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1952 Election resultsIncumbant Bud Hayes received 97 votes to be elected supervisor, Glen Taylor a sticker candidate received 28 votes. Pat Connelly, incumbent clerk was re-elected with 128 votes. Bernard Raleigh was named Justice of the Peace. The town voted to accept the Rosemount Fire Department protection proposal...Money levied was $950 for town fund and $6000 road and bridge $450 fire fund.
Former Burnsville OfficialsFour former members of the Burnsville Town Board gathered together to celebrate the birthday of Wally Day, former town chairman. All four, Burnsville residents are, from left to right - Jim Connelly (former Treasurer), Wally Day, Ed Doebel (former trustee) and Pat Connelly (former town clerk).
Interior of the new town hallThe new Burnsville town hall had its first election Tuesday. Shown casting her ballot is Mrs. Henry Vollrather, Loop Road, Orchard Gardens. Bartley McAndrews and Patrick J. Connelly are the election clerks at the table. Charley Fischer, right standing, is the election judge receiving the ballots. Edward Doebel standing, Wallace Day, seated. Photo by Shirley Ryberg.

Also - A Good Irishman. During his 26 years as its village clerk, Pat Connelly has watched Burnsville grown from 500 persons (most of whom he knew by name) to move than 8000. The paperwork and detail of the Dakota County community have become "too much to handle" along with his 220 acre farm, says Connelly. He will retire from office on April 1 and will be succeeded by Mike O'Connor, a newcomer to Burnsville last summer. "But he's a good Irishman, and that's what counts," Connelly said. The Burnsville Village Council this week honored Connelly for his long service.
Savage Post Office now serves 11,000 in Savage - Burnsville area 1964The October 29, 1964 Dakota County Tribune features an interview with then Postmaster Jim McCoy. He grew up on a farm in Burnsville at the corner of Highway 13 and Nicollet Avenue (near the Warrior Building). He attended District 15 School he joined the Post Office in 1949.
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