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WK-6-403Buck Hill Orchard Gardens area south
Buck Hill 1970sA Burnsville Current photo showing the Buck Hill ski lift.
Buck Hill 1978November, 1978 winter activity at Buck Hill.
Buck Hill 1978Outdoor clock at the entry to Buck Hill.
Buck Hill 1954An early photo of Buck Hill ski area. Founded by Chuck and Nancy Stone in 1954, the big bump was a family business until 2016. This tiny hill was the site of internationally recognized training for racing. Among those who trained here was Olympic and World Cup Champion Lindsey Vonn.
Buck HillUndated photo of Buck Hill winter activities.
Summer activities at Buck Hill 2017The Buck Hill website provides the following history:

Ten thousand years ago, the last ice age receded from the northern half of the North American continent. The Minnesota River helped drain the glacier and just south of the river, a terminal moraine was formed which the local Indians later named Buck Hill.

In 1954 Charles Stone Jr. and his future wife Nancy Campbell obtained a lease from the landowner Grace Whittier of Northfield, Minnesota. Miss Whittier’s father had bought the land for the price of the unpaid back taxes. Many people had skied on the undeveloped hill in the past, including two Minnesota Governors. In the 1930’s Fred Pabst, founder of Bromley Ski Area in Vermont, started a ski area on this site, but the drought years with a lack of snow caused him to abandon the plan.

During the years from 1954 until 1961, Buck Hill was only open a few weekends due to very meager snowfalls. In 1961 the Stones added snowmaking and a T-Bar. This put a whole new perspective on the business and the area was able to operate for at least four months in the winter. In the following years, more lifts and trails were added, as well as a new chalet and rental shop, and the Sports Bucket Restaurant was added in 1978. In 2006, Buck Hill installed a new Quad chairlift at the south end of the ski area, and brought in over 100,000 yards of fill to raise the elevation of the top of the new chairlift.

Today, Buck Hill offers 15 different runs to skiers and snowboarders of all abilities, as well as snow tubing. Buck has 11 lifts including 2 Quads and a Triple chairlift. Buck also has one of the best snowmaking systems in the Midwest, enabling the area to operate even when Old Man Winter doesn’t cooperate.

Buck Hill is still operated with the family in mind, offering a full range of skiing programs for the young and the young-at-heart. Buck’s reputation as a quality ski area is known across the country. Our ski racing program is also nationally acclaimed. Ski magazines calls Buck the “Legendary Capitol of American ski racing.” In 2006, Erich Sailer, long-time coach of the Buck Hill Ski Racing Team, was inducted into the US National Ski Hall of Fame.
Buck Hill May, 2017A photo of Buck Hill without snow.
Buck Hill 2017Photographed from the shore of Crystal Lake with a close-up of Buck Hill.
Buck Hill 2015The Star Tribune features Buck Hill. 60 Years of the Bump. Part 2 of the article.
Buck Hill then, now and the future 2017Pages 14 and 15, The 30th anniversary booklet for Experience Burnsville - the Burnsville Convention and Vistors Bureau includes a feature on the history of Buck Hill founded in 1954.
Buck Hill from Crystal Lake 2017A summer view of Buck Hill photographed from the shores of Crystal Lake.
Buck Hill Sign 2017Directional sign to:
Ski/Snowboard ticket office
Ski Patrol
Main Chalet and Cafeteria
Rental Shops
Black Diamond
Buckstone Lodge
Ski and Snowboard school
Tubing area
Buck Hill to stage concerts 2017Best known for ski's, Buck Hill will have the chance to prove that it can stage outdoor concerts for up to 4500 people. The City Council approved allowing Buck Hill to organize a concert, as soon as the fall of 2017. They received an interim use permit.
Buck Hill exterior signBuck Hill Ski - USA - Racing Team
Coach Erich Sailer, 2005 U.S. National Ski Hall of Fame
2014 - Certified Gold Club
2008 - USSA Club of the Year
A history of Buck Hill (2015)Published online, this five paragraph story provides an overview of Buck Hill.
Buck Hill 2017The Black Diamond in 2017 is serving up fresh scratch-made Mexican and American cuisine and specialty cocktails Thursday-Sunday from 11am-9pm. Located at Buck Hill Ski and Snowboard area.
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