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35 W and Highway 1335 W with car pool lanes at Highway 13 exit.
35 E in the winter 2019Highway 35 E at Diffley, compliments of the City of Eagan.
35 W FreewayThis color photo of 35W at night was used in a promotional booklet created by the City of Burnsville and its Chamber of Commerce.
People are getting the message 35 W brochure 1992Six years have been spent by many groups studying the options to improve transportation and safety on I 35W. The Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) issued in March 1992 was a culmination of those years of work. Of the options presented, Bloomington, Burnsville and Richfield favor the diamond lane option as the best solution... This brochure will help you understand the diamond lane option.
35 W to be replacedMnDOT plans to rebuild the I-35W bridge over the Minnesota River proposed to start during the 2018 construction season. The $130- to $150-million project also includes raising the grade of the freeway out of the 100-year flood plain, adding a truck lane northbound lane from Cliff Road to 106th Street, and rebuilding the 106th Street bridge in Bloomington. MnDOT also will put in a pedestrian and bicycle trail over the Minnesota River.
Work moved up on I 35W bridge over MInnesota River 2017St. Paul Pioneer Press November 2, 2017 reports:

Replacement of the Interstate 35W bridge over the Minnesota River between Bloomington and Burnsville is scheduled to begin in 2018, and a meeting next week will give residents a chance to learn more about the four-year project.

Officials from the Minnesota Department of Transportation will present key points of the project at a Burnsville City Council public hearing at 5:30 p.m. Monday at City Hall, 100 Civic Center Parkway.

Work will include rebuilding I-35W from Cliff Road in Burnsville to 106th Street in Bloomington; adding a northbound lane; rebuilding the 106th Street bridge over the freeway; raising the roadway above the 100-year flood plain; and adding a pedestrian-bicycle trail over the river.

Scott Pedersen, MnDOT project engineer, said the project is a priority for the agency. It was originally scheduled for 2020.

The river bridge was built in 1957 and remodeled in 1984.

The bridge’s design does not allow for it to be expanded and requires additional inspection above the normal rate, Pedersen said.

Construction could start as early as July, with work lasting through the 2021 season, Pedersen said.
35 W FreewayTraffic on 35 W in 1978, once known as Lyndale Avenue.
Lyndale Avenue Perhaps one of the oldest photos in our collection showing Lyndale Avenue, now the 35W Freeway near Highway 13.
County Road 42 and County Road 11How the intersection of County Road 42 and County Road 11 looked in 1964.
Nicollet Avenue 1979What is today the Heart of the City at Nicollet and Burnsville Parkway.
Summer Road work 1970sA timeless photo shows summer road work at an unidentified Burnsville street.
Accident on Highway 13Truck overturns on Highway 13. December 21, 1977 Burnsville Current.
Car Hung on Billy Goat Bridge 1963October 1, 1963 Dakota County Tribune features photographs of car going over the side of McDermott's Bridge (also known as Billy Goat Bridge).
Burnsville Parkway 2017Looking at Burnsville Parkway, near the Diamondhead Mall School District building.
County Road 42 and Nicollet AvenueA mid mid 1970s photo of County Road 42 and Nicollet Avenue.
City of BurnsvilleSnow plowing 1998 in Burnsville.
Replica of Billy Goat Bridge at Neil ParkNeill park. the Billy Goat bridge replica 2017. Photo by M.P. Kelleher

In 1992 the Billy Goat memorial footbridge was installed in Neill Park. It was designed to capture the essence of the original bridge.
Black Dog Road closes to public 2014 (2 pages)Black Dog Road in Burnsville is often damaged by flooding and hard to maintain. Opened in 1968, the road closed permanently to the public in July, 2014 becoming a private drive-way to the Xcel Energy Black Dog plant.
Hamilton Ferry will benefit Burnsville 1905April 29, 1905 (unknown source) The sum of $300 to aid in building a bridge across the Minnesota River, between Scott and Hennepin counties, or near what is known as Hamilton Ferry, but which said bridge will benefit the citizens of Burnesville Township, Dakota County. (Burnsville spelled incorrectly in story.)
35 W by airUndated photo of 35 W Freeway.
Cedar Ave Bridge Dismantled 1980Sun Del Stelling November 18, 1980
Old Cedar Ave. bridge going down

After 90 years of service to the Minnesota Valley area, the old Cedar Avenue bridge is finally being dis­ mantled,
A construction crew recently com­menced the task of tearing up the old wooden floor of the bridge and mak­ing preparation for the dismantling of the steel work.
According to a spokesman for the Minnesota Department of Transpor­tation (MnDOT), the removal project is expected to be completed by April, 1981.
Meanwhile, traffic is moving smoothly over the new bridge, which was opened late last month, provid­ing three lanes of traffic in either direction.
Commenced four years ago, the new bridge and the reconstruction of TH 77 was completed at a cost of approximately $56 million.
A pedestrian bridge, adjoining the bridge to the east will be constructed, with completion expected in late summer of 1981.
The MnDOT spokesman said the new bridge will eventually relieve rush hour congestion op the Interstate 35W bridge between Burnsville and Bloomington and also on the Mendota bridge.
Buses of the Metropolitan Transit Commission are already using the new structure.
Pedestrian bridge over Hwy 13 now considered a good bet 2017the August 17, 2017 Burnsville Sun/Thisweek News reports that the City will seek federal funds for a pedestrian bridge over HIghway 13 at Nicollet Avenue.
35 W FreewayRoad construction 35 W Bridge March 13, 1984 Minneapolis Star Tribune.
Billy Goat Bridge to be moved 2 pagesApril 15, 1987. After nearly a decade of discussion, Billy Goat Bridge was removed in the summer of 1987.
Building new Cedar Avenue On the border of Burnsville and Eagan, construction begins on a new Cedar Avenue 1979.
Street lightingBurnhaven Drive includes lighting with the City logo.
The Lyndale BridgeOn a way, Burnsville came of age in 1920 when it got its own bridge over the Minnesota River at Lyndale. (The Cedar Avenue bridge had been built in about 1896.) This was a unique structure in that it was a draw bridge. This would allow river traffic to continue reaching landings upstream. During WWII planners at Cargill took advantage of this, when they proposed building ocean-going U.S. Navy ships at their yard in Savage,, just on the Burnsville border. 28 tankers and 8 tugs were fabricated and the drawbridge allowed them to pass. The finish work was done in the New Orleans area. This enterprising idea allowed the workforce here to participate and benefit in the war construction boom.
Burnsville Parkway BridgeThe Burnsville Parkway bridge above 35 W - photo compliments City of Burnsville 2015.
Burnsville Parkway BridgeBlack and white version - The Burnsville Parkway bridge above 35 W - photo compliments City of Burnsville 2015.
Burnsville gives non to I 35 W bridge replacement 2017November 9, 2107 - Burnsville Eagan Sun/Thisweek news reports:

The Burnsville City Council did its part Nov. 6 to assure replacement of the Interstate 35W bridge over the Minnesota River.

The council voted to give the Minnesota Department of Transportation municipal consent to replace the 60-year-old bridge between Burnsville and Bloomington. The Bloomington council voted its consent later that evening.

Funding is secured and the project is “full speed ahead,” Burnsville City Engineer Ryan Peterson said. Federal and state money will fund the project, estimated at $130 to $150 million.

Burnsville will be on the hook only for insertion of the city logo on the entrance parapets of the new bridge.

“There’s going to be a Burnsville leaf and a Bloomington leaf,” said project manager Scott Pederson of MnDOT.

The bridge is reaching the end of its useful life and can no longer be widened, according to MnDOT. Burnsville Mayor Elizabeth Kautz said “structural weaknesses” have been detected.

“It’s time for us to get it done,” she said. “We do not want another bridge to collapse.”

Work is scheduled to begin next July or August and finish in November 2021.

The new crossing will consist of two bridges, one for northbound lanes and one for southbound, with an 8-foot separation. There will be four southbound lanes and five northbound. The added northbound lane will be an auxiliary/truck lane extending from Cliff Road in Burnsville to 106th Street in Bloomington. The current bridge has three northbound and four southbound lanes.

A pedestrian and bicycle trail will be added. The freeway will be rebuilt from Cliff to 106th Street to remove it from the 100-year floodplain. The 106th Street bridge over the freeway will be replaced.

Lane restrictions are expected from spring 2019 to summer 2020, according to MnDOT. The contractor will be allowed to restrict traffic to five lanes — two general-purpose lanes in each direction and one reversible MnPASS lane.

The contract will include incentives to minimize the five-lane configuration and keep three lanes open in each direction — two general-purpose lanes and a MnPASS lane.

A few people spoke at a public hearing before the Burnsville council vote. Michelle Swanson of Xcel Energy stressed the importance of maintaining access during construction to the Black Dog power plant in Burnsville.

Ramps at Black Dog Road will be required to provide access at all times, according to MnDOT.

One resident offered suggestions for improving traffic flow on I-35E near County Road 11 and Cedar Avenue, which will bear more traffic as an alternate route during construction. Another wanted to know if the project could be finished quicker and asked the cost of the trail, which will offer “zero return on investment.”
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