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Outback Steakhouse 2020Outback Steakhouse at the Skyline Plaza, County Road 42.
Windmill CafeWindmill Cafe, Savage, likely the oldest "small restaurant" in the area of Savage and Burnsville.
Jensen's RestaurantJensen's Nicollet Avenue and Burnsville Parkway.
BumpersBumpers was located at 12930 Harriet Avenue South, now Carbone's Pizza and Sports Bar.
Carbones Most recently Carbone's, this building at 12930 Harriet Avenue South is for sale in 2021.
Denny's Restaurant12950 Aldrich Avenue South, Burnsville location.
Dairy Queen Grand opening 1966June 16, 1966 Dakota County Tribune - ad for the Dairy Queen at Highway 13 and County Road 5.
Mr. D's Pizza 1969Mr. D's Pizza, September 1969 ad.
Jack's Place1970 ad for Jack's Place, County Road 42 and Interstate 35W.
McDonalds opens on the site of the El DoradoDecember 30, 1971 Dakota County Tribune features a photo of the newly open McDonalds on Highway 13 near today's County Road 5, at the site of the El Dorado restaurant, which was originally Herbies.
Minotte's Restaurant - Jens' Embassy1973 ad for Minotte's at Highway 35 W and the 122nd Street exit.
Minotte's Restaurant - Jens' EmbassySeptember, 1973 Business Voice: Interior photo of Minotte's Restaurant, originally Jen's Embassy.
Cap'n Dan'sUndated telephone book ad for Cap'n Dan's on the border of Burnsville and Savage.
Lee's Bar-b-q1979 ad for Lee's Bar-b-q at the River Ridge Shopping Center Highway 13 and County Road 30.
Eagle Mill Restaurant1981 ad for the Eagle Mill Restaurant - 12459 Nicollet Avenue, Burnsville.
Greenstreets1981 ad for Greenstreets, Highway 13 and Nicollet Avenue.
The Ground Round1981 ad for the Ground Round, County Road 42 and Nicollet Avenue.
Taco John's1981 ad for Taco John's at Diamondhead Mall.
The Gathering1981 ad for the Gathering - 35W and Burnsville Parkway.
Arnolds1989 - Arnolds in Burnsville at Interstate 35W and Burnsvlle Parkway.
Denny's RestaurantDenny's was located at the corner of Highway 13 and Cliff Road 1999.
Clive's RoadhouseThe opening of Clive's Roadhouse at 13050 Aldrich Avenue South. (Date needed).
Lucky 13 drive-in Lucky 13 Drive-in - Hamburgers, shakes, chicken... located at Highway 13 and Co. Rd. 11, opened 1956. A great stop after a movie at the Lucky Twin, also on Highway 13.
Mediterranean Cruise CafeArtists rendering of the Mediterranean Cruise Cafe before completion.
The Buzz Coffee Shop and CafeBuzz Coffee Shop and Cafe, photo source Burnsville Patch.
The Buzz Coffee Shop and CafeMinding My Business: Buzz Coffee Shop & Cafe

Liz Kohagen, owner of Burnsville's Buzz Coffee Shop & Cafe, opened the community hot spot in the midst of one of the worst recessions in history. Despite the obvious challenges, Buzz has become one of the most popular places to be in Burnsville.

By- Jeff Roberts, Neighbor
Posted Fri, Apr 15, 2011

Burnsville Patch: How long have you been in business?

Liz Kohagen: We're actually coming up on our two-year anniversary in a couple of weeks. Our grand opening was May 1, 2009.

Burnsville Patch: Anything special planned for the big day?

Kohagen: I'm working on that. Our big monthly celebration is our Open Mic Night which comes on the first Saturday of every month. In May, that day is the seventh so I'm hoping to combine the two.

Burnsville Patch: What other weekly or monthly events do you host?

Kohagen: Open Mic is the big one and we also have Waffle Bonanza, which is every third Sunday of the month. We offer all-you-can-eat waffles for $5.

Burnsville Patch: I've got to ask, what is the record for Waffle Bonanza?

Kohagen: Six waffles in one sitting. Those aren't plain waffles either, those included all the fixings.

Burnsville Patch: Where can readers find you on social media?

Kohagen (laughing): We're on Facebook for sure. I laugh because I think Facebook is wonderful and I can handle that. But with Twitter I've got some kind of mental block. I've got someone who helps me with social media and apparently, we do tweet regularly. I know it's out there but I don't personally do it. I know we're on twitter, so follow us there. We've also got a website too.

Burnsville Patch: When I come in here, the first thing I see is a coffee shop. But Buzz seems to be much more than that...

Kohagen: For me, the most important thing we offer is community; By that I mean the community we've created in here as well as the larger community we are a part of outside these doors. I would put 'creating community' as the number one goal of Buzz. Aside from that though, we make great coffee and great food and we offer a lot of entertainment and we have lot of fun doing it.

Burnsville Patch: On the subject of food, when I look at the menu I see a lot of things I have never seen anywhere else. Is everything on the menu exclusive to Buzz?

Kohagen: Yes. Everything we have are creations from me or the staff here. I definitely cannot take credit for all of it. I pull from a lot of different resources. My sister went to culinary school so I ask her a lot of questions. I also listen to suggestions from customers and vendors and employees.

Burnsville Patch: On the subject of business, you opened Buzz during a particularly difficult time for the small businesses. What are some of these challenges to owning and operating a small business during a massive recession?

Kohagen: There are a lot of challenges. Absolutely. You've got to do as much as you can with as few resources as possible. For example, we're a small coffee shop with a good location but we can be hard to find. As you can imagine we've got only a small budget to get our name out there. Probably my biggest focus has been getting my name out there in a cost-effective way.

Burnsville Patch: What is the key to minding your business?

Kohagen: Being present while I'm here and engaging with the people who come in. I've also got to balance that with the logistical side of the business. They're both very important. You cannot let one of them go.

Burnsville Patch: What is the best part about running your own coffee shop and cafe?

Kohagen: The people. Definitely.

Burnsville Patch: The people you work with or customers?

Kohagen: Both. Getting to know everyone in the community is wonderful. There are people we only see once and we get to hear a little bit of their story, which is fun, but then you've got the regulars that come from all over. Getting know them and the employees is just really fun.

Burnsville Patch: How many employees do you have?

Kohagen: Right now, we've got eight. We usually fluctuate between five and eight people.

Burnsville Patch: Who are your most loyal customers?

Kohagen: One of the things I really like is that it is hard to pinpoint our biggest customer base. We've got the senior high campus just down the street. We've also got the senior center across the street. We've got offices in front of us and residences behind us. So we get all kinds of different people coming through.

Burnsville Patch: When you first wrote your business plan, what did you see as the Buzz mission?

Kohagen: Creating a community; offering high quality in all aspects of the business; and art.

Burnsville Patch: Art?

Kohagen: Yes. We have wonderful pieces of art on the walls, we offer live music, and we use creativity in our food and drinks. The artistic side is a big part of Buzz. I just have always had a strong interest in art. I would call myself an art geek.

Burnsville Patch: On the subject of you, who or what inspires you?

Kohagen: Family. For me, family is the most important thing.

Burnsville Patch: What are you reading right now?

Kohagen: I'm actually re-reading Blink by Malcom Gladwell right now. I really like him, I just think he's a very interesting writer. Before this I was reading a book about Gordon Yock, a local businessman who did a lot for small-business merchandising, so that was an interesting read.

Burnsville Patch: What are the top three bands on your iPod right now?

Kohagen: Amos Lee is in there; Davina and the Vagabonds is a local jazz and blues band, I just love them; and probably Ben Harper.

Burnsville Patch: What are the long-term plans for you and Buzz? Can we expect to see Buzz popping up throughout the metro area any time soon?

Kohagen: Right now I'm focusing on just growing the business and growing my knowledge in the business. At the moment, there are no plans for expansion.

Hurricane Grill and Wings 2012May 18, 2012 Burnsville Patch - 12901 Aldrich Ave South.

Hurricane Grill and Wings 2012Award-Winning Wings Restaurant Makes Debut In Minnesota

Hurricane Grill & Wings Surges Inland to BurnsvilleBurnsville, MN (RestaurantNews.com) The Hurricane Grill & Wings® relaxed beach atmosphere is the newest family-friendly restaurant for the “Minnesota Nice” folks of Burnsville. With a wide variety of savory menu items and 32 signature sauces and rubs, Burnsville residents can rest assured that Hurricane Grill & Wings offers options for every member of the family.

Famous for their award-winning, fresh-never-frozen jumbo chicken wings, available in 32 flavors, Hurricane Grill & Wings also specializes in quality food with bold island-inspired flavor. The extensive menu starts with tempting appetizers like Hurricane’s World-Famous Garlic & Parmesan Fries and Firecracker shrimp; entrees such as the Grilled Mahi-Mahi and 100% Half-Pound Angus Steak Burgers; and desserts including Chocolate Chocolate Cheesecake and truly tropical Key Lime Pie.

“Hurricane Grill & Wings is looking forward to bringing our casual, flavor vacation to the people of Minnesota. Even during the cold winters, Burnsville locals will now be able to find themselves at their favorite beach hangout,” said Joe Kohaut, Vice President, Food & Beverage for Torgerson Properties. “The friendly people of Minnesota are sure to embrace Hurricane Grill & Wings’ dedication to providing excellent service.”

“As Hurricane Grill & Wings opens its first location in Minnesota, we are thrilled to continue spreading our brand across the country,” said Martin O’Dowd, president of Hurricane Grill & Wings. “This new location plays a large part in our current plans for expansion and we look forward to the success it is sure to have in Burnsville and the next 16 Minnesota locations.”

Hurricane Grill & Wings is located at 12950 Aldrich Avenue South, Burnsville, MN 55337. For more information, please visit www.HurricaneWings.com.
Hurricane Grill & Wings2012 photo - once Hooters and later Denny's Restaurant located at 12950 Aldrich Avenue South.

Hurricane Grill & Wings coming to Burnsville in October
It will be located near the intersection of Burnsville Parkway and I-35W. Torgerson Properties Inc. plans to open 17 Hurricane Grill locations in Minnesota and this will be the first Twins Cities restaurant.

Hurricane Grill & WingsJune 10, 2012 Minneapolis Star Tribune

Hurricane Grill and Wings has started remodeling the former Hooters restaurant southwest of Burnsville Parkway and Interstate 35W.
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