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Rosemount DepotThe old Rosemount depot, artwork by John Cartwright.
For Burnsville farmers, Orchard Gardens, Rosemount, Eagan and Savage were the most likely choice for a connection to the rail road.
Rosemount High School approx 19531953 Burnsville has no high school. High School age students attended either Rosemount, Lakeville, Shakopee or Bloomington often based on the location of their home. In 1953 Burnsville's LeRoy Holman is on the Rosemount basketball team.
Corcoran Hardware and Implement1953 ad for Corcoran Hardare and Implement, Rosemount.
Rosemount homecoming 1953Burnsville has yet to open its own high school, so a portion of Burnsville teens attended Rosemount High School including the Holman's, Connelly's and DeShaws. Other Burnsville teens attended Lakeville, Shakopee or Bloomington, based on the location of their homes.
Rosemount Variety Store1953 ad for the Rosemount Variety Store, address not provided.
Apple Valley Center 1980Located at County Road 42 and Cedar Avenue.
Downtown RosemountBroback Court aerial Rosemount. Prior to 1956 many Burnsville teens attended high school in Rosemount. And since Burnsville had no banks or stores, Rosemount provided a destination for banking and other needs.
Lebanon Cemetery 2020Entry to Lebanon Cemetery, County Road 42 in Apple Valley.
First State Bank of Rosemount Before Burnsville had a bank of its own in the 1960s, many residents banked in Rosemount.
Site of first Rosemount businessLocation today: Chili Avenue, 145th Street and Chippendale Avenue.

Settler Mary Morrison's home was built here on a stagecoach line one day's journey from St. Paul. She rented rooms to travelers and named her business the Prairie house. Another hotel and store, the Rosemount House, opened in 1859. Today's downtown formed one mile east, after 1864 when the railroad was built. It was torn down in 1995.
First State Bank of RosemountSign in front of Rosemount's oldest operational bank. Prior to Burnsville having a bank, some residents utilized Rosemount for banking services.
Dakota County Government Center 2020Dakota County Government Center located in Apple Valley.
Wilroy's FordWilroy's Ford was located in Rosemount.
Ryan Corcoran Hardware RosemountGiven Burnsville had no stores, many residents, especially those near Crystal Lake traveled to Rosemount for purchases and banking.
This is the Ryan - Corcoran Hardware store, Downtown Rosemount circa 1930s.
Minnesota Zoo Apple ValleyTouring the zoo in the winter with cross country skis.
Minnesota Zoo Apple ValleyThe Mono-rail for touring the zoo by air.
The MInnesota Zoo openingThe Minnesota Zoo (formerly the Minnesota Zoological Garden), is an AZA-accredited zoo in Apple Valley, Minnesota. When it opened on May 22, 1978 it was fairly revolutionary in its exhibit design. The zoo, built in a suburbanizing rural area, had more space to house exhibits and was one of the first zoos to organize its animals by their living environment as opposed to their species. Exhibits are arrayed in six themed areas, including three themed walking trails ranging from one to two miles in length.

The Minnesota Zoo is a state agency. This differs from other zoos in Minnesota and most others in the United States, which are run by municipalities or private organizations. The Minnesota Zoo charges admission and sells annual memberships.
Downtown Rosemount 1909The Main Street of Rosemount. For those Burnsville farmers living near Crystal Lake, Rosemount was their shopping town. Also, since Burnsville had no high school, those farm kids who went to high school attended Rosemount, Lakeville, Shakopee or Bloomington's high schools.
St. Joseph Catholic Church Rosemount 1909For Catholics living in Lebanon Township, parts of Lakeville and the Burnsville area near Crystal Lake, St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Rosemount was their parish, rather than St. John the Baptist in Savage.
Rosemount School prior to 1919This building served all grades of students. Because Burnsville did not have a high school until 1957, those kids who went beyond 8th grade either attended Rosemount, Lakeville, Shakopee or Bloomington, based on the location of their farm.
Lebanon SchoolLebanon School was located on County Road 42 near Pilot Knob Road. It also served as the township hall. The building was saved and moved to Dakota City at the Fair Grounds, Farmington.
St. Joseph Catholic Church Rosemount 1914The Catholic Church in Rosemount was the parish for some Burnsville Catholics in the Crystal Lake area. Early burials were at the Highland Cemetery in Apple Valley.
She's 87 and her next goal is a college degreeA feature story about Agnes Scott of Apple Valley, who taught in one room schools in Dakota County in the 1920's. She married and had three children and still lives in a house in Apple Valley built in 1874 by her father-in-law. Since becoming a widow in 1958 she has gone to college off and on... August 31, 1989 Minneapolis Star Tribune.
For college graduate, age 93, goals mean everythingA Minneapolis Star Tribune feature story on Apple Valley's Agnes Scott.... June 14, 1995 Minneapolis Star Tribune.
Agnes Scott recalls early Apple Valley HistoryDakota County Tribune June 17, 1982 interviews life long Dakota County resident Agnes Scott, widow of Bill. The story includes the story of the naming of Lake Alimagment in Burnsville...She was an early one room school teacher.
Southport Airport, Apple ValleySouthport Airport, closed 1974.
Southport Airport LebanonLocated on County Road 42 of what is now Apple Valley, near the corner of Cedar Avenue.
The end of an era - Southport Airport closing 1974August 29, 1974 Dakota County Tribune:

Southport Airport, Cedar Avenue and County Road 42 closes to become site of a shopping center.
Apple Valley taking shape in LebanonJanuary 25, 1963 Minneapolis Star Tribune - Orrin Thompson's Apple Valley housing.
Downtown Rosemount 1940sA portion of Burnsville students attended Rosemount High School. Also, depending on what area of Burnsville you lived, some used Rosemount for shopping, banking and fire department needs.
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