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Burnsville Center 1978Displays at J.C. Penney at Burnsville Center.
Burnsville Center 1978Burnsville's largest shopping mall "all decked out for the holidays".
Burnsville Center 1977August 3, 1977 Burnsville Center photo from the Current.
Burnsville Center 1977Powers was one of the major stores when the Center opened. August 3, 1977 Burnsville Current photo.
Burnsville Center and Chamber of CommerceIndustrial Commission tours Burnsville Center. October 27, 1976 Burnsville Current.
Burnsville Center 1977A window display at one of the department stores at the Burnsville Center. August 3, 1977 Burnsville Current.
Burnsville Center Art Show at the Burnsville Center. September 21, 1977 Burnsville Current.
Burnsville Center 1978Arthur Murray dancers at a Back to the 50's event at the Burnsville Center outside of Daytons. September 11, 1978 Burnsville Current.
Burnsville Center Mitch Miller at Burnsville Center. August 24, 1977 Burnsville Current.

"Mitch" Miller (July 4, 1911 – July 31, 2010) was an American oboist, conductor, recording producer and recording industry executive. He was involved in almost all aspects of the industry, particularly as a conductor, and artist and repertoire (A&R) man. Miller was one of the most influential people in American popular music during the 1950s and early 1960s, both as the head of A&R at Columbia Records and as a best-selling recording artist with an NBC television series, Sing Along with Mitch.
Burnsville CenterTalent Show at the Burnsville Center features the High Steppers. August 31, 1977 Burnsville Current.
Burnsville CenterRoscoe Hunter Orman (born June 11, 1944) is an American actor, comedian and writer, best known for playing Gordon Robinson, one of the central human characters on Sesame Street. Here he is at the Burnsville Center. March 22, 1978 Burnsville Current.
Burnsville Center 1977An undated photo 1977 of a talent show at the Burnsville Center.
Burnsville CenterA Back to the 50s event outside of Daytons at the Burnsville Center. September 13, 1978 Burnsville Current photo.
Burnsville CenterBarry Rush, Burnsville Center Assistant Manager. July 20, 1977 Burnsville Current.
Burnsville Center 1977Joe Sahli, manager of the Burnsville Center circa 1977 Burnsville Current.
Sears at Burnsville CenterElaine Hall Burnsville resident and former model at Sears during a make-up department promotion. November 9, 1977 Burnsville Current photo.
Burnsville Center 1977Mayor Pete Ochsner at the opening of the movie theatre inside the Burnsville Center. November 1, 1977 Burnsville Current photo.
Burnsville Center Inez Carlson meets the Burnsville Center's mascot Pickburn. October 19, 1977 Burnsville Current.
Burnsville CenterThe Guthrie Theatre, Minneapolis sponsors a display at Burnsville Center. September 14, 1977 "Burnsville Current photo.
Burnsville Center 1977A mannequin in an unidentified Burnsville Center store. Photo August 10, 1977 Burnsville Current.
Aladdin's CastleGame space at the Burnsville Center.
Applebee's Burnsville Center 2019Shown Applebee's, which displays class historic photos of Burnsville.
Applebee's Burnsville Center 2019Shown Applebee's, which displays class historic photos of Burnsville.
Burnsville Center 2017Our website contains random photos of the Burnsville Center when it opened in 1977. Forty years later, 2017 random shots were taken by the Historical Society. Shown Applebee's, which displays class historic photos of Burnsville.
Aladdin's CastleTickets for Aladdin's Castle, Burnsville Center.
Asian TooAsian Too was located at the Burnsville Center.
Burnsville CenterShops accessed from the parking lot of Burnsville Center 2020.
Burnsville Center opens 1977August 3, 1977 one of the Burnsville Center ads in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.
Where to find it from A - Z Burnsville Center 1996A marketing brochure designed and produced by Hershey Communications 1996 for the Burnsville Center with a map and store listings.
Burnsville Center 2017One in a series of random photos of the interior of the mall.
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