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Burnsville Center 2000Another view of the Burnsville Center.
Burnsville Center plans come into focus 2018August 9, 2018 Burnsville Eagan Sun/Thisweek News addresses future ideas for the Burnsville Center.
by John Gessner

New housing, beautified streetscapes, access for walkers and bikers and maybe a pedestrian bridge over County Road 42 are among the options for revitalizing the Burnsville Center area.

A city-hired consulting team presented sketches and advice Aug. 1 to the City Council and citizen commission members. The team’s development concepts are a step toward a final redevelopment plan for the 97-acre mall site and surrounding County Road 42 retail area.

The team has been meeting with city officials, property owners and other stakeholders in Burnsville’s key retail corridor, anchored by a million-square-foot mall that, like others across the country, has been challenged by the rise of online shopping.

Concept proposals envision high-density housing largely south and east of the mall. The south side, with its high elevation, offers great views and would be “a perfect spot for some awesome housing, I think,” said consulting team member Bill Baxley, managing director of Gensler Architects.

The north side facing County Road 42 would continue to be the commercial face of Burnsville Center. The whole area would benefit from improved access across the busy arterial road to the malls north of 42, according to the team assembled by Damon Farber Landscape Architects.

A pedestrian bridge, underpass or land bridge are options, said Joan MacLeod of Damon Farber.

The team’s Aug. 1 report calls for a “hierarchy of streets” that encourages pedestrian use and limits the impact of automobiles. It identified key roads bordered on the south side of 42 by Southcross Drive, on the north side by McAndrews Road, on the west side of the mall by County Road 5 and on the east side by Portland Avenue.

Consultants also supplied market information and advice for using brick-and-mortar spaces in a challenging time for big malls and anchor tenants.

Prioritize food, consultants recommend. Experiences and food are keys in today’s shopping environments.

“Up the food game,” Baxley said. “It’s interesting these days — food and beverage drives retail experience, not the reverse. Our mall here has about 4 percent of the leasees that are food and beverage. We wouldn’t start building a mall today at anything less than 10 percent. If you were in Europe, you’d be 20 percent.”

That means “right-sizing” the amount of retail space, the report said. Some industry observers say retail is overbuilt nationally.

Baxley said consultants were scheduled to meet with representatives from Seritage Growth Properties, which owns the center’s vacant Sears space and numerous other shuttered Sears spaces in the United States.

He said redevelopment will “test the mettle” of area property owners, including Burnsville Center manager and co-owner CBL Properties and the mall’s anchor stores, which own their spaces.

“The owners, we’re kind of playing with their toys right now,” Baxley said.

Burnsville Center general manager Joe Duperre says he welcomes new ideas, according to Jenni Faulkner, Burnsville’s community development director.

“These aren’t final solutions,” Baxley said. “They’re asking questions about what we can do.”

Burnsville Center’s market area has the population, growth and economic wherewithal to thrive, said Damon Farber President Tom Whitlock.

Compared with Eden Prairie Center, Southdale Center and Ridgedale Center, Burnsville Center’s market area has the third-highest median household income, of $82,213, according to the report.

It ranks third among those four for population within a five-mile area.

“We think there’s a market to recapture, to build that vibrancy again with this whole district,” Whitlock said.

At some point, officials will have to discuss appropriate levels of public investment. A tax-increment financing district may be needed to raise funds, MacLeod said.

In Burnsville’s Heart of the City redevelopment district, the city’s contributions included streetscape work and decorative lighting, Mayor Elizabeth Kautz said.

The city also got $4 million in Metropolitan Council Livable Communities Grants, she said. Uses included construction of parking and Nicollet Commons Park.

“Our role is to set the table, and a beautiful table,” Kautz said.

The council is scheduled to approve a final plan in December.

John Gessner can be reached at john.gessner@ecm-inc.com or 952-846-2031.
A practical guide for Picky Shoppers - Burnsville Center Date neededThe Burnsville Center and Eden Prairie Center were owned and operated by the same company and both used
Pat Paulson and the tag line "Picky Picky" in their ad campaigns. This is the Burnsville Center version.
Something Better for you! Burnsville Center Date neededInformational brochure and mall guide for the Burnsville Center. Lead stores are: Dayton's J.C. Penney, Powers and Sears.
Burnsville Center 1978Black and White aerial of the Burnsville Center with a full parking lot.
Burnsville Center by air 1980sBurnsville Center by air from the Sears store looking toward Burnhaven Drive. Also in view Earley Lake. Photo compliments of the Burnsville Center.
Burnsville Center small size, big sales 1998The Minneapolis/St Paul Business Journal April 26, 1998 offers a feature story on the Burnsville Center.

When Mall of America opened more than five years ago, the fate of regional malls seemed up in the air. Would the megamall steal smaller malls' customer base and leave them struggling to survive?

The concern was acute for Burnsville Center, an aging facility
located on the less-populated south side of the Minnesota River and in a less-wealthy enclave than that surrounding Southdale Shopping Center in Edina. As it turns out, however, Burnsville Center has survived just fine, and may be more popular
now than it's ever been.

"lt was fairly hard when the Mall of America opened and there was some concern over what would happen out here," said Burnsville Center's general manager, Paul Sevenich. "But now we're at 93
percent capacity, we're showing incredible sales numbers and the quality of the tenants has increased."
Burnsville Center 1974February 7, 1974 Burnsville Sun - Earthmoving equipment ready for Homart Center - the Burnsville Center.
Burnsville Center redevelopment vision 2020
About the Project

The Burnsville Center Village Redevelopment Vision presents short, mid- and long-range goals for redevelopment of the retail area north and south of County Road 42.

The framework of this plan is market-driven and is designed to be flexible by accommodating existing large-footprint stores while, over time, responding to changing needs in retail and new technology related to shopping habits.

The plan envisions new neighborhoods and housing mixed with retail uses; as well as other uses such as parks, hotels, clinics, co-sharing work places, start-up offices, brewpubs and maker spaces.
Burnsville Center 2016Santa makes his annual visit to the Burnsville Center winter 2016.
Burnsville Center a tourist hot spot 1990St. Paul Pioneer Press November 28, 1990 reports - busloads of visitors head to Burnsville for a serious day of shopping.
Burnsville shopping looks good to shoppers, near and far 1990Countryside December 5, 1990 reports: Two busloads of shoppers make their way through the Burnsville Center during an overnight stay in the Twin Cities.
Burnsville Center Holiday Guide 2012A direct mail promotional piece created for the Burnsville Center for holiday shopping 2012. Included is a map and listing of all stores.
Burnsville Center 2017One in a series of random photos of the interior of the mall.
Burnsville Center 2018American Eagle Outfitters is a chain selling trendy casualwear, shoes, accessories & loungewear for guys & girls.
Burnsville Center 1975 - 1976Artist rendering of the interior of the Burnsville Center before completion. Compliments of the Burnsville Center.
Burnsville Center 1976This drawing of the Burnsville Center appeared on the cover of the 1976 Burnsville Phone Directory published by the Jaycees.
Burnsville Center 1994Burnsville Center by air showing County Road 42 and 35W. Compliments of the Burnsville Center.
Burnsville Center 2017According to information appearing on the back of photo: Newly renovated Burnsville Center. Compliments of Burnsville Center, photo by Halsey Creative Services.
Burnsville Center 1977View of the "back" of Burnsville Center looking toward County Road 42. Note the limited number of businesses - undeveloped land. Photo compliments of the Burnsville Center.
Burnsville Center approx 1980sA similar aerial photo from the "rear" of the Center looking at County Road 42 with more development. Photo compliments of the Burnsville Center.
Burnsville Center, American Eagle 1980sStill at the Burnsville Center in 2018, a 1980s photo of the American Eagle. According to their website: American Eagle Outfitters of Burnsville, MN is a brand with expertly crafted, high quality denim at our core. We create Jeans, shorts and shirts that fit our customers lives. Photo compliments of the Burnsville Center.
Burnsville Center, ApplebeesFull-service chain bar & grill providing hearty American eats in an informal setting shown in the 1980s. Compliments of the Burnsville Center..
Burnsville Center 1994Another view of the Burnsville Center and surrounding area looking toward Crystal Lake. Photo compliments of the Burnsville Center.
Burnsville Center 1980sA black and white version of the Burnsville Center area by air circa 1980s compliments of the Burnsville Center.
Burnsville Center 1994December 1994 photo of Burnsville Center, compliments of Burnsville Center.
Burnsville Center 1994December 1994 view of the Burnsville Center, compliments of the Burnsville Center. Looking toward 35W.
Burnsville Center 1994Proofs of aerial photos commissioned for the Burnsville Center in 1994, compliments of the Burnsville Center. (Sheet 2 of 3).
Burnsville Center 1994Proofs of aerial photos commissioned for the Burnsville Center in 1994, compliments of the Burnsville Center. (Sheet 3 of 3).
B Dalton Kids Burnsville CenterNo longer in business, both B Dalton and B Dalton Kids (bookstore) was located at the Burnsville Center in the 1980s. Photo compliments of the Burnsville Center.
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