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Elizabeth Connelly (1868 - 1955)Elizabeth Connelly, shown as a young woman, would marry Tom Kennelly in 1898, both life long Burnsville residents.
John Connelly farm -1940sThe John Connelly farm was located one farm down from the William and Bridget (and later Pat and Mary Connelly) farm. This house was later owned by Jim and Rosella Kennelly Ryan and it stood on Highway 13.
1940 friends Margaret Connelly (Ryan) and Alice Egan (Kearney)Long time Burnsville friends Margaret Connelly and Alice Egan in the 1940s.
Mark Ryan and Margaret Connelly wedding1947 Wedding of Mark Ryan and Margaret Connelly (daughter of Jim and Anna Connelly) at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Savage. This is one of only a few photos showing the "second" interior look of the church.
Jim and Anna ConnellyPhoto taken at the wedding of their daughter Margaret and Mark Ryan. Anna Judge Connelly born Apr. 21, 1893 died Nov. 17, 1981. Jim Connelly born April 2, 1892 - Sept 8, 1985.)
John Charles and Joe Connelly.These are the sons of the John Connelly who lived on the farm last owned by Jim and Rosella Ryan. He was a son of James and Mary Condon Connelly. John Charles lived in St. Paul and Joe in Chicago in their adult lives.
Mary Hayes Connelly and Pat ConnellyMary Hayes and husband Pat Connelly lived their entire lives in Burnsville. Mary born on a farm near today's Co. Rd.5 and Pat at the long remembered farm on Highway 13, where he was born. This was their home their entire married life.
John Connelly and later Jim and Rosella Ryan farmLocated on Highway 13, one farm down from the William and Bridget (and later Pat and Mary Connelly farm), it was later owned by Jim and Rosella Ryan. 1917 clipping.
Jim ConnellyJim Connelly (1892- 1985) lived his entire life in Burnsville, always in a house on Highway 13. He was the son of William and Bridget McCann Connelly, His wife was Anna.
John ConnellyBrother of William Connelly who married Bridget McCann. His wife was Rose.
Ray ConnellySon of Pat and Mary Hayes Connelly, Ray is a life long resident of Burnsville, real estate agent and was involved in Burnsville politics.
William and Bridget and later Pat and Mary Connelly farmAnother photo of the historic Connelly farm which stood on Highway 13 and 12th Avenue.
Bridget, Ed and William ConnellyEd was the youngest of 8 children born to Bridge and William Connelly. Ed was born 1907 and died 2002.
Mary and Debbie Connelly. June 21, 1978 Burnsville Current Story on the Bill and Mary Connelly being Foster parents.
Pat Connelly Life long resident Pat Connelly. September 6,1978 Burnsville Current photo .Pat Connelly -born. Aug. 13, 1928 died Jan. 20, 1999.
Ray ConnellySon of Pat and Mary Hayes Connelly, Ray is a life long resident of Burnsville, real estate agent and was involved in Burnsville politics.
Pat and Mary Hayes ConnellyBoth life long residents of Burnsville and married 60 years.
Rose Williams Connelly and sonRose Williams Connelly, wife of John Connelly with first son John Charles.
Anna Connelly 1981Anna Connelly age 88 died November 17, 1981 at her home. She was born April 21, 1893 in Marshan Township, daughter of Owen and Mary Judge. She married James Connelly October 3, 1917. She and Jim lived their entire married life on Highway 13 in Burnsville. Children - James, Joseph, Eileen, Margaret and Rosemary.
Anna Loftus ConnellyAnna Loftus born 1897 in Glenadale/Savage wife to John Connelly. She died 1957. They lived in the Savage area.
Ann Connelly Cosgrove 1947 - 2016The daughter of Pat and Mary Hayes Connelly and a life long resident of Burnsville and then Savage.
Area's first white mother was a remarkable personDel Stelling, editor of the Burnsville Sun publishes portions of the story about Mary Condon Connelly who arrived in Burnsville in 1855. The bulk of the information appeared in the Burnsville 76 A Community History Book, which he often referenced in his historical column.
Rose ConnellyRose Connelly wife of John Connelly of Burnsville.
Bill Connelly farm Co.Rd. 11The Bill and Margaret (Nicholson) Connelly farm was located near the corner of Highway 13 and County Road 11. The original owner was an Erwin.
The Bill and Margaret (Nicholson) Connelly familyThe Connelly's lived near Highway 13 and County Road 11. Shown are Bill, Michael, Margaret, Bill Sr, Tom and Theresa.
Bill Connelly farmBill and Margaret Connelly farmed the land near the corner of Highway 13 and County Road 11. Their children were Teresa, Bill, Tom and Michael.
Bill ConnellyBill was the son of William and Bridget Connelly and was born Oct. 1, 1897 and died Feb. 4, 1975 living his entire life in Burnsville. He married Margaret Nicholson and they lived on a farm on the corner of Hwy 13 and Co. Rd. 11.
Bill Connelly, well known foster parent dies at 55December, 1991 - Life long resident Bill Connelly (son of Bill and Margaret Connelly) died suddenly at the age of 55. He was married to Mary Kreuser and had four children of their own. They took up foster care 23 years ago, having cared for over 175 children over the years.
Descendants of the oldest standing house in BurnsvilleThe James and Mary Connelly home still stood at the time of this photo showing:
Bill Lannon, Mary Connelly Kennealy, Betty Lannon Sodomka, Grace Kennelly Raleigh, Jim Connelly, Leo Lannon,
Patrick Connelly, Edward Connelly and Mary Lannon Doyle.
Bridget Connelly dies Bridget McCann Connelly, wife of William Connelly was born in 1863 in Glendale Township (Savage). She married William Connely in 1891. Children - Mary Kennealy, James, John, William, Patrick, Anthony and Edward. She lived on the farm that some remember as the Pat Connelly farm.
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