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History of Dakota County 1881This history published in 1881 provides an overview of Burnsville, some residents and other Dakota County townships, cities and people.
The History of Dakota County 1881The opening paragraph of the Burnsville Chapter in the History of Dakota County.
1882 Burnsville Township Directory ( 3 pages)Listing of Burnsville residents, their post office (Hamilton) Acres owned, and Section within Burnsville.
1885 Census pageThe 1885 Census confirms that although Burnsville is in Dakota County, the mailing address in 1885 was Hamilton Station/Scott County.
August 23, 1894 Burnsville NewsThe Dakota County Tribune contained brief news items about the people and events in Burnsville.
John Walsh purchases James Newman's 160 acre farm.
James Madden purchases Mike Connelly's farm in Glendale.
Mike Regan builds a barn
Charles Forbes, County surveyor, moved the cornerstone of Burnsville and Lakeville townships at sections 1 and 31. The stone was placed about 40 feet too far north by County surveyor Keegan several years ago.
Tim Hayes sells straw... and more
1865 Burnsville Census - Family Names1 Daniel Burns
2 Wm Burns & Julia
3 Jeremiah Dillon
4 Frank Dowdall
5 Michael Coffey
6 John Keran
7 Walter Kenealy
8 Terrance McGovern
9 James Connelly
10 Laurence Casey
11 James Irvine
12 Jeremiah Sweeny
13 Thomas Hogan
14 Andrew Keegan
15 Timothy McNamara
16 William Rice
17 Isabella OHara
18 Henry Tisale
19 P. M. Peterson
20 Savanna Thornton
21 Charles McDevitt
22 Tim ORegan
23 Mike McCarthy
24 Peter Fahey
25 Augustus H. Williams
26 William D. Wygant
27 Mike Gallagher
28 Mike Foley
29 Pat Duggan
30 James Kennedy
31 John McNerry
32 James Sheridan
33 James Maloney
34 Henry Starson
35 James McKearny
36 Daniel Sullivan
37 Timothy Slater
38 Charly ONeill
39 Brigid Gannon
40 Timothy Hays
41 William Walsh
42 William Kolroy
43 Martin Kilroy
44 Michael Nicholson
45 Mike Muggin
46 Pat. Harkins
47 Pat. Hynes
48 Mike Walsh
49 Bernard McDermot
50 Winnefred Newell
51 Thos. Butler
52 Mike McDonald
53 John McCoy
54 Jams Stanton
55 James Newman
56 Hugh OBrien
57 Francis Hyland
58 Pat. Lynch
Males 176
Females 168
Soldiers 13
Total 347
Early mail deliveryDakota City at the Dakota County Fair Grounds displays this early carriage used for mail delivery.
February 11, 1892 NewsAlmost weekly the Dakota County Tribune published news about Burnsville in a column. News in this issue included:
John Connelly lost a valuable horse, Tim Regan also loses a mare
The recent heavy rains of Sunday night and Monday left ice on the Minnesota River dangerous for travel.
Jas McCoy has bought a log of hay from Mrs. Harkins.
Horse and Sleigh transportationThe Dakota City Museum, at the Dakota County Fair Grounds Farmington has recreated a horse and sleigh similar to those on farms in Burnsville.
Burnsville News June 24, 1892Burnsville June 20, The recent rains have done a great deal of damage here, besides washing out the side hills and ravines. It scalded out many acres of grain.

On last Wednesday occurred the death of John Byrnes, aged 33, of quick consumption. Mr. Byrnes was a first cousin of Rev. Father Byrnes of Minneapolis, an exemplary young man.

There will be a picnic for the benefit of St. John's Church on July 4 at Crystal Lake. The committee will spare no pains in making the day one of pleasure to all who attend. Mr. Jas Manahan of St. Paul and Dr. Leonard of Waseca will be the orators of the day. Music by Central Orchestra of St. Paul.
June 11, 1885 Burnsville NewsPublished in the Dakota County Tribune - Jack Frost pays a visit; corn and all small grains doing well; James Graves of Fairfield has nearly completed Mr. Nicholson's new home; Tim Hayes and wife are now living on the old homestead and more...
March 24, 1892 Burnsville NewsFrom the Dakota County Tribune - Miss Myres teaching in the O'Neil district was obligated to go home on account of illness. Her sister is teaching in her place. Mary Morgan spent last week with friends in St. Paul, Miss Nellis Timmons of St. Paul visits sister Annie Slater... and more
Death of Michael Nicholson and Byrnesville in the news 1889March 29, 1889 Northwestern Chronicle column about Byrnesville includes:

Miss B. Kennedy, teacher in District 16 school gave a very pleasant entertainment in her spelling school last Friday evening. The program was a literary and musical one.

Willie Walsh, one of the best singers of the evening, has, we are sorry to say, gone to take up his residence in the saintly city, with his brother, J. P. Walsh, in the employ of the Ryan Drug Company...

James Casey came here from St. Paul to spend the 17th.

St. John's TAS, at its monthly meeting last Sunday, elected Mr. T.O'Regan vice president...

The death of Michael Nicholson...
May 29, 1891Almost weekly the Dakota County Tribune published news about Burnsville in a column.
August 1879- Minne-Elk and Buck Hill story 2 pagesMemories of Buck Hill, Crystal Lake, Minne-Elk, published in 1879.
1865 Burnsville Census page 1
1865 Burnsville Census page 2
1865 Burnsville Census page 3
1865 Burnsville Census page 4
1865 Burnsville Census page 5
Cabins of the pastThis photo of the holiday's at the Dakota City Village Farmington (Fair grounds).
News from MInne-Elk (Crystal Lake) 1888The Dakota County Tribune - June 28, 1888 provides Notes from Minne-Elk (which is also Crystal Lake).

The lake is much higher this season than last and consequently affords more pleasure.

Captain Judd and his good wife are as hospitable as ever and untiring in their efforts to contribute to the pleasure of all who gather here.

THE TRIBUNE household was camped on the lake shore from Thursday morning to Tuesday last, occupying a covered wagon and a tent just west of the picnic ground. The establishment was christened "Rudder Grange."

John and James McQuillan and wives, Miss Alice McQuillan and P.J. Maguire, all of St. Paul drove out Saturday evening and spent Sunday at the lake.

F.B. Larpenteur, a prominent artist of St. Paul, has bought a lot on Shay's Island and will build a studio there in the near future. The scenery in this section is unsurpassed and will furnish subjects for some fine paintings.

During our sojourn here we called on Thos Butler and family. Mr. Butler is the patriarch of this section, being over 82 years old and one of the earliest settlers in this vicinity.

We also enjoyed a pleasant call at E. McDonalds. Mr. McDonald has one of the finest farms in this section, which shows care and thrift in cultivation.

There was a very large picnic party at the lake on Saturday. It was a school picnic, engaged in by 13 different schools, about 450 people being present. F. Whitcomb, teacher in District 88, near Rich Valley, was the prime mover in this affair, who instigated and carried it to a successful conclusion.

Some remarks were made to the company by Mr. Whitcomb and Rev. C.A. Cressey, of Hastings. The large company enjoyed themselves immensely in boating, fishing, swinging and rambling over the hills. Some who essayed the trip to Buck Hill on foot thought they got rather more rambling than they had bargained for. The view from the top of Buck Hill is one of the finest in the State. The occupants of the Rudder George acknowledge a very pleasant call from Miss Doran, of Rosemount, and return thanks, to her and others for substantial favors.

Minne Elk is one of the finest lakes in the state and destined to become a popular summer resort. C. P. C.
Painting by Alice McQuillan 1889March 21, 1889 Dakota County Tribune.

We called at Larpenteur's studio today and inspected a large painting that is being done by Miss Alice McQuillan, formerly of Lebanon. The scene represents a portion of Lake Minne-Elk, the view being taken from St. John's Island, in the center of the lake, and showing Shay's island in the left with Capt. Judd's and the north shore on the right, and Buck Hill prominent in the center. It is a nicely executed painting of a very pleasant scene. The only criticism that occurs to us is that there does not appear to be any one in bathing on the north shore of the island; but perhaps they have just dived after clams. Miss McQuillan is entitled to congratulations on the success of her first effort at painting from nature.
Early postal deliveryA display at the Dakota County Fair shows the horse and carriage used for mail delivery during the early years of Dakota County.
Root Cellars under homesThe Dakota City Museum, at the Dakota County Fair Grounds Farmington has recreated a root cellar similar to those on farms in Burnsville.
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