr. and Mrs. Campbell, it was an event that for pleasant features and real enjoyment...
Timothy Hayes purchases W. Campbell Farm 1897September 23, 1897 - Dakota County Tribune news column

Timothy Hayes (TYPO IN ARTICLE) has purchased the W.Campbell farm near Burnsville church paying $34 per acre. The farm contains 106 acres (Formerly John Berrisford's land). Mr. Campbell still reclaims the business corner and 9 acres of land.
St. Patrick's night at Campbell Hall 1897March 11, 1897 Dakota County Tribune

The people of Burnsville will give entertainment in Campbell's Hall on the 17th. Dinner will be served by the ladies from the parish and the afternoon will be spent in a literary program. The laughable farce, A good-looking man will be rendered by home talent in the evening. The proceeds will go to St. John's Church.
William Campbell sells Campbell Store and Hall 1898May 19, 1898 - Shakopee Argus

William Campbell, our popular storekeeper has disposed of his property here and will move to Minneapolis this week.

Also in the news the upcoming wedding of Walter Kennelly and Rose McCann.
Dance at Campbell HallMay 27, 1897 Shakopee Argus

The dance at Campbell's Hall Friday evening was a grand success....
Melvin Campbell 1897December 23, 1897 Shakopee Argus

Melvin Campbell took pleasure in entertaining a number of friends Friday evening the 17th...
Melvin Campbell 1953Death of Melvin Campbell, son of William who purchased the Berrisford property and store. The family remained in Burnsville until around 1899.
Camble StoreJune 4, 1891 Dakota County Tribune references Mr. Campbell's store (spelling error of Camble) formerly, Berrisford Store.
Campbell erecting a new store 1895November 14, 1895 - Shakopee Argus

William Campbell is erecting his new store (former site of Berrisford Store).
William CampbellHe purchased the Berrisford store in 1890.
William Campbell death 1938It is believe William Campbell is the person who purchased the Berrisford Store from John and this his obiturary.
The 1896 Burnsville map whos W. Campbell owning the property. Obit, October 19, 1938.
Stella Campbell dies 1950Daughter of William Campbell who purchased the Berrisford Store and property.
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