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A terrible fire at Buck Hill 1899Dakota County Tribune May 5, 1899 reports a destructive fire swept Buck Hill last Friday night and Crystal Lake was so near dry it was feared that it might burn also. M. J Martin hitched up one of his standard bred trotters and drove to Rosemount after the fire company. The second assistant chief of the fire department informed him that the company never attended a fire without receiving at least one week's notice. Fortunately, the rain of a few days previous made the lake so damp that it did not burn. Buck Hill looks black and sullen as it towers towards the sky, but it will soon be clad in a robe of green and be ready to welcome the Rosemount boys and girls to its sun kissed slopes again.
WK-6-403Buck Hill Orchard Gardens area south
A good season at Gokey Buck Hill 1939March 10, 1939 column in the Dakota County Tribune includes: The Gokey (Buck) Hill Ski slide has had very large crowds this winter. It seem to be quite an attraction for people of this neighborhood.

Also in the column - Erickson's chicken coop was destroyed by fire, They lost their chickens and car.
A sleigh ride party given by Helleyers last Thursday night was greatly enjoyed by nearby people.

Our community is sorry to hear of the death of Mr. Lenth. Our sympathy is extended to his wife and relatives.
Edward Myrman, who has been visiting the Fredrickson home for the last few weeks, left last Saturday for Roseau.

The Luther League met at the home of Fred Gessner. That same afternoon Mrs. Bohn and Holmes served the Luthern Women's Club. The club
planned to have a kitchen shower for the new church March 24 at 2 p.m. in the Argonne building.
Buck Hill 1954A 1954 ad for Buck Hill.
Buck Hill 2017Buck Hill begins advertising its 2017 - 2018 winter season.
Buck Hill 1970sA Burnsville Current photo showing the Buck Hill ski lift.
Buck Hill 1978It's not winter yet at Buck Hill in this September 1978 Burnsville Current photo.
Buck Hill 1978November, 1978 winter activity at Buck Hill.
Buck Hill 1978Waiting for ski season at Buck Hill 1978. Burnsville Current photo.
Buck Hill 1978Outdoor clock at the entry to Buck Hill.
Eric and Ursula Sailer Eric coach of the Buck Hill Racing Team and Ursula Director of the Buck Hill Ski school. February 8, 1978 Burnsville Currentt
Buck HillKristi Gartner and Sarah Doyle train at Buck Hill to be in Junior Olympics. March 15, 1978 Burnsville Current photo.
Artificial ski slope to open this fall 2016The Star Tribune July 30, 2016 reports that winter sports will soon be a year-round pastime at Buck Hill. Construction on a synthetic ski slope began this month at the Burnsville ski area, and a 10 week season is expected to start in early September...Buck Hill which opened in 1954, now has 16 runs and 10 lifts and attracts about 170,000 visitors each winter...
Buck Hill 2017The Black Diamond is serving up fresh scratch-made Mexican and American cuisine and specialty cocktails Thursday-Sunday from 11am-9pm. Located at Buck Hill Ski and Snowboard area.
Buck Hill 2017The Black Diamond is serving up fresh scratch-made Mexican and American cuisine and specialty cocktails Thursday-Sunday from 11am-9pm. Located at Buck Hill Ski and Snowboard area in Burnsville, MN. OPEN YEAR-ROUND.
Buck HIll 2017Ski rentals - 2017: Full package $29, Skis only $21, Boots only $21, Poles Only $6. Snowboard rentals - Package $20, Snowboard only $21, Snowboard boots only $21, helmet $10. 2017 prices.
Buck Hill 2017Ski rentals - 2017: Full package $29, Skis only $21, Boots only $21, Poles Only $6.
Snowboard rentals - Package $20, Snowboard only $21, Snowboard boots only $21, helmet $10.
Buck Hill 2017Ski rentals - 2017: Full package $29, Skis only $21, Boots only $21, Poles Only $6. Snowboard rentals - Package $20, Snowboard only $21, Snowboard boots only $21, helmet $10. 2017 prices.
Buck Hill 1954An early photo of Buck Hill ski area. Founded by Chuck and Nancy Stone in 1954, the big bump was a family business until 2016. This tiny hill was the site of internationally recognized training for racing. Among those who trained here was Olympic and World Cup Champion Lindsey Vonn.
Buck HillUndated photo of Buck Hill winter activities.
Summer activities at Buck Hill 2017The Buck Hill website provides the following history:

Ten thousand years ago, the last ice age receded from the northern half of the North American continent. The Minnesota River helped drain the glacier and just south of the river, a terminal moraine was formed which the local Indians later named Buck Hill.

In 1954 Charles Stone Jr. and his future wife Nancy Campbell obtained a lease from the landowner Grace Whittier of Northfield, Minnesota. Miss Whittier’s father had bought the land for the price of the unpaid back taxes. Many people had skied on the undeveloped hill in the past, including two Minnesota Governors. In the 1930’s Fred Pabst, founder of Bromley Ski Area in Vermont, started a ski area on this site, but the drought years with a lack of snow caused him to abandon the plan.

During the years from 1954 until 1961, Buck Hill was only open a few weekends due to very meager snowfalls. In 1961 the Stones added snowmaking and a T-Bar. This put a whole new perspective on the business and the area was able to operate for at least four months in the winter. In the following years, more lifts and trails were added, as well as a new chalet and rental shop, and the Sports Bucket Restaurant was added in 1978. In 2006, Buck Hill installed a new Quad chairlift at the south end of the ski area, and brought in over 100,000 yards of fill to raise the elevation of the top of the new chairlift.

Today, Buck Hill offers 15 different runs to skiers and snowboarders of all abilities, as well as snow tubing. Buck has 11 lifts including 2 Quads and a Triple chairlift. Buck also has one of the best snowmaking systems in the Midwest, enabling the area to operate even when Old Man Winter doesn’t cooperate.

Buck Hill is still operated with the family in mind, offering a full range of skiing programs for the young and the young-at-heart. Buck’s reputation as a quality ski area is known across the country. Our ski racing program is also nationally acclaimed. Ski magazines calls Buck the “Legendary Capitol of American ski racing.” In 2006, Erich Sailer, long-time coach of the Buck Hill Ski Racing Team, was inducted into the US National Ski Hall of Fame.
Buck Hill May, 2017A photo of Buck Hill without snow.
Buck Hill 2017Photographed from the shore of Crystal Lake with a close-up of Buck Hill.
Buck Hill 2017Bar at the Black Diamond.
Buck Hill 2016 - 2017The BUCK HILL EVENT CENTER is a private banquet room with a vaulted ceiling and large, picturesque windows with beautiful views of Buck Hill. This event center is 3000 square feet and can seat up to 220 people for a plated dinner or grand buffet. Photo compliments Buck Hill.
Buck Hill 2015The Star Tribune features Buck Hill. 60 Years of the Bump. Part 2 of the article.
Buck Hill 2017The Buck Hill Clock.
Buck Hill celebrates 60 seasons with anniversary bash 2015February 19, 2015 St. Paul Pioneer Press reports on the 60th Anniversary of Buck Hill.

Buck Hill’s beginning was bumpy. The Burnsville ski hill opened in December 1954, but Mother Nature must not have received the invitation.
“The first two years, we were open a total of about 12 weekends — no snow,” said Nancy Stone, Buck Hill’s owner and president. “The next two years, we weren’t open at all because of the snow.”

Looking back, Stone and her future husband, Chuck, eventually would realize their timing was spot-on.

Buck Hill began just as the sport of skiing was hitting its stride — in popularity and gains in snow-making technology. Adding snow-making guns, as well as a T-bar mechanical lift, “made all the difference for us at that time,” Stone said.

“It was stressful at first, but we hung in there,” she said. “We were so excited about what we were doing.”

A lot has changed at Buck Hill since the single tow rope days. Today, it has 16 runs and eight chairlifts, attracting close to 200,000 skiers, snowboarders and tubers each winter.

Now in its 60th season, Buck Hill has evolved into one of the most recognized and thriving ski areas in the Upper Midwest. Its reputation is the result of a commitment from the Stone family and its employees, loyalty from generations of winter enthusiasts and a top-notch ski racing club that under the guidance of longtime coach Erich Sailer helped nurture future Olympians Lindsey Vonn and Kristina Koznick, among others.

Saturday night, Buck Hill past and current skiers, snowboarders employees and others will gather to celebrate the latest milestone.
“It’s going to be very exciting,” said Stone, 82. “We’ve heard of people who are coming that go back as far as me — and that’s pretty far. So, we’ll see.”

Stone likes to point out that Buck Hill’s beginning actually dates back more than 10,000 years, when the last Ice Age receded from the northern half of the North American continent and left behind a terminal moraine — large clump of rocks, soil and sediment.
American Indians were the first to call the moraine “Buck Hill,” she said.

“They would ride to the top of the hill, I guess, and look down on Crystal Lake to see if there were deer down there,” Stone explained.

In the 1930s, Frederick Pabst of the brewing family started a ski area on the Burnsville site. But a string of snowless winters caused its demise.

In September 1954, Nancy and Chuck decided to parlay their love of skiing into a business endeavor. Library research by Chuck to find the highest hill in the Twin Cities led the couple to Burnsville. ..

Buck Hill 2017An informational brochure created by Buck Hill - Besides winter, now year round. "We love winter so much that we are making it last all year. The Buck Hill team has constructed the world's largest installation of Neveplast. This artificial snow surface allows us to enjoy sliding downhill all year...Also included information on Food and Beverage Services, Banquet and Catering, Hours and Rates and a map of the ski area.
Buck Hill 2017Buck Hill shirts available for sale.
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