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Cornerstone Copy CenterLocated in the Colonial Shopping Center 1988 photo.
Cornerstone Copy Center 1988The original location of the business was the Colonial Shopping Center.
190 River Ridge Building 2017The 190 River Ridge Building in Burnsville Minnesota is a unique office building, hosting art classes, dance, music, theater, and healing and counseling. In the upper level of a garage behind the building the Burnsville Historical Society has their home.
1982 Burnsville Community Profile A report from the Minnesota Department of Energy, Planning and Development provides an overview of Burnsville including population, industry, employment numbers, transportation, and community services.
Community Action Council (CAC) moves to larger quartersThe Burnsville Current Feb. 4, 1985 reports of CAC's move to 14451 County Road 11. The article includes an interview with agency director Frank Brennan. The agency is now 360 Communities.
Lucky 13 drive-in Lucky 13 Drive-in - Hamburgers, shakes, chicken... located at Highway 13 and Co. Rd. 11, opened 1956. A great stop after a movie at the Lucky Twin, also on Highway 13.
Restaurant Guide for Burnsville 2017Information published in the Burnsville Sun/This Week News Burnsville Community Guide 2017. Provided was a list of all Restaurants (excluding fast food) in Burnsville.
Community Action Council (CAC) celebrates three decades of making a differenceThe Sun Current Newspaper Jan. 19, 2000 reports on the 30th anniversary of the non-profit social service agency based in Burnsville. The agency is now 360 Communities.
Southern Lights in Burnsville 30 yearsLocal business overlooking Highway 13 at 12550 35 Frontage Rd W, Burnsville near the ramps of 35 W, celebrates 30 years in 2017.
Cliff Road by air 1977The businesses in this area of Cliff Road tend to be more commercial than consumer related.
Dally's in BurnsvilleA black and white photo of a painting of Oscar Dally's store at Crystal Lake. Artist not known.
Burnsville Community Theatre 1978The cast of Mouse Trap "stage" their publicity photo.
Burnsville Community TheatreThe Burnsville group performs the play The Ugly Duckling.
Burnsville Community TheatreA publicity photo from The Ugly Duckling shows Martha Woofter.
Burnsville Community Theatre A publicity photo of Warren Magnuson from the play The Ugly Duckling.
Diamondhead Mall 1976The newly opened Diamondhead Mall in 1976 is now owned by Independent School District 191 and used as an educational center.
Minnesota AAAThe Minnesota AAA selected Burnsville for their corporate offices.
Judd's Cabins at Crystal LakeAn undated photo of one of the cabins rented by the Judd family at Crystal Lake.
The Judd Home and HotelThe Judd family operated a hotel from their home at Crystal Lake.
Christmas/Holiday shopping Target 1979The Target store's Christmas and Holiday decorations 1979.
Burn Valley Drug 1979Ron and Jen Hansen owned and operated the Burn Valley Drug.
Burn Valley Drug 1979Interior photo of Burn Valley Drug with Ron Hanson owner.
Sullivan's SuperValuWhen Sullivan's expanded they opened a second location at 12120 County Road 11, which was once the site of the John and Margaret Kennelly home. They had to sell the property after the area was rezoned commercial.
Buck Hill 1970sA Burnsville Current photo showing the Buck Hill ski lift.
Dolly Store moved to RosemountAfter the death of Oscar Dolly his store was sold and moved to an area of Rosemount where a resident created a generic "old town" of Dakota County. The site is now a housing development.
AAA Burnsville office - 2017Located at 600 Travelers Trail West, this is the location they built after leaving the "round building" off Highway 13 and Travelers Trail.
Minnesota AAA Burnsville officeThe regional office of AAA was located on Traveler's Trail off Highway 13,
Full view of the AAA Burnsville location 2017Located at 600 Travelers Trail West, this building replaced the original at Highway 13 and Travelers Trail.
AAA to build in Burnsville - ground breakingGround breaking ceremonies for the Minnesota State Automobile Association Building in Burnsville took place March 6, 1967. From left: Charles Wahlberg - acting mayor for the Village of Burnsville: Erling Berg Duluth president of MInnesota AAA and Arthur Tomilson - secretary-manager MInnesota AAA.
Minnesota AAA in 11th year in BurnsvilleIn the June 7, 1978 issue of the Burnsville Current, the Chamber of Commerce profiles Minnesota Automobile Association (AAA) which selected Burnsville for their state headquarters in 1967.
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