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AAA to build in BurnsvilleSeptember 22, 1966 Dakota County Tribune reports: Minnesota State Automobile Association (AAA) was granted a permit by the council to proceed with the construction of a 15,000 square foot building on HIghway 13 and Nicollet Avenue.

Also, the council tabled until October 3 the discussion on the awarding of bids for street signs...

The council accepted the report of the study committee which recommended the adoption of the optional plan B form of government by the Village. This is the council-manager type used by many local and national municipalities...
Officers of the new League of Women VotersApril 7, 1966 - Dakota County Tribune: Recently formed League of Women Voters.
Art's Mileage, later Mr. B'sOctober 6, 1966 Dakota County Tribune: Art's Mileage, later known as Mr. B's Car Wash celebrates its 4th birthday.
1100 students expected at MetcalfAugust 25, 1966 Dakota County Tribune reports on the opening of Metcalf Junior High School.
Metcalf Junior High to openAugust 25, 1966 Dakota County Tribune: Metcalf Junior High to open.
A shopping center that never happenedAugust 4, 1966 Dakota County Tribune: A new shopping center is planned at County Road 11 and Highway 13. The only business to end up there was the second Sullivan's SuperValu.
Close up on Leo and Josephine Lannon farmNovember 24, 1966 - Dakota County Tribune. Grading begins for new village hall. This is the intersection of Highway 13 and today's 12th Avenue. The Dairy Queens would be built in front of the farm owned by Leo and Josephine Lannon. This is a close up of the Lannon farm.
A garage for Fr. DudleyDecember 15, 1966 Dakota County Tribune - Fr. Francis Dudley, pastor of St. John the Baptist Church in Savage receives a surprise gift of a garage.
Burnsville Ice RinksDecember 8, 1966 Dakota County Tribune: Burnsville creating ice rinks.
Burnsville Ice RinksDecember 8, 1966 Dakota County Tribune: Burnsville creating ice rinks.
Minnesota Valley Jaycess - later Burnsville JayceesDecember 8, 1966 Dakota County Tribune - Minnesota Valley Jaycees sell Christmas trees at Valley Ridge Shopping Center.
Early history of Burnsville recorded May 5, 1966 Dakota County Tribune includes the transcripts of the early meetings of township founders 1860 -1920s.
Savage Fire DepartmentFebruary 17, 1966 - Dakota County Tribune: The new fire hall in Savage.
Mayor Al HallJanuary 6, 1966 Dakota County Tribune, Al Hall sworn in as mayor.
Film Depicts the RidgesOctober 27, 1966 Dakota County Tribune: Film to tell the story of the Ridges. Shown are the Ratzlaff family and Mayor Hall.
Ascension Lutheran ChurchJanuary 13, 1966 Dakota County Tribune: Ascension Lutheran Church, County Road 11 and Cliff Road.
Burnsville BandJanuary 13, 1966 Dakota County Tribune: Band members: Jack Wilkie, Randy Nordstrum, Brian Cody, Dan Jorvig and Bob Fuglem.
Township recordsMay 5, 1966 Dakota County Tribune: Photographs of the first few pages of Burnsville township records starting in 1860.
(Earlier records not preserved).
Burnsville High School BandJanuary 13, 1966 Dakota County Tribune: Burnsville High School band photos.
Burnsville High School BandJanuary 13, 1966 Dakota County Tribune, Burnsville High School band.
Glass Menagerie to be performed 1966January 20, 1966 - Dakota County Tribune: Burnsville theatre department announces upcoming play.
Mayor Hall, Trustee Ostby join councilJanuary 6, 1966 photo of First council meeting where Al Hall is Mayor. Shown in photo: Deanne Anderson - council secretary, Mike O'Connor - clerk, Warren Kelley - trustee, Mayor Hall, Alan Ostby and Charles Wahlberg, trustees.
Dairy Queen Opens in Burnsville June 16, 1966 Dakota County Tribune: Dairy Queen opens on Highway 13 and 12th Avenue. This location was owned by Bob Christensen.
Ridges under constructionJune 16, 1966 Dakota County Tribune: Ridges under construction.
KNUT radioSeptember 29, 1966 Dakota County Tribune: KNUT Radio.

The station call letters KNUT may have a touch of humor, but a group of Burnsville lads are dead serious about getting an FM broadcasting license.

Legally sponsored by Burnsville School, the youths are not wasting time while waiting for the Federal Communications Commission to make a final decision. The seven youngsters are busy getting their $15,000 worth of donated equipment in readiness for the day they go on the air.

Mark Wilson is president of the enthusiastic group. And, by the way, the word “enthusiastic’ is somewhat an understatement. If desire-for-success, is anywhere near matched by signal strength, these fellows will reach anywhere on the globe.

Others in the enterprise with Wilson are, Randy Snede, Dave Nesheim, Greg Reedy, Ray White, Rog Woodruff and Jeff Streimer. Most of them are around the 18-year-old level, and they do a variety of jobs in five rooms in the lower level of the Colonial Shopping Center on Nicollet Avenue.

They have applied for the FM spot 89.3. The Federal Communications commission has given preliminary approval, and has told them to “go build the station”, Wilson said, it will be a non-profit (non-advertising) station with emphasis on education. They have worked diligently for more than a year.

Wilson had high praises for Superintendent of Schools John Metcalf, who has given them much encouragement and has done plenty to help keep them going. The youths are all studying electronics, and “we’re off the streets”, Wilson declared.
What they have done to earn their rent in Colonial Shopping Center, they provided the piped in music from their record library.
Thy also provide an answering service for Colonial TV, which in turn has given them technical assistance from a first-class licensee, Ron Klein.

Thee youngsters have gone so far as to set up model programing. They have typical schedules or file, and are more than ready to present a program of music, entertainment, civic discussions and talks from members of the Burnsville faculty.

Featured would be, for example, a discussion among members of the council or as another example, a discussion on various types of music from one of the teachers. Helping Metcalf with the sponsorship are instructors Loren Squires, Rod Ellickson and Richard Hansen. Burnsville is probably the only high school in the state to sponsor a radio station.

While waiting for their license, the youths have been busy with the CB -Citizens Band- radio network. They have a donated station wagon, and they are forming a tri-county, “TRI-COM” network of Dakota, Scott and Carver counties. This would be an emergency network to aid law officials in time of trouble. They have already helped the Savage police during the Dan Patch Days celebration.
Their network will use all methods of communications available, such as the CB radio, hi-band radio, amateur radio, telephone and possibly teletype.

Regarding the FM application, the boys hope to broadcast with a 10-watt signal at first. They need a 170-foot tower (already on the road to being donated), at the north end of the Colonial Center. From their position on the hill, they expect to blanket a good share of the area, and go half way to Minneapolis. They also need $2,200 for the transmitter, but they hesitate to spend this kind of money before the final license.

The youths look forward to a stiff schedule of work when the broadcasting starts. From Monday through Thursday, they plan a 4:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. schedule. On Friday’s it will be from 4:00 p.m. – 1:00 a.m., and Saturday, from 9:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Then on Sundays they will send signals from 10:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. They hope to air local church services in their Sunday Broadcasts.
Lorenzo's Italian foods take outMarch 24, 1966 Dakota County Tribune: Lorenzo's coming to Burnsville.
Minnesota River boatMay 19, 1966 Dakota County Tribune; Minnesota River.
Township recordsMay 5, 1966 - Dakota County Tribune: Close up photo of the financial records of Burnsville Township 1860.
Township recordsMay 5, 1966 Dakota County Tribune: Close up photo of the 1860 Township Records for Burnsville. Earlier records lost or destroyed.
Burnsville LumberMay 5, 1966 Dakota County Tribune: Grand opening of Burnsville Lumber.
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