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Burnsville Center 2018A view of the elevators from the second floor.
Burnsville Center entry undatedEntry to the Burnsville Center, photo compliments of the Burnsville Center.
Shopping Center mirrors growth of community 1999The Burnsville Means Business Insert, included in the June 2, 1999 Burnsville Sun reports that after 22 years of co-existence, both the city of Burnsville and Burnsville Center are aging well. It opened August 3, 1977.
Burnsville Center by air 1980sA view of the Burnsville Center from County Road 42 looking toward Buck Hill showing 35 W and Crystal Lake. Photo compliments of the Burnsville Center.
Burnsville Center by air 1994View of the Burnsville Center from County Road 42 with a view of 35W and Crystal Lake. Photo compliments of the Burnsville Center.
Burnsville Center grand opening The official agenda prepared in advance of the Grand Opening.
Burnsville Center 2019Promotional graphic, Burnsville Center.
Burnsville Center graphic 1973December 20, 1973 Dakota County Tribune - concept view of the Burnsville Center.
Burnsville Center hits 10 years 1987The Burnsville Current August 19, 1987 reports: The Burnsville Center is celebrating ten years as a shopping center this month having opened August 3, 1977. Today the center is home to 154 stores, the mall opened with 91 stores and has 66 original tenants.
Something Better for you! Holiday version Burnsville Center 1981Sears, Powers, Daytons, J.C. Penney and over 150 specialty stores and shops are listed in this Holiday guide.
Burnsville Center 1977The grand opening of Burnsville Center is set for summer 1977. This retail environment with four major department stores and 150 shops will be one of the largest and most dynamic shopping centers in the rapidly growing southern suburbs of Minneapolis and the entire region south and west of the metropolis.
Burnsville Center 2019Interior informational signage at Burnsville Center 2019.
Burnsville Center graphic 1973December 20, 1973 Dakota County Tribune - concept graphic showing interior of the Burnsville Center.
Burnsville Center 1977Early promotional photo of the interior of the Mall in 1977, compliments of the Burnsville Center.
Burnsville Center 1975 - 1976Artists rendering of the Burnsville Center and surrounding area before ground breaking.
Burnsville Center 1970sA listing of stores from the 1970s.
Saturday live from Burnsville CenterApril 9, 1981 MInneapolis Star Tribune features the successful Burnsville Center.
Burnsville Center by air 1994View of the Burnsville Center from J.C. Penney's with view of County Road 42, Kohls, 35 W, Bloomington and Minneapolis. Photo compliments of the Burnsville Center.
Burnsville Center by air 1980sA view of the Burnsville Center looking toward County Road 42 with the library in view. Photo compliments of the Burnsville Center.
Burnsville Center, 2019Burnsville Center lower level entry 2019.
Burnsville Center may be at a crossroads - 2 pagesPublished April, 2107 in the Burnsville Sun/This Week News, John Gessner reports that the mall which opened in 1977 maybe at a crossroads noting, "The diminishing fortunes of many regional shopping malls in the United States are not lost on Burnsville Officials."
Burnsville Center mirrors growth of the CommunityJune 2, 1999 Burnsville Sun

After 22 years of co-existence, both the city of Burnsville and Burnsville Center are aging well together...
Burnsville Center nears completion 1977May 29, 1977 Star Tribune - reports most of the exterior construction has been completed on the Burnsville Center scheduled to open August 3.
Kids can crawl around on critters at Burnsville Center's new play area 2018May 11, 2018 the Burnsville Eagan Sun/Thisweek News reports on the center's new play area.

Explore Minnesota’ is theme

Mike the Moose has big, cuppy antlers to sit in if you can fit. Brielle the Bear is slumped over a hollow log big enough for little people to crawl through.

These North Country critters are part of Burnsville Center’s new play area, called “Explore Minnesota.” City officials and others attended its formal unveiling Saturday, May 5.

“Explore Minnesota” replaces the center’s previous play area in the same location on the lower level outside of J.C. Penney. The 850-square-foot play area has five main floor elements and a couple of wall-mounted activities for younger children, said Joe Duperre, the mall’s general manager.

Floor elements also include a model of a lake-blue Honda Odyssey kids can pile into. Walser Honda in Burnsville has a five-year sponsorship arrangement for the play area, Duperre said.

CBL and Associates Properties Inc., the mall manager and part owner, paid more than $150,000 for “Explore Minnesota,” he said. It was designed by Colorado-based Playtime, which bills itself an indoor-play pioneer.

A model of Paul Bunyan greets visitors at the entrance.

An eight-year sponsorship for the previous play area had expired, and it was time for an update, Duperre said. Walser Honda is a new sponsor.

“We’ve received so many comments,” Duperre said. “It’s been well-received.”

Padded seating for parents and guardians rings the play area’s interior. There’s also a row of stools, with phone-charging stations, on the outside.

“We’ve kind of upgraded it to current times,” Duperre said.
Burnsville Center 2018Entry to the business office of the Burnsville Center.
Burnsville Center 1977The original informational brochure for the opening of the Burnsville Center. Comic Pat Paulsen was used as the spokesman.
Burnsville Center opening setThe St. Paul Dispatch - August 1, 1977 reports: Homart Corporation considers Burnsville, with 1,263,235 square feet with 150 shops, the largest regional mall in the Upper Midwest.
Burnsville center 1977August 11, 1977 Dakota County Tribune reports on the opening of the Burnsville Center.
Grand opening of Burnsville Center 1977News photos showing newly opened
Burnsville Center.
Homart Development booklet -Burnsville Center pageThe page about the Burnsville Center, which appeared in the Homart Development Booklet.
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